Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild

KengMay 13, 2024 at 17:03

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Fans have repeatedly spoken up to ask SM to clearly explain Winwin's situation, but the company has remained silent all this time while the audience has begun to get used to NCT 127's 9-member lineup. Gradually forgetting they still had 1 more member.

SM Entertainment has been operating for more than 2 decades and is considered one of the leading entertainment companies in Korea. SM's selection system is extremely strict and strict, not everyone can easily become their trainee. However, when meeting potential candidates, SM does not hesitate to "humble" their invitation, even though initially these people are not interested in joining the company.

And Winwin is one of the idols that SM begged, even...begged to audition, and accepted the opportunity to be a trainee because he saw his star quality. However, after many years, he is said to be being held back from his development by the company itself.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 1

Being pranked by the company?

After nearly a year of releasing their second album, NCT's small group that mainly operates in the Chinese market, WayV, will officially return in June. However, on the morning of May 10, Label V - a subsidiary of SM, which is also WayV's management company, posted an announcement that the group's comeback will not include member Winwin, the reason given is because Winwin is busy filming in China.

Some fans, upon learning this information, became angry and flooded Weibo, asking Winwin to leave the group and demanding to leave the fans because they thought the male idol only cared about personal activities and did not care about group activities.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 2

Faced with controversial opinions, Winwin had to personally explain on social media that he received information that WayV started preparing for a new album in May, so from the beginning of the year until now, he has been trying to complete his personal schedule. to be able to participate in the comeback with the group.

​However, for unknown reasons, the production team pushed the album production process to the end of March, leaving Winwin unable to react in time because at that time, he still had to record many important segments for the movie. new. Despite being "pranked" by the company like that, Winwin still apologized and wished WayV a smooth comeback.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 3

Winwin's original statement: "At the end of last year, I was told by the crew that preparations for the new album would begin in May. So from January to April this year, I participated in a new movie. However, the album production suddenly changed and was pushed forward to the end of March. At that time, I was in the process of filming quite important key scenes, so I was not able to participate in WayV's activities. In order to participate in the group's new activities, I discussed and came up with many solutions, but in the end, it was a pity that I could not be present at this comeback. I would like to apologize to Wayzenni (. WayV's fandom name) and everyone who is following me. Wishing WayV's comeback a great success, I will be here cheering for everyone."

After Winwin's sharing, netizens felt extremely angry at Label V's way of working when he arbitrarily changed his mind about the time to make the album, causing Winwin to not be able to arrange the time and this is not the first time that the male idol has to bear the burden. suffer the consequences from such a company.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 4

Winwin first debuted with the NCT 127 lineup in 2016, then he was added to NCT U and became a core member of WayV. Even though he has a handsome face and good dancing and singing skills, Winwin has not been allowed to shine according to his abilities by the company. The number of times he appeared to work with the group can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In fact, each time he makes a comeback, the male idol is only given very few verses and has extremely limited screen time.

Accordingly, since the KPMA awards ceremony on December 20, 2018, for nearly 2 years, Winwin has not had any activities with NCT 127. Fans also pointed out a series of details about Winwin being caught by SM. estrangement.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 5

1. SM only announced Winwin's absence from promotional activities 1 day before the group's comeback.

2. Renjun (NCT Dream) once mentioned Winwin during a live broadcast on V Live. But at that time, fans could clearly hear the staff saying: "Don't mention Winwin."

3. Let Winwin temporarily stop promoting with NCT 127 but SM still sells his goods at NCT 127 events.

I thought going to WayV would be better, but no, the group also continuously appeared with a lineup without Winwin, making many people wonder if he was still active with the group or not.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 6

Looking at the way the company treated Winwin like that, many people couldn't believe how SM tried to recruit this guy. The male idol passed first place at the Beijing Dance Academy, majoring in Performance Dance and won the championship prize in China's National Classical Dance Competition. Thanks to that, he was sought out by an SM representative who went to China to persuade him to audition 7 times and debuted after only 1 year of internship, even though at that time the male idol's Korean language ability was still limited. WinWin also has a large fan base in NCT, having the highest number of followers on personal Weibo among the members.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 7

The contrast between SM's attitude towards WinWin before and after debut made fans feel extremely confused, some even wondered if the male idol had done something to displease the company that was why he was "disgraced". ". Some fans even hope that WinWin will leave the group and look for better opportunities in his hometown instead of suffering the above estrangement.

Winwin (NCT): Was recruited by SM 7 times, but is now a stepchild - Photo 8

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