Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared shock

Hoàng PhúcAug 26, 2022 at 21:53

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On August 26, after revealing their dating photos, actors Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh made their relationship public. Sharing with the media, Shark Binh said that he has been single for two years, is dating Phuong Oanh and confirmed that the actress is "not a third person". However, soon after, businessman Dao Lan Huong said that she and Shark Binh had never divorced.

Specifically, Ms. Dao Lan Huong firmly affirmed that she and shark Binh have never divorced.

"I don't know how NextTeá´„h and Mr. Binh shared with the press about the divorce, but we have never gone to court, never divorced, the marriage certificate is still in the safe at the house where we live. The incident happened so suddenly that I am in a very crisis. I am very worried for my two children when they find out about this. It is the fault of adults that children have to suffer, it is very bad for them," she said. Dao Lan Huong confided.

Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared s.hock - Photo 1

"The 20-year journey of building, sharing, camaraderie and suffering to get to this point is enough to dazzle many people. Mindfulness and remembrance, no matter how angry, is always an important person for each other and for the members. children, important for the future, you will be a kind person," said Mrs. Huong.

Ms. Dao Lan Huong also shared that, at the moment, her mood is very confused. She will rely on the support of a lawyer to solve everything.

"The family matter is very complicated, I will solve it slowly. Now, I will authorize my lawyer to handle everything," emphasized Ms. Dao Lan Huong.

Before sharing from Ms. Huong, on the evening of August 26, Zing continued to ask questions to businessman Nguyen Hoa Binh. He said the information provided by Ms. Huong "is not accurate compared to objective reality".

"Since 2018, we have had many problems and conflicts in our lives, so from the end of that year we signed a divorce agreement, at the same time agreed and completed the division of property and time to take care of each other. take care of their children so that each person can have his or her own life," Binh said.

Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared s.hock - Photo 2

He added: "By mid-2020, we no longer live together in the old house in Van Phu urban area, Ha Dong district. Personally, I have moved to live alone in an apartment building in another district, a Some time later my (ex) wife also moved to another place in Ha Dong district.

According to Shark Binh, his marital status can be confirmed and witnessed by friends, colleagues, family on both sides and two children. He added that there is a separate agreement between him and Ms. Dao Lan Huong.

Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared s.hock - Photo 3

"We agreed orally to each other that during the separation, anyone can file a signed divorce agreement to end the marriage. Later, because I felt that I could not save it, I submit an application to the district people's court to wait for a decision. During this time, each party has the right to find out and have its own relationships, "Shark Binh affirmed.

Not stopping, under the latest post of businessman Dao Lan Huong, Shark Binh also commented publicly "3 sides 1 word". "The information Huong gave is incorrect and may cause confusion, so I will correct the relationship between the two sides."

Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared s.hock - Photo 4

On the side of Phuong Oanh, the actress confirmed that she and Shark Binh were dating and denied that it was a "third person".

At the same time, on her personal page, the actress wrote: "I used to think that love affairs should be kept to myself. But the noise and false rumors are seriously affecting reputation and honor. mine, so I had to speak up."

Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared s.hock - Photo 5

"Yes, Mr. Binh and I are dating and we have never hidden this. We often appear in public together and close friends know. There was a time when I wanted to keep my love story a secret. Because he is afraid of noise, but he always says that he loves each other properly, there is nothing to be afraid of. I also don't think it can cause misunderstandings like now, "Phuong Oanh said.

The actress affirmed: "We were single when we got together recently. I know he went through a breakup more than 2 years ago but never asked about the past. I did nothing wrong, no matter what. so there's nothing to be ashamed of.

Hope everyone understands that Phuong Oanh never betrays the affection, love and trust that people have for her. Thank you".

Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared s.hock - Photo 6

In addition, she added that when they first met, they didn't know each other very well. Time to learn, Phuong Oanh was attracted by the intelligence and humor of her boyfriend.

Shark Binh and his wife accused each other on social media about divorce, Phuong Oanh "Quynh Doll" declared s.hock - Photo 7

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