Viet Anh and Quynh Nga are suspected of living in the same house through suspicious details?

Hậu HậuSep 18, 2021 at 16:21

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Recently, the audience noticed and commented passionately when the actor Viet Anh posted a photo of only wearing an apron while cooking. Soon after, some netizens quickly discovered something strange, the kitchen that Viet Anh was taking pictures of was identical to the kitchen space that "crocodile queen" Quynh Nga had shown before.

Viet Anh and Quynh Nga are suspected of living in the same house through suspicious details? - Photo 1

In the two photos of the actor duo, the kitchen cabinets are all white, have the same design, the kitchen walls are green, even the corner of the kitchen and the hood in the kitchen are identical. All of the above coincidences have made many people question that Viet Anh and Quynh Nga are living in the same house. Rumors of Quynh Nga and Viet Anh have been around since 2019. The actor couple not only works well together on film, but also regularly appears together, plays in the same group of close friends and often interacts. On social networks, the audience commented that they were "hearing" each other.

Viet Anh and Quynh Nga are suspected of living in the same house through suspicious details? - Photo 2

Not long ago on Quynh Nga's personal page, she once shared a new picture of herself on a vacation with the phrase "drop hearing": Call me instant noodles, because I want to... Fill in the blanks. As soon as the picture was shared, many friends immediately "dropped their hearts" and left comments to chat with her. People's Artist Cong Ly, young actress Bao Han... Also quick to comment.

The most interested fan is probably the comment of actor Viet Anh when he commented: "My brother went to rent a photo to go on vacation, it's amazing". She also quickly replied: "photo is to take your armpit anywhere", Viet Anh replied somewhat sulkily: "This photo guy is so good". For a long time, Quynh Nga has been famous for her extremely "genuine" b.ody. She also revealed that she is very passionate about exercising, so her standard b.ody does not have any excess fat. Most of her free time, Quynh Nga spends her time in the gym, and she even has a gym.

Viet Anh and Quynh Nga are suspected of living in the same house through suspicious details? - Photo 3

It can be seen that Viet Anh and Quynh Nga work very hard to interact with each other on social networks. Before that, the actor won a prize of 60 million dong in the program Who Wants to be a Millionaire. After the broadcast, Viet Anh suddenly shared that 60 million dong of the bonus will be for supporting the COVID-19 vaccine fund. Viet Anh proudly shared that: "It just looks like a smile, but actually the chair is soaked with stress, everyone. It doesn't matter how much m.oney you get, it doesn't matter how many questions you can answer. It's important to have have the opportunity to donate another 60 million to the government's COVID vaccine fund. Hope everyone has a good evening."

Immediately, Viet Anh's close friends immediately went to share the joy with the actor. In particular, the comment from Quynh Nga attracted the most attention. The actress praised Viet Anh for being good, and at the same time expressed her pride. After that, MC Thai Dung immediately mentioned that Viet Anh was considered for the title of Meritorious Artist. Thai Dung commented: "Excellent artists are also different, but my brother".

Viet Anh and Quynh Nga are suspected of living in the same house through suspicious details? - Photo 4

Viet Anh, born in 1981, is an artist who is familiar with television audiences through many famous films. The roles that left a deep impression on him include Cao Thanh Lam of the movie Run the Sentence, Phan Hai of the movie The Judge, Mai Hong Vu of the movie Life and D.eath. Viet Anh has also won many major awards in his career such as: Film - Television Actor of the Golden Mai A.ward 2008, Best Actor at the 35th National Television Festival, Leading Actor television at the 2015 Golden Kite A.ward, Best Actor at the National Television Festival 2020.

Previously, the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports announced the results of consideration for the 10th grassroots level People's Artist and Meritorious Artist titles in 2021. Viet Anh received 100% of the a.ward. the number of votes of consent from the members of the grassroots council for the title of Meritorious Artist. When the information that Viet Anh received the title of Meritorious Artist was announced, many people expressed skepticism, because Viet Anh had been entangled in many scandals related to love and plastic surgery. Currently, the relationship of Viet Anh and Quynh Nga is still a mystery, both of them do not acknowledge dating rumors but insist that they are just close brothers.

Viet Anh and Quynh Nga are suspected of living in the same house through suspicious details? - Photo 5

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