Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for "spiritual" reasons.

Bảo NamJun 12, 2024 at 17:41

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Nha Phuong - Truong Giang are probably a couple that many people admire when they have a happy married life after 6 years of wedding. Everything became even more fulfilling when the actress, born in 1990, gave birth to daughter Destiny and son Hope.

Recently, in a talk show, Nha Phuong named her second c.hild Hope. If the first daughter's intimate name is related to the couple's love story, then the son's name has its own meaning to Truong Giang.

Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for spiritual reasons. - Photo 1

Accordingly, when the MC predicted that Nha Phuong and Truong Giang's first daughter would be named Destiny (Destiny), the fact that the second b.aby is named Hope is a belief and positive development for the family. However, Nha Phuong laughed and said that her husband did not think that deeply. The male comedian named his son because he was a "hard fan" of a Korean singer.

Specifically, the mother of two children honestly shared: "Everyone thinks Truong Giang has something very deep in mind, right, but that's not true. B.aby Hope is the name of a Kpop singer that my husband likes, her name is J-Hope. And the b.aby's name Destiny is the love story of a couple, like destiny." On her personal page, Nha Phuong also posted a clip revealing the reason Truong Giang likes J-Hope because the male singer is handsome, good at dancing and cool.

Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for spiritual reasons. - Photo 2

J-Hope was born in 1994, a famous singer in the Korean entertainment industry. Before becoming a member of BTS, J-Hope was known as a member of a street dance group, when he won many awards when performing during festival seasons. In addition to being the main dancer of BTS, J-Hope also has the ability to rap.

Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for spiritual reasons. - Photo 3

Before that, the male comedian also wanted to give his son a Vietnamese name, Minh Hieu or Hieu Minh, similar to HIEUTHUHAI's real name (Tran Minh Hieu) to hope that he would be a c.hild who is both intelligent and filial to his family. . In response to Truong Giang's proposal, Nha Phuong only responded "sounds strange", and up to now, both have not announced the c.hild's real name.

Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for spiritual reasons. - Photo 4

Regarding the reason for naming his daughter Thien Y and her name at home is Destiny, Truong Giang once said in 2 days and 1 night: "21 I acted, 22 I came back, 23 gave birth, it was too beautiful. My wife and I counted it all. But in the end, at 4:00 a.m. on the 22nd, his wife was named Destiny. His sister-in-law had to take her to the hospital The flight was delayed. While I was flying, my wife gave birth. It was all arranged by fate, I didn't arrange anything, so I named it Thanh Thien Y, adding my last name Vo Thanh Thien Y."

Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for spiritual reasons. - Photo 5

Sharing about her experience of being pregnant and giving birth twice, Nha Phuong said: "I have 2 children, 2 children came at different stages in my life. For example, with Destiny, to tell the truth, everyone knows Then, at that time, Phuong and her husband were not married, so I had pressure created by myself. Then I got mild depression. Phuong didn't know what to do, but Phuong was the one who scolded her husband Phuong's question is why do I always scold my husband? But when Hope was born, it was a completely different story. Like with the first c.hild, Phuong's husband provided all the support from food and rest , practice, do the job I love and don't have to worry about anything. Because I have a better life, when I gave birth to Hope, I didn't worry about anything."

Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for spiritual reasons. - Photo 6

Truong Giang and Nha Phuong once had disagreements because of the different ways of caring for and pampering their children: "I often argue with my wife because of the way I raise my children. I keep calling them 'sweetie', 'golden nugget' this and that. He knows that if you love him, he will be naughty, so just raise him normally. When the c.hild fell on the edge of the table, the family said it was because of the table to comfort the c.hild. I can't say, I fell because I wasn't walking carefully. If you keep coaxing your c.hild like that, then in the future you will have a blaming mentality, so what if everyone is wrong with you?

Truong Giang named his son after a BTS member, for spiritual reasons. - Photo 7

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