Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection

Minh NgọcApr 05, 2024 at 15:50

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It seems that although there is no voice about the dating rumors, Viet Anh has quietly affirmed the special relationship with junior Quynh Kool through close images, not hesitating to wear romantic couples.

For hours, netizens chattered when they found more evidence that Viet Anh and Quynh Kool were dating.

Earlier, Quynh Kool was caught by netizens eating separately with B Tran, sparking dating rumors. However, after piecing together many facts, the audience assumed that the two were just close colleagues.

Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection - Photo 1

Moreover, Quynh Kool and B Tran also denied being in love. The two said that due to advertising collaborations, they often appear together a lot. It did not arise male and female feelings as many people speculated.

Until recently, netizens are gradually "spinning" when finding a series of evidence that the person Quynh Kool is dating is not B Tran but Viet Anh. Accordingly, the rumor stems from the fact that the owner himself shared the moment the two wore extremely casual doubles on their personal pages.

Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection - Photo 2

Although the 2 actors have not denied or corrected the rumors, netizens everywhere have raised many theories about the relationship of the two. Recently, netizens continue to see the dating evidence of Quynh Kool and her senior, through the post of a close colleague.

Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection - Photo 3

After that, fans continued to see Quynh Kool and Viet Anh's dating evidence, through a post by a close colleague. Specifically, in recent days, the two and their close friends include: La Thanh Huyen, Quynh Nga, B Tran, Thanh Van Hugo,... had interesting travel in China.

On the morning of April 5, the "diamond queen" Lü Thanh Huyen attracted attention when "discharging" a series of photos of the group dressed in traditional costumes of your country. Throughout the photo, people observantly discovered that Quynh Kool and Viet Anh were "sticking together like sam", always standing next to each other. More notably, the traditional outfits the two wore had the same black-brown tone, looking identical to the doubles, while other colleagues opted for bright yellow and pink. The accessories the couple used were identical.

On online forums, after stringing together the above evidence, the audience became more and more sure to "row" Viet Anh and Quynh Kool. Many people assert that, the couple is indeed dating, Vbiz is about to have big good news. However, many people feel that it is not a big deal, 2 close friends wearing the same clothes is very normal. Currently, the new photo series of the cult star cast "VTV universe" is still receiving great attention.

Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection - Photo 4

Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection - Photo 5

Before that, the two repeatedly interacted closely with each other on social media. Specifically, when Quynh Kool opened up about her special lover, Viet Anh happily left a comment r.evealing that she knew the identity of that person, clearly showing the closeness of the two. Netizens later learned that it was B Tran because the two had a collaboration in We of 8 Years Later.

However, it can be seen that Quynh Kool and Viet Anh have had a close friendship for a long time, so it is inevitable that they will act intimately with each other. Although they may not be dating, Quynh Kool and Viet Anh's feelings for each other are very sincere.

After the success of We of 8 years later, Quynh Kool gives herself time to rest and have fun with friends.

Currently, people are still very interested in dating rumors of Quynh Kool and Viet Anh.

Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection - Photo 6

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