Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more "genuine" than Yangtze?

Hoa TuyếtSep 12, 2023 at 07:56

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After a long time shining alongside the main cast, it was recently reported that Dang Vi is likely to own the first lead role in his career, starring alongside Huong Ham Chi.

Since his success at the "Xiangtu School", Deng Wei's name has flashed brighter than ever, even more famous than Yang Zi and his peers. This is considered an important turning point to help the actor's acting career develop to a new page. It was also thanks to the role of Do Son Canh in the film that brought him closer to the audience.

Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more genuine than Yangtze? - Photo 1

It is because of his love for Dang Vi that fans are especially interested in information related to him. Many fans were extremely surprised, knowing that the actor Truong Xiangtu has never held a leading role in his hands despite possessing good acting ability and outstanding beauty. Currently, he is still on the set of "Van Tu Hanh" as the supporting male role of Tra Soc Tuan.

With all that Deng Vi has put in all this time, it may be time for him to be entrusted with the lead role of a certain project. Without letting fans wait any longer, according to a source on Weibo, in the near future, it is likely that this guy will take on the male lead role in the historical drama "Fairy Dai Huu Shu". This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by author C.razy Upper Family.

Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more genuine than Yangtze? - Photo 2

The heroine of the film is Xiao Hua born in 2002 - Huong Ham Chi. She once caused a storm when she was paired with Wang Anyu in the school garden youth "Hundred Years of Harmony, Wishing for a Lifetime".

The role of Xia Linxi as a "genius girl" portrayed by Xia Hamzhi has become a goddess of youth in the hearts of many viewers with a pure, pure, and intellectual appearance.

Notably, Huong Ham Chi is Chinese-American, born and raised in a family with exceptionally well-off economic conditions. Therefore, her parents were very supportive of her pursuing her passion for art.

Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more genuine than Yangtze? - Photo 3

Although the cooperation information of the talented couple is just a speculation, if Dang Vi really should be charmed with Huong Ham Chi in "Tien Dai Huu Thu", this will be the x2 visual couple that the audience especially expects in the coming time. Because what they want to see most is their sweet interactions on the small screen.

"Tien Dai Huu Thu" will be helmed by director Doan Dao (the man behind the success of Liu Li My S.laughter and Chang Fengfeng) and screenwriter Liu Fang (the factor contributing to the resonance of the Great Hall of Glory, Lien Hua Lou).

In addition, taking on the role of the film's creator will be played by Yi Xiaoyi – a familiar face who has achieved success in works such as Shang Lan Quyet, Seven Lives of Cat Tuong, Ho Love Xiao Hong Nuong and Van Tu Hanh.

Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more genuine than Yangtze? - Photo 4

Not only receiving good news in the film segment but also the commercial segment, Dang Vi also had a significant breakthrough. Accordingly, the Chinese magazine Madame Figaro Hommes has just announced the male beauty Chang Xiangxiu as the cover face for the important publication in September.

At noon on 9/11, the issue of Madame Figaro Hommes magazine covered by Dang Vi was officially opened for sale on the online system with 3 cover versions. According to sales records, after only 5 minutes of opening, Madame Figaro Hommes magazine has sold 35,000 copies, after half an hour of selling 160,000 copies, and reached 200,000 copies after 5 hours of release (as of 17h).

Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more genuine than Yangtze? - Photo 5

A magazine costs 45 yuan (about 150,000 VND). Thus, Dang Vi helped Madame Figaro Hommes earn 9 million yuan (about 29.7 billion VND). This is an impressive and surprising number, because the actor is a relatively new face to attention thanks to the movie "Xiangtu School". This also partly proves how strong the attraction of Do Son Canh is.

At the moment, Deng Wei has just over 4.6 million followers on Weibo, a relatively low number compared to Cbiz's traffic actors, but his magazine sales far outstrip them. Even Yangtze, the hottest actor of "Xiangzi School," has never sold so many magazines.

Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more genuine than Yangtze? - Photo 6

It can be seen that Dang Vi has initially succeeded in attracting himself a hard fan base and spending. The "talking" figure of the magazine's revenue also helped the actor pave the way for future fashion and brand resources. It is known that the clothes he wears on the cover of the magazine come from the world's leading luxury brands such as Dior, Rahul Mishra, Giambattista Valli ...

Another good sign for both Deng Wei and Yangtze and the cast is that "Xiangtu School" part 2 has just applied for a release license, which is likely to have the opportunity to air later this year.

Deng Wei officially has a new mistress, a muse from the West, more genuine than Yangtze? - Photo 7

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