Tran Hao Dan and his wife have doubts about divorce, the wife is tired of raising 4 children alone

Hoàng AnhOct 06, 2022 at 11:00

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On October 5, a source said that Tran Hao Dan and Chiang Le Sa will complete divorce proceedings after the holiday ends.

Earlier, in a livestream, Chiang Le Sa said she was disappointed in her husband.

Tran Hao Dan and his wife have doubts about divorce, the wife is tired of raising 4 children alone - Photo 1

During the holiday, Tran Hao Dan lied about having a filming job, but in fact he was going out. Chiang Le Sa was tired and pressured when she had to take care of 4 children alone.

On the livestream, Chiang Le Sa's depressed appearance can be clearly seen. However, not long after, Tran Hao Dan denied the above information, he said he was actually working in the film crew, not going out, and no one else was around.

Tran Hao Dan and model Chiang Le Sa got married in 2011. The wedding ceremony took place on July 11 - Chiang Le Sa's birthday. On the most important day of her life, she received many blessings from friends and relatives: "Happy birthday, happy birthday".

Tran Hao Dan and his wife have doubts about divorce, the wife is tired of raising 4 children alone - Photo 2

However, their marriage was constantly entangled in turbulence. The culmination was when Tran Hao Dan was involved in a scandal of forcibly kissing his co-star while his wife was pregnant with her first daughter.

At that time, actor Thien Long Bat Bo was filming at Hengdian. After getting drunk, he groped and kissed actress Tran Gia Hang. He was f.orced to hold a press conference and apologize to his co-stars and the public.

Tran Hao Dan and his wife have doubts about divorce, the wife is tired of raising 4 children alone - Photo 3

For many years now, the couple is said to often show difficulties and hardships in life, but recently netizens have said that their lives are not what they often show in public. they.

Recently, Tran Hao Dan's wife, Tuong Le Sa, shared a Vlog recording family life. Netizens quickly discovered the school that Tran Hao Dan's daughter was attending thanks to the badge attached to the shirt.

Accordingly, the couple's 4 children are attending a top international school. The school has an elementary school fee of 90,000 yuan (VND 324 million) per year and gradually increases at the junior high and high school levels.

Tran Hao Dan and his wife have doubts about divorce, the wife is tired of raising 4 children alone - Photo 4

Before 2020, Tran Hao Dan's eldest daughter is studying at an aristocratic school in Hong Kong, the annual tuition fee is 64,000 USD. Last year, she transferred to a school in Shanghai, tuition is not cheap.

Earlier this year, netizens also caught Tran Hao Dan and his wife going to see the house. The couple plans to buy a 300m2 apartment to move here to facilitate their children's education.

Tran Hao Dan and his wife have doubts about divorce, the wife is tired of raising 4 children alone - Photo 5

In July 2020, in an interview with Sohu, the actor said that the epidemic greatly affected his work. According to Tran Hao Dan, his family currently lives in a closed residential area, all necessities have to wait for the authorities to supply them. However, the amount of food relief is not enough for 8 people, including 4 children, 2 elderly and 2 adults.

To solve the food shortage, Tran Hao Dan and his wife had to buy food at a price 30 times higher than usual.

"We are currently struggling to find food. Normally, I only need 50 yuan ($8) to buy enough food for the whole family. Currently, the price is for 20 eggs, 1 bag of rice, 2 tomatoes. , 2 cucumbers and 1 turnip is 1,500 yuan (235 USD). The increase makes housewives like me scared, "said Chiang Le Sa.

Under the comments section, many netizens mocked Tran Hao Dan, saying that life is not as difficult as he still shared: "Last year their family lived in a high-class house in Shanghai, with a vision straight to the city center", "They weren't originally poor, they just had less m.oney than other stars", "All 4 children went to international schools and still complained"...

Tran Hao Dan was once a famous and popular artist in Hong Kong in the 1990s.

He is famous for his role as Doan Du in Thien Long Bat Bo (1996), Sun Wukong in Journey to the West II 1998, Na Tra in Dat Ky Tru Vuong (2001), Te Dien in Tan Te Cong (2011).

In 2011, Tran Hao Dan married the beautiful Chiang Le Sa and had four children together. No longer at the peak of his career, the actor still participates in filming with supporting roles, livestream sales and performances at fairs.

Tran Hao Dan and his wife have doubts about divorce, the wife is tired of raising 4 children alone - Photo 6

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