Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie?

Đình NhưMar 08, 2024 at 15:24

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Recently, some Korean newspapers have reported that Kpop idol Ten (Thai member of NCT) attended Paris Fashion Week, during the Saint Laurent Men's Winter 24 show, as a brand ambassador.

At the event, Ten showed off her chic demeanor and sophisticated look as she paired a polka-dot bib neck silk shirt with high-waisted striped wool pants. He also attracted attention when he met and chatted with Saint Laurent's VIP director, Emmanuel Tomasini.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 1

Soon after, NCT's official account on Twitter shared an article about Ten being called a Saint Laurent ambassador.

If true, according to Korean media reports, Ten will be the second K-pop idol to become a Saint Laurent ambassador, after Blackpink's Rosé – who has been serving as a global ambassador since 2020.

However, fans are still waiting for official confirmation from Saint Laurent for Ten.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 2

After this news spread, many people wondered if Rosé would be disgraced when the brand "recruited" new people. However, that is unlikely because Rosé is considered a deep ambassador of this house. They had to scramble fiercely against rival Valentino to get Rosé's nod

Earlier, in 2020, when Rosé was chosen as the first and only global ambassador in the history of the French fashion house, a series of prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, W reported. She is also confirmed as a global ambassador on the website Kering, Saint Laurent's parent corporation.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 3

Rosé also opened her role as ambassador with the Fall 2020 global campaign, with a series of huge billboards in major cities around the world.

Recently, she was honored as 3 Kpop idols (along with Lisa and Jennie) in the list of the best-dressed front-row stars of Paris Fashion Week this season, voted by the cult fashion magazine Vogue.

In another development, although Jisoo did not storm at Fashion Week like the other 3 members, Jisoo proved his attraction with 1 other lucrative contract.

Specifically, Jisoo recently continued to pocket a "huge job", she became the latest muse for fashion brand Self-Portrait and also the self-styling photographer for the campaign.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 4

This is a remarkable milestone not only for the brand but also for Jisoo herself, as she begins a new chapter in her career as an independent artist. Because this is the first time Self-Portrait has chosen an artist to center its advertising campaign. Jisoo's first time participating in a contemporary fashion campaign after she announced the opening of her own agency, Blissoo.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 5

Self-Portrait's latest campaign was conducted in Seoul by photographer Yoon JiYong, who also took photos for the singer's album ME. Jisoo is shaping hairstylist Lee Seon Young and makeup artist Lee Mi Young, two artists who work with her regularly. Talking about the decision to choose this team, Han Chong – founder of Self-Portrait said:

"We took pictures at Jisoo's own studio, so she was surrounded by people she knew — Jisoo's own hair makeup artists. We want her to be as comfortable as possible.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 6

As soon as Jisoo saw the pink dress with flowers, she immediately launched a hand dance choreography from her solo Flower. An impromptu moment and it's funny! Jisoo's humor and fun make everyone laugh."

Han Chong, the designer behind Self-Portrait, said he sees music as an integral part of life, as well as an endless source of inspiration for the creative process of individuals. The collaboration with Jisoo was a natural progression for Self-Portrait, because the two have been connected since BLACKPINK's debut in 2016.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 7

Jisoo was the first music artist to become the face of a Self-Portrait advertising campaign. Until now, the brand has mainly invited the world's top models such as Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, and Kate Moss, along with actress Phoebe Dynevor from the Bridgerton series.

Rosé is disgraced, the label is sidelined, Jisoo owns cooler hands than Lisa, Jennie? - Photo 8

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