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Duong Mich took the spotlight at the Screaming Night, "feverishly" beautiful at the age of U40

Phong Trần21:02:30 26/11/2023
Duong Mich appeared at the Screaming Night event with a beautiful appearance, worthy of being called an ageless beauty. Her youthful face, bright white skin, and harmonious outfit and makeup, took the spotlight from a series of famous guests.

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Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized

Hoa Tuyết09:36:31 22/11/2023
Recently, the online community was stirred by the news that Bach Loc was in love with a man 8 years younger than him. The other person is said to have the same appearance as La Van Hi and Truong Lang Hach.

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Bach Loc's separation from La Van Hi is stormy, constantly "touched" by co-stars, fans ask to break up with boyfriend

Tuyết Ngọc10:40:00 20/11/2023
The online community asked Bach Loc to reunite with La Van Hi because her new boyfriend was caught up in controversy. Many opinions say that even though the handsome La man has a slightly thin b.ody, he still has advantages that surpass the other person.

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Bach Loc "carried" Truong Lang Hach too much and immediately received the bitter result of being turned away by Vuong Hac De's fans.

Hướng Dương07:06:37 10/11/2023
Currently, Bach Loc is a rare flower g.irl with two film projects airing at the same time; In the historical set she collaborated with rumored boyfriend Truong Lang Hach and in the modern set she was paired with handsome man Vuong Hac De.

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Bach Loc's harm to Ngu Thu Han was fiercely criticized by netizens, but she still blatantly welcomed the good news with her boyfriend

Hướng Dương06:50:47 09/11/2023
Ngu Thu Han and Bach Loc just had dinner together, but the little flower born in 1995 was ridiculed for her strange actions. Many people even said that she pretended to act when she was with her seniors.

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Bai Lu was criticized for "plastering" all the brands on his b.ody as usual, and he suddenly shouted Yang Mu's name

Hoa Tuyết10:36:42 07/11/2023
Di Ai Wei, starring Bai Loc and Wang He, has just aired, and immediately entered the h.ot search platforms. Another film by the 29-year-old actress is also coming to audiences.

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Lu Duc Hieu: Ngu Thu Han's "enemy" in Van Chi Vu, her outstanding beauty overshadows the female lead

Bình Minh16:56:45 26/10/2023
Luu Duc Hieu has an extremely beautiful appearance, suitable for traditional costumes, causing many female leads to be overshadowed when filming together. Recently, the little flower g.irl caused a stir when she appeared in the work Van Chi Vu.

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Tieu Chien - Vuong Nhat Bac kept arguing with each other, and now they even lost to their unpopular juniors in just one night.

Bảo Tiên10:06:07 21/10/2023
In recent days, the busiest people are probably the fans of the Chien - Uncle couple when fans of the two families constantly compete with each other. Recently, a little-known student had the opportunity to take on two top hits, causing netizens to stir.

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Tran Triet Vien took action to "punish" anti-fans, and Bach Loc's boyfriend suddenly received complaints

Tuyết Ngọc15:18:56 18/10/2023
Having been criticized for his appearance being too scholarly and unsuitable for the male lead role in The White Olive Tree, Tran Triet Vien decided to take revenge with a series of photos showing off his military appearance that made netizens go c.razy.

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Cbiz actor pays dearly for "non-standard" actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage!

Bảo Tiên14:47:00 07/10/2023
The actor now pays a heavy price for his actions as he is constantly battered and smeared badly by netizens. Many comments claim that he is trying to earn fame from Thai female idols.

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Bach Loc was blatantly "overtaken" by Truong Lang Hach and publicly dated to hide his past mistakes.

Hoa Tuyết14:42:17 29/09/2023
Hiding and hiding all this time, the day has finally come when Bach Loc and Truong Lang Hach publicly dated in Europe. Fans of both families are overjoyed because they are about to have a grand wedding.

