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Quang Le revealed that she moved in to live with Ha Thanh Xuan, did the female singer implicitly admit?

Nguyễn Kim13:56:37 29/04/2024
Recently, the couple Quang Le - Ha Thanh Xuan has been strongly pushed by people because the two continuously have romantic chemistry. Many viewers hope that the two will soon become a couple.

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The Koi fish king shows off the most important daughter in his post-divorce life, Ha Thanh Xuan

Uyển Đình11:42:00 31/01/2024
After divorcing Ha Thanh Xuan, the private life of Koi fish king Thang Ngo is still of interest to netizens. Recently, a rare male businessman showed off photos taken with the g.irl he loves the most, whose identity made many people curious.

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The Koi Fish King is sad and works hard at one job after the divorce. Ha Thanh Xuan has the opposite attitude

Keng13:02:47 23/12/2023
After 3 months from the day they announced they were going their separate ways, the couple that once caused a stir, Koi fish king Thang Ngo and female singer Ha Thanh Xuan both had notable changes in appearance and mental state.

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The Koi fish king publicly misses Ha Thanh Xuan, a detail that proves he still has a heavy heart for his ex-wife, causing sadness?

Bảo Nam13:17:47 28/11/2023
Recently, Koi fish king Thang Ngo attracted attention when he posted a video of him driving on the streets of Saigon, in the car he also played a song titled People performed by singer Ha Thanh Xuan.

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The Koi fish king longed for "broken mirrors to heal" with Ha Thanh Xuan, what kind of attitude did the fans wake up?

Bình Minh10:59:39 04/11/2023
Nearly 3 months since the separation from his wife, Thang Ngo is still a name of special interest to the public. Suddenly called by netizens as the husband of the beautiful singer Ha Thanh Xuan, the businessman immediately made a move to attract attention.

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The Koi fish king was suggested to "marry a few more beautiful girls" but his marriage broke up, the owner responded with a shocked answer.

Uyển Đình06:45:48 27/10/2023
After breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan, the life of Koi fish king Thang Ngo received special attention from everyone. Recently, when a netizen advised him to take another step, the male businessman immediately responded with a question that caught everyone's attention.

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The Koi fish king encountered financial difficulties and was suddenly praised by fans for this reason!

Hoa Tuyết10:22:19 14/10/2023
While waiting for the departments to come and accept the Koi pond, Thang Ngo suddenly encountered a car collision situation. Instead of being upset and making a big deal out of it, the male businessman used a positive attitude to accept the disaster.

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The Koi fish king was openly flirted with by a strange g.irl after the breakup, and the way he handled it surprised everyone

Tuyết Ngọc19:19:48 11/10/2023
Recently, King of Koi fish Thang Ngo suddenly received compliments that someone would be lucky enough to marry him. Faced with this comment, the male businessman immediately gave an attention-grabbing response.

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The Koi Fish King posted a 40-minute clip, saying the last word to Ha Thanh Xuan: Karma must pay, I accept to pay

Keng06:47:05 04/10/2023
Ha Thanh Xuan's ex-husband Thang Ngo made a clip longer than 45 minutes to talk about his drama. The businessman begged netizens to let it all go.

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The Koi fish king clearly explains the story of returning to his ex-wife, revealing messages with the most important g.irl in his life

Minh Lợi11:44:37 02/10/2023
After Ha Thanh Xuan announced that they had broken up, the life of Koi fish king Thang Ngo continued to attract netizens' attention. Recently, this businessman posted messages between himself and his daughter - the c.hild he shares with his ex-wife Thanh Dao - attracting many people's attention.

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The Koi fish king mentioned the strange "woman" who broke up with Ha Thanh Xuan, implying that he was "looked forward to every day".

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:36:52 01/10/2023
After Ha Thanh Xuan announced his separation from Koi fish king Thang Ngo, all information about the business man's life and love story received everyone's attention every day. Recently, the hidden status line of the Koi fish king is being discussed by netizens.

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The Koi fish king reminded Ha Thanh Xuan of one thing: after the breakup, his young wife had her "prophecy" song dug up at her wedding.

JLO18:16:09 30/09/2023
After singer Ha Thanh Xuan's announcement that they were going their separate ways, businessman Thang Ngo remained silent and has not shared more about his marriage scandal. Recently on his personal page, the Koi fish king attracted attention when sharing about women.

