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Phuong Oanh revealed photos of her giving birth, lying alone in the hospital holding her b.aby, fans revealed the truth

Gia Nhi07:12:21 27/04/2024
Shark Binh's wife - actress Phuong Oanh has just caused a stir on the internet when she suddenly revealed a photo of her successfully giving birth, hugging her b.aby in the hospital. Netizens immediately went into check var, the truth behind was revealed and everyone was shocked.

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Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bup's biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema

Phúc Sen16:28:31 11/04/2024
From a mediocre actor, Ngo The Quan suddenly became successful and became one of the prominent faces in the Northern film market. He has brought success to a series of works, from cinema to television.

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Phuong Oanh still maintains her perfect figure while pregnant: Comparing herself to an animal

Minh Phúc16:06:01 22/02/2024
Even though she is in the 7th month of pregnancy, Shark Binh's wife still maintains a fresh and attractive figure that makes many people fascinated. Not only that, the actress Flavor of Love is also humorous when comparing herself to an animal.

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Shark Binh took Phuong Oanh to the wedding, accidentally r.evealing their current relationship with an action

Snow17:42:02 20/11/2023
Pregnant with twins in the 3rd month, Phuong Oanh still confidently wore a tight dress and walked alongside Shark Binh to the party. The couple's peaceful moment here made fans restless.

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"My wolf" Thu Quynh announced her second "promotion", determined to keep one thing a secret?

Tiểu Trúc09:35:51 16/11/2023
Recently, actress Thu Quynh announced her second promotion after 4 years of confirming her relationship with someone new. However, the actress is still determined to keep her other half's identity hidden.

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Dong Thanh Binh: 'Quynh the doll' stepfather once caused a VTV storm, his youthful beauty captivated fans' hearts

Đức Trí17:33:34 09/11/2023
Actor Dong Thanh Binh is a face that has made many impressions in the public's hearts. He rose to prominence thanks to his special role as a stepfather in Quynh Doll. He has taken a step forward to become a highly appreciated actor, with more and more land. performed on VTV.

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Shark Binh was "exposed" by Phuong Oanh in the midst of his wife's pregnancy, the divine color of "pregnant mother" attracted attention

Snow17:38:22 05/11/2023
More than 3 months since the celebration, Shark Binh - Phuong Oanh happily shared the joy of welcoming his first c.hild who is a twin, making fans can't help but rejoice.

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'Quynh Doll' Phuong Oanh reveals the reason for canceling her wedding with Shark Binh, happily pregnant with twins

Thư Kỳ15:53:38 02/11/2023
After r.evealing her pregnancy, Phuong Oanh made many people more happy when she revealed that she was pregnant with twins. Besides, the actress also revealed the reason why she and Shark Binh postponed their wedding.

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Shark Binh pampered Phuong Oanh during morning sickness, what is Dao Lan Huong doing?

Nguyễn Tuyết16:56:47 27/10/2023
After the engagement ceremony, Shark Binh - Phuong Oanh happily confirmed that they had their first c.hild, making fans excited. An act of a business man for his actor's wife attracted attention.

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Shark Binh's ex-wife posted a photo of "slandering" Phuong Oanh, affirming that she is still fine after the divorce

Bình Minh18:19:53 02/10/2023
The online community couldn't help but be surprised by the new look of businessman Dao Lan Huong after breaking up with Shark Binh. Many people also quickly discovered suspicious details in the photo she posted.

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Shark Binh "aggressively" gave a "huge" gift to Phuong Oanh, happily "showing off" the good news after 2 months of being in the same house?

Gia Linh10:09:50 25/09/2023
Phuong Oanh happily shared about her special birthday after becoming shark Binh's wife. Besides, many people have noticed the beauty's unique features.

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Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her

Hướng Dương20:24:54 23/09/2023
After r.evealing that her husband supported her return to showbiz, Phuong Oanh worked harder to improve herself. However, she had to constantly face a series of unflattering comments from the online community.

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Tran Van - Village In The Street: Rising from the role of the masses, now becoming a "muse" sought after by everyone

Nguyễn Tuyết15:49:50 19/09/2023
If anyone has been watching the movie Village In The Street, it is impossible not to know the beautiful actress named Tran Van. She also won 1st runner-up at the 2019 Miss Vietnam Fashion contest.

