The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation

Bút MàuMay 19, 2024 at 11:48

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Recently, Chinese netizens are paying attention to the sad story of young man La Hong. He is 32 years old and has been married to his wife Trinh Ngoc Ha for 7 years.

To this day, their feelings are still as passionate as when they first fell in love. According to La Hong's assessment, his wife is gentle, understanding and skillful. Therefore, he always tries to treat her the best he can.

They have two daughters. Additionally, they both have good jobs. It can be said that La Hong is very satisfied with his family. His wife and children are also the motivation for him to work harder.

The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation - Photo 1

Previously, La Hong was often busy with work and often had to travel far, so he had little time to spend with his wife and daughter. After that, he changed jobs and moved closer to home. Thanks to that, he has more time for his family. But La Hong never thought that although she devoted herself to her family, the results would not be as expected.

One day, he discovered his wife getting ready early in the morning and said she was going to the hospital for a checkup. At first, La Hong also wanted to go with his wife, but Ngoc Ha said it was just a normal health check. She said she could go get tested herself, and he would help her take her children to school. He agreed without any doubt.

The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation - Photo 2

At noon, La Hong found his wife's old cell phone while cleaning the house. This phone was replaced by his wife two months ago. Although it is older, it can still be used. He intended to play music for his daughter. However, he later discovered that the device was connected to a new phone. The location indicated that she was not at the hospital but at a hotel.

"I have used this software before to link a tablet and a mobile phone, the location information is very accurate. I installed this software for her, afraid that if she lost her phone, she would still be able to find it. old phone, but she didn't pay attention at that time," he recalled.

The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation - Photo 3

At this point, he felt strange. Because in the morning, he saw his wife putting on makeup. Why do you need makeup when going to the doctor? To find out the truth, he decided to go to the address shown on the application. Sure enough, his wife was in the hotel. What's even sadder is that he witnessed his wife in bed with another man. He was almost dumbfounded for a moment. By the time he regained consciousness, he couldn't keep calm.

After everything was over, La Hong sat down and confronted the other two people. It turned out that this strange man lived in the same building as him. He met Trinh Ngoc Ha at a coffee shop near his residence. At that time, La Hong was working away from home, and his wife had feelings for the other man. Since then, they began an illicit relationship.

The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation - Photo 4

"What made me angrier was when I looked at my wife's cell phone and saw that the two of them were constantly chatting. They even called each other 'husband' and 'wife'." On weekdays, La Hong does not have the habit of looking at his wife's cell phone. This made it easy for her to have an affair.

In the end, La Hong chose to divorce his wife and sued the other man in court, demanding compensation for mental damage of 250,000 yuan (about 897 million VND). In fact, whether he receives compensation or not, one thing is certain: La Hong is a failure. His family was harmonious and his gentle wife was no longer there.

The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation - Photo 5

Some people may think that La Hong is often away from home, so his wife has to find someone to keep her company. However, this is not a reason for a wife to betray her husband. The most pitiful people are their two daughters. The two children originally had a happy family but had to be separated because their mother was unfaithful. In fact, this is definitely not the result that La Hong wants to see.

Therefore, men and women alike must know how to control themselves and not let themselves go beyond their limits. Once a mistake has been made, very few people can overcome it and are tolerant enough to forgive.

The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation - Photo 6

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