Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the "palace" to pair up with a more famous male star, isn't that harsh?

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At the present time, Yangtze is considered the most sought-after name in Cbiz. A series of new film resources also actively seek out the little flower, even her co-star also leaves her spoilt for choice.

It can be said that thanks to the fever of "Xiangtu School" recently, the position of Xiao Hua in the 90s in particular and the Chinese-language entertainment industry in general has been strengthened and strengthened. Because of that, she has become the first choice of many filmmakers today.

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 1

After "Xiangzi School" Part 1 wrapped up and Yangtze's recent film "Cheng Huanji" was in the process of filming, it is very likely that Xiao Yao will join the crew of "National Color of Fanghua", which is scheduled to open in December.

Many viewers strongly supported Yangtze to participate in this project because this is her new opportunity in the drama project. Besides, fans also chose the male lead names to pair with Xiao Hua, none other than Deng Vi, Zhang Wanyi and Dan Jian. Because they hope the actress will reunite with 1 of the 3 male stars in this project after "Xiangtu School".

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 2

However, apart from the female lead role that is almost firmly in Yangtze's hands, the male lead of "National Color of Fanghua" is still not 100% determined. It was reported that the film crew was approaching a familiar "95-year-old" – Chen Xinghuc.

Most netizens suggested that if the male lead of the Eastern Palace nodded in agreement, the Yangtze - Chen Xinghuo combination would not be a bad choice. Regardless of age or position, this guy has a relatively versatile acting ability, graduated from regular school and weighs many types of roles.

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 3

Not to say far, Chen Xinghuo's performance in the historical drama "Eastern Palace" and "Tinh Lac Cease Thanh Tang" was enough to prove how solid the star born in 1995 is. Therefore, when they heard that he was likely to join Yang Zi in the new project, many fans were waiting for the official announcement from the "National Color of Fanghua" film crew to confirm that this is true.

According to the source, "Quoc Sac Phuong Hoa" is a film adapted from the novel of the same name by author Y Thien Trong, led by Hoa Book of Pictures and helmed by director Dinh Tu Quang (who made the success of Take the Name of the Family, The Next Station of Happiness, Go where it's windy...).

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 4

This is a large-scale inspirational work with ancient costumes, about the heroine He Weifang, the daughter of a businessman, who wants to escape a commercial marriage, decides to leave home and go to Beijing alone. In this place, she began to grow peonies and lead a group of women with a difficult fate, supporting Chiang Changyang (the male protagonist) against the reactionary forces of the Prince, joining hands to protect her homeland and country.

In another development, Yang Zi is the leader of the summer historical drama ranking, surpassing both Zhu Li and Yang Transcendent. After summer ended, all three films "Changxiangxiu", "An Lac Story" and "Seven Lucky Lifetimes" were once again mentioned by the audience.

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 5

In particular, Yangtze is the most mentioned name in the summer movie season thanks to the unexpected success of "Xiangtu School". Moreover, the role of Xiao Yao also partly helped strengthen her acting ability and brought her name up on many movie charts.

Season 1 of "Xiangtu School" aired also continuously received a "rain" of admirable achievements, again recognized by CCTV8 as the most popular Chinese-language historical drama of summer 2023. According to Van Hop and Fierce Van, the film reached 100 million views per day. And on the Tencent platform, it reached the highest temperature of 33,144, ranking Top 1 in 2023 and Top 2 in Tencent history (after 10 days on the air).

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 6

Not stopping there, Vlinkage's highest index of "Xiangtu School" reached 91.08 (there were 8 breaks of 90), the character Xiao Yao/Wen Xiaolu (Yangtze) was 9.34 (there were 16 breaks of 9.3).

In addition, the highest Datawin also reached 2,717 (25 breaks 2.5). On Douban, the film scored 7.6 points with 173,000 reviews, the highest Baidu search index reached 1.026 billion. The topic "Xiangtu School" on Weibo reached 28.45 billion views and 61.769 million discussions.

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 7

At this time, fans are extremely waiting for the announcement from the film crew about the broadcast schedule of season 2 of "Xiangtu School" to see Xiao Yao and Do Shanjing resolve all misunderstandings and get back together.

Yang Zi threw Deng Wei into the palace to pair up with a more famous male star, isnt that harsh? - Photo 8

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