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Vietnamese fairy tale 'tycoon' dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked

Gia Nhi09:19:53 06/04/2024
The whole Vietnamese showbiz is extremely shocked by the news that actor Le Huu Thuy, a familiar face of Vietnamese television suddenly died, died in his sleep. The cast of artists were shocked, unable to believe it was true.

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Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection

Minh Ngọc15:50:43 05/04/2024
It seems that although there is no voice about the dating rumors, Viet Anh has quietly affirmed the special relationship with junior Quynh Kool through close images, not hesitating to wear romantic couples.

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People's Artist Viet Anh was rumored to be in love with a young g.irl in her 70s, the owner spoke up

Uyển Đình13:46:12 26/03/2024
Recently, People's Artist Viet Anh attracted attention when he continuously showed off romantic photos with a young, beautiful g.irl. He also shared many statuses about love on his personal page. Many people speculate whether he has found new joy at the age of 70.

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Bui Hoang Viet Anh, after having 24 stitches removed, is still handsome

Khánh Huyền18:36:43 16/03/2024
Fans are worried about Bui Hoang Viet Anh's beauty after the scary lip break. However, the male idol of the Vietnamese team made the audience breathe a sigh of relief after updating his current status.

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Ly Nha Ky announced her foreign boyfriend and immediately spent 10 billion to do a meaningful thing

JLO12:11:52 25/01/2024
Being beautiful, rich and single for a long time, Ly Nha Ky's list of rumored lovers is constantly being extended. However, recently, the actress caused a stir when she announced her foreign boyfriend.

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Viet Anh's ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class

Thanh Phúc06:54:39 25/12/2023
Huong Tran - the ex-wife of actor Viet Anh has just had remarkable shares revolving around her son. She whined and cried to heaven because she was helpless with her son's personality. Her c.hild is even at risk of being kicked out of class in the second semester.

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Viet Anh received great good news in his career after being accused of bad things by his ex-wife, fans 'sobbed' proudly

Trí Nhi15:01:57 01/12/2023
Actor Viet Anh received a certificate of merit that stunned the online community, when awarded by the Ministry of Defense himself. This is a great honor of Viet Anh in his career, even though he has just been noisily accused by his ex-wife.

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Artist Phuong Binh revealed about artist Thanh Thuy when playing the role of an unjust couple

Yaya14:58:33 28/10/2023
The collaboration between two veteran artists Phuong Binh and People's Artist Thanh Thuy is also an important factor contributing to the success of the movie Family Story and bringing excitement.

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Viet Anh reveals private moment with Quynh Nga after saying she is just a friend, fans suspect f.raud

Pinky17:38:32 09/09/2023
Actor Viet Anh and the crocodile lord Quynh Nga continue to have close moves, celebrating private birthdays together, making many people doubt the relationship between the two.

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Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not 'tuesday'

Yaya07:32:59 07/09/2023
After two marriage breakdowns as well as intense denunciations on social media, Viet Anh was tired and let go of the idea of starting a family. In parallel, the actor once clarified all ties with his co-star.

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Viet Anh speaks out about his ex-wife's bad accusations, clarifies dating Quynh Nga, there is enough evidence of innocence

Đức Trí14:33:20 06/09/2023
Actor Viet Anh has just shared officially, about the noise that has lasted for a long time, related to personal family matters. Clarifying her relationship with Quynh Nga, when she was dragged into the market, rumored to be Xiao Tam.

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NS Bao Khuong: Kicked out by pregnant women for fouling Thanh Nga, now has to sell coffee, earn 3 million / month

Minh Lợi16:25:13 26/08/2023
Bao Qiang is a comedian who is familiar to audiences through the small screen, but is rarely remembered by name because of his lack of activity. Recently, the artist revealed that he still does not have a show, has to sell toad coffee, a month earns more than 3 million.

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People's Representative Viet Anh defended Tran Thanh against statement about acting: 'Don't think DV can do it all well'

Yang Mi07:32:08 21/08/2023
The controversy between Tran Thanh and Ngo Thanh Van about the current career views of actors in Vietnam has caused many conflicting opinions. Recently, the People's Committee of Viet Anh has had its own opinion.