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The Koi fish king cannot forget Ha Thanh Xuan, holding out hope of reconciling with his young wife. Is this detail enough to understand?

JLO07:22:20 28/09/2023
A few days ago, Ha Thanh Xuan through her personal page confirmed that she broke up with businessman Thang Ngo after a year of wedding. She said she was depressed after the wedding and had not yet registered her marriage.

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The Koi fish king changed after the divorce, Ha Thanh Xuan is still determined to keep this kindness towards her ex-husband

Thảo Mai06:40:11 27/09/2023
They used to be a couple that caused a lot of turmoil when they made their relationship public, so when the news of Ha Thanh Xuan and Thang Ngo's breakup was confirmed, the online community continuously discussed it.

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The Koi fish king has a crush on Ha Thanh Xuan, still wearing his wedding ring on his ring finger, revealing a life full of turmoil

Keng07:56:56 19/09/2023
Recently, the noise about the marriage of the koi fish king and his young wife Ha Thanh Xuan has always been a topic of public interest. Recently, netizens continue to r.eveal details about the male businessman who cannot forget the female singer. doctor.

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The Koi fish king appeared devastated, unable to eat and sleep well after the breakup, but Ha Thanh Xuan was the opposite

Minh Lợi09:41:59 15/09/2023
While Ha Thanh Xuan has regained her balance and runs shows continuously, Thang Ngo has a completely different life. Recently, the male businessman appeared with a different appearance and claimed to have lost his appetite and sleep.

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Ha Thanh Xuan often shares a hidden 8-word quote before parting with the Koi fish king, what does it imply?

Hoàng Phúc11:55:40 13/09/2023
Information about the breakdown of Koi fish king Thang Ngo and singer Ha Thanh Xuan is being noticed by netizens. Before posting announcing her marital status, the singer still updated the concert schedule, the state of life is very comfortable and often comes with 1 sentence.

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The Koi fish king put his property up for sale after only 1 day of parting with Ha Thanh Xuan, his wife immediately posted: Don't blame me

Hoàng Phúc14:33:08 12/09/2023
In recent days, information about the online breakup with Thang Ngo that Ha Thanh Xuan announced on his personal page is attracting a lot of attention from the public. Just 1 day later, the Koi fish king made a surprise move.

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Ha Thanh Xuan first revealed himself after parting with the Koi Fish King, insisting that only this is forever

JLO10:01:04 12/09/2023
After announcing her return to single life after more than 1 year of marriage with Koi fish king Thang Ngo, overseas singer Ha Thanh Xuan continues to cause a stir with her subtextual status.

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The Koi fish king is still nostalgic for Ha Thanh Xuan, saying 1 sentence that sounds lamentable even though his young wife insists that he has broken up?

Minh Lợi08:17:47 11/09/2023
Ha Thanh Xuan's announcement of farewell to the Koi Fish King quickly became the talk of social media. Netizens are all curious about businessman Thang Ngo's reaction.

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Koi fish king mentioned Ha Thanh Xuan's name after being rumored to be divorced, revealing marital status through 1 detail

Minh Lợi19:25:04 12/08/2023
Koi fish king Thang Ngo directly tagged Ha Thanh Xuan's name in his new status line. This action of the businessman is said to indirectly deny rumors of marital problems.

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The "King of Koi" implicitly spoke about the marriage problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, the opposite move of his young wife

An Nhi11:12:32 11/07/2023
Recently, rumors of divorce between Koi King Thang Ngo and singer Ha Thanh Xuan have been discussed a lot on social networks. This information stems from the fact that the two people deleted many joint photos, leaving only personal photos on social networks.

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"King of Koi Fish" shows off her divorce ring, Ha Thanh Xuan immediately "frustrated" to remove the wedding ring?

Phương Nam14:44:30 03/04/2023
Recently, the Koi King first acted to deny rumors by wearing a wedding ring and responding to netizens' comments. However, Ha Thanh Xuan made the opposite move when the audience discovered that the female singer was no longer wearing a wedding ring. The love story "King of Koi...

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Ha Thanh Xuan admits to being "foolish" implying being "in love", King Koi 1 sentence clearly states about divorce?

Kiko07:46:34 21/03/2023
The latest moves of Ha Thanh Xuan and her husband, King Ca Koi, once again made many sellers doubtful. It is not clear why the couple unfriended and deleted each other's photos, however, the couple recently suddenly made a move to interact with each other, ending the rumors that...

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