Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady

Hoàng AnhFeb 06, 2023 at 13:48

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Tran Thanh - Hari Won is one of the beautiful couples of Vbiz, owning a strong fan base and being successful in many fields of art.

It is also because of the love of the audience that every move of Tran Thanh - Hari Won, from everyday life to on social networks, is always watched by the audience.

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 1

Recently, Hari Won attracted attention when posting to celebrate the 36th birthday of her husband Tran Thanh.

Sharing the moment of love, the female singer wrote: "Happy birthday to you. Today's birthday is so cozy".

Under the article, Tran Thanh left a comment expressing his feelings: "I love my wife the most in the world", making many netizens admire a happy married life.

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 2

It is this interaction of the couple that makes people gradually become feverish because it is so sweet

Previously, on the evening of February 5, a group of artists close to Tran Thanh such as People's Artist Ngoc Giau, artists Viet Anh, Anh Duc, Le Duong Bao Lam, Kha Nhu, Sam, Quoc Khanh, Ali Hoang Duong... Happy birthday comedian.

Also on Tran Thanh's special day, many colleagues congratulated him on social networks.

"Wishing you a new year of good health, always full of energy, achieving many new victories, new successes will be more resounding, always receiving the love of people around and dear audience." , actor Anh Duc said.

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 3

While Le Duong Bao Lam was humorous: "Happy birthday to Mr. Tran Thanh. Wishing you much health and more success. Today is your birthday, 7 months after my birthday. I wish I had a lead role in this movie. your next project... Happy birthday, brother".

The most noticeable is probably the line of wishes from actor Kha Nhu: "Hey Phu Nhuan! New age, get rich soon! 5 gold trees I still have there, turn to me for 5 hundred garlic!".

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 4

It can be seen that besides the wishes, Kha Nhu also humorously integrated the situation on the film House of Nuns to send to Tran Thanh. Notably below the comment section, Tran Thanh's wife - singer Hari Won left a comment: "Give it all to Heo!".

It was this move of Tran Thanh's wife that made netizens vehemently controversial, claiming that Hari Won was the cameo role in House of Nuns. Actor Kha Nhu himself also left a firm comment: "It turns out that this l.ittle g.irl is a relative of Heo Un!".

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 5

The interaction between actor Kha Nhu and singer Hari Won has received the attention of netizens.

Most of them "can't help but laugh" at the comedy of both, and hope Tran Thanh will jump in to solve this fight!

At the age of 36, Tran Thanh has a perfect home with Hari Won. In recent years, Tran Thanh has also continuously achieved great success in many fields. The actor's newly released movie has also surpassed the revenue milestone of VND 350 billion.

Recently, Tran Thanh has had many experiences about life as well as false rumors related to Hari Won, attracting a lot of attention to the audience.

Despite being busy with work, Tran Thanh is still aware of having to spend time with family: "My husband and I know how to spend time together scientifically. I also think that no one is too busy to not be able to not spend time together. If you have time to meet your loved ones, whether you want to meet them or not is up to you.If my wife finds it enough and doesn't complain, it's still enough.

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 6

At some point, when I feel that I have less time to spend with my loved ones, I will reduce my work, that's all. I find it easy, but if I feel there is no problem, it is still enough," Tran Thanh shared.

Besides, the actor also thinks that the difference between famous and normal couples is that they cannot comfortably love in public, the rest is not much different.

Faced with rumors about the marriage with Hari won being just a contract, Tran Thanh shared:

"I think, if people say I'm not happy but we still hug each other happily every night, then it's still happy. If people admit that I'm happy, but every night we deal and f.ight, then do it. How can you call it happiness?

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 7

A lot of people say we have a marriage contract, the end of this contract... Time is the answer to everything, wait and see when this contract expires.

And I'll be honest, people think for me, is there anyone in this world who signs a marriage contract for up to 7 years? I don't think so, who has the patience to sign for so long.

And I don't think this marriage contract is good for me anymore, if at all. I can still be completely single and successful," Tran Thanh affirmed.

Hari Won causes "chaos" on Tran Thanh's birthday, revealing a special role in the House of Lady - Photo 8

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