The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay

KengOct 04, 2023 at 06:47

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Ha Thanh Xuan's ex-husband Thang Ngo made a clip longer than 45 minutes to talk about his drama. The businessman begged netizens to let it all go.

Specifically, on her personal page, Ha Thanh Xuan's ex-husband Thang Ngo recently shared quite a long time. He said he made the clip for reasons that are closely related to his life.

The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay - Photo 1

He confided: "During the past 1 year, after the wedding, there were many events and events that created a very bad public opinion on social networks. I was unwittingly a very bad villain. I don't know how websites, tabloids, fan pages were created to put my picture up to show people the evil man character, representing the worst of a man, a traitorous husband, an irresponsible father.

People are born into different families, educated by different ways of education, different living environments create a diverse society. Each of us will have our own personal perceptions. So did I myself. No one is perfect.

The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay - Photo 2

We are born, lived, survived, studied, educated and absorbed those upbringings from the school family, learned more from society, slowly our personality is formed and become a human being who has his own life in his own way. Failure or success is just the moment. When we make comments about someone, it's only at a certain time."

The "Koi Fish King" said the reason he deleted bad comments about him was because of positive thoughts: "My c.hild entered puberty and had a bit of a strong reaction due to the hormones in him. Therefore, each person has a different way of education. At this stage I am very soft, gentle and should not yell or impose.

The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay - Photo 3

You have harsh words for my daughter, who is not involved in your life with horrible words, you should take control. You guys are tarnishing your image, not me. I deleted your comment because I'm afraid you'll be afraid of yourself later when you read it again. A lot of my male friends scolded me for being an asshole, hobbyist... Oh my god. We're men. You may think I'm ugly but if you say that and make you better, I will also bear it, but I think it is very difficult, you are having extreme thoughts, your life is also difficult to be beautiful. According to the laws of nature, it will be difficult for you to do good for your family and society."

The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay - Photo 4

At the end of his words, the businessman sent a message to netizens: "I think what is karma I have to pay, I accept to pay. Now I want my daughter not to be affected by bad and malicious information.

What has happened has already happened, I ask you to focus on something more useful because the toxic information you say about me, no matter what you say, it will not change. Even if you scold, I'm still me. I wish this would be the last time I talk about my drama, and I hope you guys will let it go."

The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay - Photo 5

Also in this video, the "Koi fish king" once again affirmed that he himself is not bankrupt as what went viral on social media. Regarding Koi farming, Thang Ngo said that he himself does not m.ake m.oney from this, it is his true passion, and Thang Ngo's plan to raise Koi fish is very big but he is not convenient to r.eveal.

At the end of the long video, Thang Ngo said that he has just finished 49 years old, turned 50, so he wants to have a peaceful life, to have time to focus on his children. As for the drama surrounding him, he hopes people will stop talking and scolding unreasonably.

As soon as this video was posted on his personal page, he quickly received a lot of attention from the online community. Many people showed sympathy for "Koi fish king" Thang Ngo, encouraging him to try to overcome the gossip of public opinion.

However, another section is still deliberately sarcastic, referring to the fact that the big man betrayed his ex-wife. To these comments, "Koi fish king" Thang Wu harshly responded.

The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay - Photo 6

Accordingly, he left a message under the comment section as follows: "I told you that, but many girls keep crying about the opportunity with Cao Kang forever. Please brainstorm a little, just like this, no Buddha can stand."

The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay - Photo 7

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