Viet Anh's ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class

Thanh PhúcDec 25, 2023 at 06:54

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Huong Tran - the ex-wife of actor Viet Anh has just had remarkable shares revolving around her son. She whined and cried to heaven because she was helpless with her son's personality. Her c.hild is even at risk of being kicked out of class in the second semester.

Recently, the lives of actor Viet Anh and his ex-wife Huong Tran have received a lot of public attention. After the two divorced, their son Dau (6 years old this year) lived with his mother. Huong Tran repeatedly confided that she had difficulty taking care of her children alone.

Recently on her personal page, Viet Anh's ex-wife attracted attention when she complained about her son being naughty, causing her to constantly be invited by his parents. Children are even warned by their teachers about their academic performance. Specifically, Huong Tran wrote: "Who is depressed because their c.hild is misbehaving? The 3rd time going to the meeting, the 2nd term is not progressing, please leave the class."

Viet Anhs ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class - Photo 1

After posting, the beauty's confession quickly received countless interactions. Many mothers expressed their sympathy for Huong Tran because they were "in the same situation". Some notable comments: "You're not alone", "If your c.hild is hyperactive, it's hard to concentrate", "A common problem for many mothers", "Try your best, each journey your c.hild grows at a different stage." The part is that I always witness",...

Accordingly, actor Viet Anh's son just entered 1st grade this year. Not long ago, Huong Tran confided that she felt more pressured from the day her son went to school. The beauty encountered many difficulties when teaching Dau herself. She plans to hire a private tutor to tutor her when her c.hild enters 2nd grade.

Viet Anhs ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class - Photo 2

She said: "Since my c.hild was in first grade, every night I no longer go out to play or have dinner with friends because after teaching, I no longer care for anything in the world. Suddenly every night there is pressure. Truly, the love between mother and c.hild is broken. Teach the word tree to read the word grass, the word green to read the word smooth."

Previously, Viet Anh and Huong Tran got married in 2016 after 4 years of love. In 2019, the two announced their divorce after sharing a son, Dau. Recently, Huong Tran focused on taking care of b.aby Dau's life. At the age of 6, Viet Anh's son was commented that his appearance became brighter and more handsome, just like his father. As for Viet Anh, he is busy with his filming schedule. He visits his children every time he has free time.

Viet Anhs ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class - Photo 3

Even though his parents have not lived together for many years, b.aby Dau still receives full love from his family. Accordingly, Viet Anh and Huong Tran reunited after the divorce and celebrated their son's birthday together.

Once praised as a civilized couple, but last August 2023, Viet Anh and Huong Tran got into a noisy "fighting" back and forth. Accordingly, the actor's ex-wife "accused" her ex-husband of not asking about their children or providing 1 dong. As for Viet Anh, he affirmed that each month he fully provides 50 million VND. Of which 20 million is for Dau's living expenses, 15 million is for rent for mother and c.hild, and the remaining m.oney is tuition and other miscellaneous m.oney.

Viet Anhs ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class - Photo 4

Notably, Viet Anh said he was forbidden by his ex-wife to see little Dau because of disagreements in raising the c.hild. Accordingly, Viet Anh wants her c.hild to attend primary school at a famous public school near her grandmother's house to practice independence from a young age and also to make it convenient for her grandmother to pick her up and take care of her. Meanwhile, the ex-wife insisted that the c.hild go to an international school.

Viet Anhs ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class - Photo 5

"When I insisted on not agreeing, Huong said that I regretted the m.oney and refused to increase the allowance, so that's why I did it. If I regretted the m.oney, I wouldn't have let Dau go to kindergarten at an international school. I think going to school far away That means she has to wake up early, come home later, and have to take the school bus to pick her up. Even though I analyzed the good points for her, Huong still brushed it off and forbade both me and my mother from seeing Dau. Because of her. He didn't let me and my mother meet Dau, blocked all means of communication, so I stopped providing support since March this year and gave me the condition that I should be able to see my c.hild," Viet Anh previously shared.

Viet Anhs ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class - Photo 6

After the uproar, both Viet Anh and Huong Tran deleted their "denial" posts. To date, the two no longer talk about each other on social networks. Viet Anh did not share more about resolving conflicts with his ex-wife. As for Huong Tran, she regularly updates her life with her son.

Viet Anhs ex-wife cried out for her son, was constantly invited to parents, and was at risk of being kicked out of class - Photo 7

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