Mixi team used to be so poor that they sold their wife's wedding gold to go home to celebrate Tet

Hà HàSep 16, 2021 at 13:18

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So far, there have been few streamers who have received the same attention and support from the online community as Do Mixi. With more than 5.6 million YouTube subscribers, hundreds of thousands of people watching each livestream, it is clear that "Patriarch" is the most deserving of the title "national streamer".

The male streamer makes many people admire and envy with his full life and significant fortune: 1 wife, 2 children, 7-storey house, 4-wheeler vehicle and growing business.

Mixi team used to be so poor that they sold their wife's wedding gold to go home to celebrate Tet - Photo 1

However, few people know that before having a prosperous life like now, Team Mixi went through a rather difficult time. Information shared by himself on the last livestream: "My wife and I used to have a really difficult time, there was no way to m.ake m.oney. The feeling of helplessness...

At that time, I had just quit my job as a seeder, my wife was pregnant with Tung at that time, and the house and the car was the only valuable asset because for about half a year I couldn't make any m.oney. There are also months of earning little but it does not make up for it, business it does not return. All the m.oney I've earned so far, it's dwindling until there's not a penny left."

It was near Tet, had to return to his hometown but did not want to see the scene of being stuffed with passenger cars, so Do suggested that his wife sell half of the wedding gold for more than 20 million to go home to celebrate Tet. After going to Hanoi, the first thing is to sell cars: "After selling the car, when I return home, I feel very empty! But there is no other way to m.ake m.oney. I have tried many ways. then it doesn't work".

Mixi team used to be so poor that they sold their wife's wedding gold to go home to celebrate Tet - Photo 2

Selling the car was 610 million, paying the bank debt 150 million, paying off miscellaneous debt, it was more than 200 million. However, after 3 more months, the young couple still did not earn m.oney, everything failed, whatever investment they made, they died. Until the account has more than 100 million, then start to be a YouTuber. But only good at playing games, Do Mixi decided to make a game clip and finally a streamer.

At first, Team Mixi also only streamed on weekends, then Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday and finally streamed the whole week. After a while, I learned to donate, met VirusSs, Xemesis and Pewpew. H.ot streamer confided: "Gradually, life has stabilized, I don't know when, now looking back, I have seen it for 3 years... Naturally, it came and shaped my life, I don't know when".

Currently in many livestreams, the beautiful wife Trang Mixi of the "patriarch" also has a wave that makes fans excited. Especially at special moments in the life or career of this male streamer such as the 1 million or 5 million YouTube subscriber anniversary, the annual birthday...

The presence of the "channel hostess" always receives excitement from fans because Trang Mixi has a way of talking that is as "crooked" as her streamer husband is. And because the couple always tease each other right on the livestream, making many viewers laugh and roll.

Mixi team used to be so poor that they sold their wife's wedding gold to go home to celebrate Tet - Photo 3

Team Mixi has an equally interesting passion of teasing his wife. But not every time Mixi Team achieves its goal. In a livestream, the guy answered the fan after the question "What about my wife claiming to be me and me?" and immediately "show" to the chat channel that he is also very powerful in the family. However, immediately Trang Mixi "anti-dame", causing the Chief to only stiffen his throat: "Try calling me it. You must know where you are". The funny juggling acts of the Do Mixi couple made people unable to hold back their laughter.

Recently, Team Mixi celebrated its 33rd birthday in a very special way with family, relatives and all fans on livestream. Not only that, after finishing the birthday party, Do Mixi also received a very "terrible" gift that made everyone extremely surprised.

Mixi team used to be so poor that they sold their wife's wedding gold to go home to celebrate Tet - Photo 4

Specifically, in the MixiGaming Tribe group, Do Mixi posted a selfie photo along with the familiar livestream requesting leave cap. But if we pay close attention, we can easily see that the office of the "Patriarch" has just welcomed a new character, especially the Iron Man model with a huge size. According to rumors, this is a gift from "disciple" Rambo to Team Mixi. Although the Tay streamer at first joked that this was a refrigerator, with this huge size, this is most likely a gift that Rambo gave to his "adoptive father". It is known that this is a 1: 1 scale Iron Man MK-50 model with a size of about 2m worth up to nearly 80 million VND. A very meaningful gift for the birthday of the "Patriarch".

Previously, Team Mixi also shared with fans about a collection of extremely valuable models, especially including characters like Hulk Buster, Vegeta ... designed with super "terrible" sizes. . The "toy" fortune of patriarch Do makes the fans admire and envy.

Mixi team used to be so poor that they sold their wife's wedding gold to go home to celebrate Tet - Photo 5

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