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Bach Loc was "bored" in love with Truong Lang Hach, now back with La Van Hi, secretly hinting publicly

Nguyễn Kim13:52:46 29/09/2023
As one of Cbiz's brightest little flowers, in addition to his career, Bach Loc's personal life is always in the sights of netizens. Recently, people suspected that she was dating La Van Hi after being co-stars together many times.

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There was a stir in the photo of a female fan taken with Truong Lang Hach on the streets of Paris, looking just like a lover

Tuyết Ngọc17:21:14 27/09/2023
Recently, the online community was excited when they witnessed Truong Lang Hach exploding the feeling of being the national boyfriend in photos of fans and passersby in Paris (France).

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Bach Loc's boyfriend brutally "crushed" Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time

Bình Minh17:10:03 23/09/2023
At the present time, the majority of audiences believe that, even Tieu Chien or Vuong Nhat Bac are unlikely to remake this handsome guy in the Chinese drama race.

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Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach had their lovemaking photos released amid the dating noise, their intimate actions made fans blush

An Nhi09:39:40 22/09/2023
Once caught up in rumors of fake love movies, Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach has always been a topic of discussion among netizens. Recently, the moment the two kissed passionately caused a stir in the fan community and was widely shared.

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Not long after Vuong Nhat Bac received the "good news", Bach Loc's boyfriend's name was called, what's going on?

Bình Minh08:02:42 21/09/2023
Vuong Nhat Bac just received unexpected good news, making his fans restless. This is considered a remarkable achievement that not everyone can achieve, especially young actors.

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Ngu Thu Han was embraced by directors, her salary was controversial because of the "far behind" difference with her co-stars.

Gia Hoàng15:46:53 19/09/2023
On Chinese forums, there is a fierce wave of controversy when the salary of the great lady Ngu Thu Han was revealed. The difference between them and their co-stars made screen fans fall back.

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Bach Loc plans to "go home" with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hach's fans strongly object?

Hoa Tuyết07:35:16 18/09/2023
The two collaborations were both successful, obviously Bach Loc still wants to continue filming with La Van Hi. Recently, she revealed that she hopes to play a villain if she reunites with actor La.

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Bach Loc - La Van Hi revealed evidence of dating for a long time, fans were happy like they were at a festival waiting for the day the couple would return home together.

Snow07:43:52 15/09/2023
In recent years, Bach Loc and La Van Hi have been known as one of the most beautiful couples on Chinese screens, both in movies and in real life. However, neither of them has ever spoken out about dating.

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Chi Pu is about to "date" her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of "pet chicken" Yu Zheng?

Nguyễn Tuyết13:42:52 14/09/2023
Netizens from 2 countries were shocked by the news that Chi Pu and Zhang Ling Hao suddenly dated. How will Bai Loc's fans react to this news?

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"Wei Anh Lac" had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne

Bình Minh07:53:32 14/09/2023
It cannot be denied that Bach Loc is currently the brightest star with the best resources under Vu Chinh, surpassing even his senior Wei Anh Lac Ngo Can Ngon.

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Bai Loc and Zhang Ling Hao publicly celebrated their 1-year anniversary together, determined not to break up despite being prevented by the accused?

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:09:38 12/09/2023
The love story of Bai Loc and Truong Ling Hach since being exposed on social networks has always received special attention from netizens and consumed a lot of media ink.

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Tian Jiashui entered the profession of saying exactly 2 famous words, "old love" Bai Loc also greeted with embarrassment

Nguyễn Tuyết07:53:47 11/09/2023
This new male beauty surprised many netizens when they learned that Van Chi Vu was the first movie that he participated in, the 2nd series he is filming is also very interested by fans.

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Bai Lu met the "82nd tribulation" and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star

Tuyết Ngọc17:12:46 05/09/2023
According to the updated information, many people think that it seems that Ngu Shuhan is the reason why Bai Loc's drama "Ninh An Like a Dream" could not air as planned.

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