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Shark Binh is not afraid to do this for Fang Oanh, suddenly his wife "exposed" his true face

Tuyết Ngọc17:03:19 13/09/2023
Netizens have just been laughed at the interesting response of Shark Binh - Phuong Oanh. The actress's move is also receiving the attention of a large number of fans.

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Fang Oanh made a "strange" move - proving that he does not love Shark Binh for m.oney, making his wife still miserable?

Đình Thi10:15:34 25/08/2023
The couple Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh in recent days, has been a h.ot topic of discussion. The latest image of actor Phuong Oanh shocked fans - she is proving that she does not love Shark Binh for m.oney...

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The wedding of Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh was criticized for being exaggerated and chilled with the decoration of "burying the love's grave".

Thư Kỳ07:52:25 27/07/2023
During the engagement ceremony of Shark Binh and Phuong Oanh in Ha Nam - the bride's hometown, it attracted the attention of the online community. Besides the love story, the couple's ceremony decor style makes many people laugh and cry.

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Phuong Oanh exposed her belly on the day of the wedding, suspected of being pregnant, ex-wife Shark Binh expressed a shocking attitude

Tuyết Ngọc21:30:33 26/07/2023
Recently, during a meeting with her husband Shark Binh, a few moments when actress Phuong Oanh wore a tight ao dai, r.evealing her cluttered belly, was recorded, causing many people to question.

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Phuong Oanh can't marry Shark Binh, can only be a lover, the groom's family ignores the wedding

Min16:19:08 09/06/2023
Although deeply in love with Phuong Oanh, but Shark Binh always avoids mentioning marriage. It is also possible that the breakdown of the first marriage made this businessman more cautious when deciding to legally bind a person.

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"Quynh Doll" Titus: From World Cup cheerleader hotgirl to primetime movie actress

Keng17:31:08 01/06/2023
Hong Lien or Lien Titus (real name is Le Hong Lien, SN 1993) used to be known as a beautiful fan representing Mexico team in the H.ot program with the 2018 World Cup. Besides, she is a familiar face to Vietnamese audiences.

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Journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu strongly condemned Shark Binh: 'Being a man does not talk much, it's a little bit of a village'

Ning Jing13:29:29 13/05/2023
With Shark Binh's statement that Phuong Oanh's girlfriend is a good person, so she is often unfairly blamed, recently, journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu had a "coffee" scene with a salty couple on his personal Facebook. Perhaps, the story of Shark Binh's official divorce, "the name is...

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Phuong Oanh cries and apologizes for loving Shark Binh, insists it's not Tuesday, accepts to be 'locked'

Juni Nguyễn14:07:39 11/05/2023
It was thought that now actress "Quynh Doll" Phuong Oanh and the famous shark Nguyen Hoa Binh were celebrating because the businessman had officially completed the divorce procedure, but unexpectedly, Phuong Oanh was crying again. ooh ooh. The love story between actress Phuong...

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Shark Binh wants to end the drama with his ex-wife but is still stoned by fans, Phuong Oanh has a shocked attitude

Yang Mi19:50:22 10/05/2023
After more than a year of controversy about divorce, fighting back and forth between Shark Binh and his ex-wife, this powerful businessman has finally officially completed the divorce procedure so that he can be righteous without pressure from anyone. which side. Recently, on...

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Phuong Oanh burst into tears because her family was cursed, frankly talking about rumors of going on a tour of 50 thousand dollars

Đại Mạc15:54:21 25/04/2023
After the noisy pairing with the giants, actress Phuong Oanh recently had a rare time to speak out about related events. She also drew attention when she repeated the rumor of 'a tour costing 50 thousand dollars'. Phuong Oanh is an actress born in 1989, she is known and loved by...

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Questioning shark Binh and her husband Do My Linh "shake hands" to find "long circuit"?

Hoàng Phúc10:37:02 19/12/2022
Already famous in the market, Shark Binh and Do Vinh Quang are even more famous when compared with Vbiz beauties. The couple recently shared a move to "encroach on the singing field" to attract special attention from the public. The actor's lover "Quynh Doll" and the newlywed...

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