Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hai's wedding, how much the people argued

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Striker Nguyen Van Toan is 1 of the close friends appearing at the wedding of midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai. The former HAGL star revealed the wedding celebration amount, causing people to talk.

Accordingly, in the evening of April 6, the wedding of Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen was held at a 5-star hotel in Hanoi with the presence of a large number of guests. After the wedding ceremony in their hometown with guests up to a thousand people, Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen held a party in Hanoi to entertain friends and colleagues who are famous and close to the couple.

Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hais wedding, how much the people argued - Photo 1

Unlike the grandeur of the wedding theater with an area of nearly 2,000m2 on March 28, this wedding party was held cozy, private and decorated in an elegant and elegant style. The entire space is filled with fresh flowers and up to 80% is imported directly from abroad.

In addition, the dresscode in the Quang Hai wedding ceremony at the hotel has 3 colors navy, beige and gray. Besides, weddings stipulate that guests do not smoke. The party takes place from 17h30 to 22h on April 6, of which 18h starts the party, celebrates the wedding, then the game show and "after party" - fun party with friends after the wedding.

Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hais wedding, how much the people argued - Photo 2

Participating in the wedding of Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen are famous faces such as: Bao Han, Doan Hai My, Van Thanh, Van Toan, Thanh Chung, Tien Linh, Duc Huy, Do Duy Manh and his wife, Van Lam, Thanh Binh, Ho Tan Tai, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Hoa Minzy....

In particular, Van Toan's appearance at the wedding of Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen was of great interest to the audience. Van Toan with a dashing and elegant appearance came to congratulate his colleagues

Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hais wedding, how much the people argued - Photo 3

At the wedding hall, Van Toan recorded a wedding gift for Quang Hai and his wife. The wedding celebration m.oney of the players' association was also revealed, Van Toan dropped the wedding envelope with the amount of 7 million VND. Some netizens think that with the position and closeness of 2 people in the football village, this number is quite modest. However, there are also many defenders, saying that 7 million is a large number, many times more than the amount of wedding celebrations of ordinary couples.

In addition, Quang Hai asked Van Toan to write invitations for VIP guests to attend weddings at 5-star hotels.

Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hais wedding, how much the people argued - Photo 4

At the party, Van Toan also shared: "Quang Hai and I have been very charmed with each other since childhood. Me and Hai were born on the same day in the same month, just different years. But if I had the same year, I might not have had the opportunity to get to know Hai and stick with me until now. The brothers spent their childhood together, participating in children's soccer tournaments from childhood and seeing each other many times. Until each person competes in one place, meeting each other again always feels close.

When we both debuted at all levels of the Vietnamese team, I always felt very happy and proud. I still remember the first time I went abroad with Quang Hai to compete in a friendly tournament in Japan, the two brothers held hands walking on a famous road there, took a lot of photos, had many good memories there.

For me, Quang Hai is a very mature person who always thinks before doing everything. This is Hai's special day, finally the happiest day of your life has come, I congratulate you and hope you will always preserve the happiness of your family."

Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hais wedding, how much the people argued - Photo 5

Finally, it was also Van Toan who led the story on behalf of helping Quang Hai and Thanh Huyen r.eveal to wedding guests the happy news of having a b.aby boy. They will both welcome their first c.hild this year."

Quang Hai and Zhou Qinghuyen had 3 years of secret dating before returning to the same house. The couple celebrated on January 1, receiving a marriage certificate on February 7 just before Tet.

Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hais wedding, how much the people argued - Photo 6

Nguyen Quang Hai (SN 1997) currently plays for Hanoi Police Club in V.League 1 and Vietnam national football team. He received the title of Vietnam Golden Ball in 2018.

Zhou Qingxuan (SN 2000) has a large following on social media. She is a freelance cosmetics business.

Van Toan revealed the amount of m.oney to celebrate Quang Hais wedding, how much the people argued - Photo 7

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