Bach Loc has just "closed the order" Ninh An Nhu Mong has been given the victory over Duong Tu's film

An NhiMay 07, 2022 at 21:20

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Two new film projects of Bach Loc and Duong Tu are being compared by netizens.

Ninh An Nhu Mong, starring Bach Loc, is currently the film that the audience is looking forward to until the start of filming. However, even before filming, the film has been compared by the audience with another film in the filming stage of Yangtze, Truong Tuong Tu.

Accordingly, the audience discovered similarities between the lineup of Ninh An Nhu Mong and Truong Tuong Tu. Both of them have a lineup of people with a flow combined with three beautiful old men like flowers, the future cannot avoid the situation of fighting for beauty. Many viewers evaluated that, whether in terms of popularity or beauty, Truong Tuong Tu also seemed to prevail over Ninh An Nhu Mong.

Bach Loc has just "closed the order" Ninh An Nhu Mong has been given the victory over Duong Tu's film - Photo 1

According to the information that has been confirmed by the two film crews, Truong Tuong Tu will have the participation of actors Duong Tu, Truong Van Y, Dang Vi, and Dan Kien Thu. Meanwhile, Ninh An Nhu Mong will be played by Bach Loc, Truong Lang Hac, Vuong Tinh Viet, and Chu Tuan Vi.

The female lead Ninh An Nhu Mong Bach Loc, although emerging quickly in recent times, has not yet surpassed Duong Tu in terms of reputation. While the male cast of Ninh An Nhu Mong was judged to be less popular when new faces appeared.

However, Ninh An Nhu Mong's original work, Khon Ninh, is highly appreciated in terms of content, even expected to overwhelm Truong Tuong Tu in terms of attractiveness when it airs. Although there is no famous cast, but with an attractive script, Ninh An Nhu Mong is still expected by the audience to make a story against a strong opponent like Truong Tuong Tu.

Bach Loc has just "closed the order" Ninh An Nhu Mong has been given the victory over Duong Tu's film - Photo 2

Although the s.hooting has not been started, being compared with another film proves that Ninh An Nhu Mong is still receiving the attention of the audience.

It is known that Ninh An Nhu Mong project is adapted from the novel Khon Ninh by author Thoi Kinh. The original film tells about Khuong Tuyet Ninh, who was originally a lonely person without support, but then because of her own protection, and because of her greed, she defied all means to gain power. , using hundreds of thousands of strategies to get the queen's chair, but also because of that, he rejected so many sincere hearts, turning his face to his young maidservant.

Bach Loc has just "closed the order" Ninh An Nhu Mong has been given the victory over Duong Tu's film - Photo 3

After that, Ta Nguy, who was once grateful to save her life, was f.orced to abdicate, the dynasty collapsed, the emperor also died. And Truong Gia, the upright military man she really cared about, was also imprisoned because of her. Fortunately, she has the opportunity to live again, must be dignified, no longer in debt.

The film Ninh An like a dream is directed by director Chau Nhue Bin, the s.hooting time is expected to be 135 days and will start filming in the second quarter of 2022.

About Yangtze's Love School, the film is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Tong Hua, in the ancient genre. The film is a story revolving around the character Tieu Yeu. Suffering from the pain of losing her mother and leaving her father at a very young age, Tieu Yao was lost in the human world, suffering through many tribulations, always afraid of being alone, afraid of others abandoning her. The beauty in her b.ody allows her to change her shape at will, but even her true form, she can't change it, because she has almost forgotten what she really looks like.

Bach Loc has just "closed the order" Ninh An Nhu Mong has been given the victory over Duong Tu's film - Photo 4

Tieu Yeu rarely trusts people, and easily let go of any love if it makes her feel even a little nervous. Tieu Yao doesn't need authority, doesn't need m.oney, she just needs to find someone to chat with her every day, enjoy flowers, eat duck necks and chicken feet. So in the end, Tieu Yeu chose for herself the most suitable person of all, that person in her eyes alone, considered her the whole world, dared to give up everything just to be with her for the rest of her life. .

Although the original is famous and loved, the cast is also famous for its well-regarded acting, but many viewers are afraid that Truong Tuong Tu will become a "bomb".

Bach Loc has just "closed the order" Ninh An Nhu Mong has been given the victory over Duong Tu's film - Photo 5

The reason is that the context of Tuong Tu Tu School in the novel is massive and very detailed, which can make it difficult to reconstruct on screen. Some of Dong Hoa's novels, although very good in the original, turned into a disaster when they turned into a movie because the context and effects were too alum, like Upper Ancient Love Song adapted from Each Vow.

In addition, the cast and character division of the film Truong Tuong Tuong is bewildering for readers who have read through the original because the difference is quite large. However, the film's success or not is still not accurately assessed. Now, fans can only wait for the movie to officially air.

Bach Loc has just "closed the order" Ninh An Nhu Mong has been given the victory over Duong Tu's film - Photo 6

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