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Viet Anh's ex-wife fumed, revealed the divorce contract: Engrossed in the 'little tam' of sick children did not care

Yang Mi10:15:37 12/08/2023
It was thought that after the divorce, the relationship between Viet Anh and his ex-wife was good, but recently, Huong Tran suddenly spoke out about her ex-husband as well as hinted that a third person interfered with her family's happiness.

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Singer Ngoc Ha: clear, plump Northern voice, paired with the once famous Quang Le

Khánh Tự17:22:52 22/07/2023
Ngoc Ha (born in 1980) is known as a famous overseas singer. With a high, clear and full voice, Ngoc Ha soon succeeded in songs with folk and lyrical sounds.

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Viet Hoang: The most handsome actor "Is life still beautiful" was mistaken for HIEUTHUHAI, Van Hau

Hoàng Phúc17:27:36 24/05/2023
With a handsome appearance and efforts, seriously pursuing the profession with passion, I think that Viet Hoang is one of the young faces that will shine on the small screen, becoming the next generation to succeed the company. Hong Dang, Manh Truong, Viet Anh,... Life is still...

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Danh Thai - DV in prison the most in Vietnam: Real life is hard, once suspected of being a criminal, almost couldn't get a wife

Minh Lợi11:44:57 14/05/2023
Danh Thai is an actor of the Tuong Theater but is a familiar face on the small screen. Especially, all of his roles so far have had to "go to jail, get out". Actor "familiar" with the role of prisoners, defendants Danh Thai is known to audiences who love Vietnamese dramas...

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Viet Anh: 13 years without seeing her daughter, now crying with regret, ex-wife accuses fake, exposes her true face

T.P16:07:25 10/05/2023
Actor Viet Anh drew attention with the crying scene, saying he missed his c.hild, regretting that he hadn't seen his face for a long time, and his ex-wife immediately spoke up and denounced falsely, exposing the truth behind the tears. Northern TV god - actor Viet Anh is a face...

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Tran Thanh - People's Artist Viet Anh and the love of teachers and students made Vbiz cry: Defending each other despite

Mộc Trà10:50:32 15/04/2023
In the field of entertainment, the relationship between teachers and students is always a h.ot topic of interest and admiration. For many Vietnamese stars, this relationship is the foundation for them to develop their careers and become famous and achieve much success in the...

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Question Tran Thanh was turned by teacher Viet Anh, the day before he defended, but now he criticizes the lack of consciousness?

Keng10:16:34 28/03/2023
People's Artist Viet Anh continued to attract attention when posting a hidden status line, suspicious of mentioning Tran Thanh - one of the students of NS Viet Anh who was in controversy because of his statement "artist life is difficult to swallow". Accordingly, in recent days...

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Thuy Chi, Le Hieu and A-list stars hold on to music through the night of 'Golden Imprint'

Yaya16:28:36 15/03/2023
In the early morning of March 13, in the pouring rain of Hanoi, thousands of guest musicians at the National Convention Center still seemed to "escape from saying goodbye" to hold on to the musical emotion from the "Golden Imprint". There, top-notch artists such as Ha Anh Tuan...

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Cat Phuong affirmed her relationship with People's Artist Viet Anh after the noise: Stop guessing, we are still brothers

Thanh Phúc11:43:33 14/02/2023
After 2 years of controversy and friction, actress Cat Phuong recently frankly admitted her current relationship with People's Artist Viet Anh, affirming that both are still happy and are colleagues. Returning to the theater stage after many years of absence, actress Cat Phuong...

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Duong Cam Lynh confirmed that he played cards, he was dug back in the past because he was bad at female colleagues because of a man

Hoàng Phúc09:39:58 12/01/2023
Amidst the noise of billions of dollars in debt, Duong Cam Lynh recently continued to have trouble when he was exposed to g.ambling. Accordingly, on social networks, the image of the 8X actress in the casino was spread on social media. When the bad image about private life...

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Minh Hoang "The smell of coriander": Passed Law School but fell in love with the acting profession, now living in seclusion

Hoàng Phúc16:42:34 10/01/2023
Artist Minh Hoang is known for many roles in TV series and once "stormed" at theater stages. However, at the present time due to the age and many new art forms being developed, the previous stages are criticized for being obsolete and the artists are gradually being eliminated...

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