Cbiz actor pays dearly for "non-standard" actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage!

Bảo TiênOct 07, 2023 at 14:47

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The actor now pays a heavy price for his actions as he is constantly battered and smeared badly by netizens. Many comments claim that he is trying to earn fame from Thai female idols.

Most recently, Sun Shen Thuan - the handsome actor who played Kim Fan in Van Chi Vu continued to be scolded by netizens when acting related to Lisa.

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 1

Specifically, Sun Shen Thuan pressed the heart of extremely h.ot images of Lisa during the performance at C.razy House. It is known that this is a series of photos uploaded by the youngest BLACKPINK brother on his personal page and received many mixed comments from netizens around the world.

After discovering Sun Shenshuan's heart-dropping action, a section of netizens spared no words to criticize the actor. There are even suggestions that he does not know moderation: "What are you doing?", "Don't you know there is a problem with those photos? Let's 'go' him away"... In the face of netizen's wave of criticism, Sun Shenshun has yet to give an official response.

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 2

In recent days, public opinion has been "aroused" by Lisa (BLACKPINK) performing at the sensitive stripper nightclub C.razy Horse. Keywords related to Lisa and C.razy Horse nightclub climbed to Top 1 global trends. This keyword also ranks No. 1 in many countries such as Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia ...

The fact that Sun Shen Shun likes the "unethical" photos of Lisa (BLACKPINK) is said to be agreeing with what the female idol has done in the past days, however, in the market he is operating, it is a prohibition.

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 3

Many netizens flooded the posts and left comments implying that Sun Shen Shun was bored of being a "faint man", so he had to "take a risk" to hope to win the spotlight. But with this move, I am afraid that in the near future, even the supporting role of Sun Shen Shun will be difficult to get.

Sun Shenshuan, born in 1996, is a relatively new face of the Chinese-language screen. He participated in a number of small film projects before becoming better known to the audience for his role as the handsome bodyguard Kim Fan in Van Chi Vu. This is one of the works that has received great attention of netizens recently with the participation of Ngu Shuhan, Truong Ling Hach, Lu Xue Xiao, Thua Lei ...

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 4

In Cbiz, 2 popular female stars, Angela B.aby, Zhang Gia Ni also became the object of heavy criticism by Chinese netizens when attending this show.

According to those who attended the concert at the nightclub, Lisa appeared in 6 performances showing off her dancing skills. Attendees of the live show commented that Lisa performed with great confidence and knew how to get the audience excited.

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 5

Lisa's performance at C.razy Horse Paris caused controversy on social media. Because this is a nightclub famous for its sensational, h.ot striptease-themed performances. Some viewers said that Lisa's activity this time had a lot of influence on her image.

Even in China, public opinion has a harsh view of Lisa performing at a s.trip bar.

Sina asked, "Whose freedom is the striptease art that has been stirring on social media for a month?" and said that C.razy Horse ultimately uses famous Asian female artists to add value to their performances.

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 6

According to Sina, Alain Bernardin, founder of C.razy Horse Show, pointed out that the original purpose of the show was to prove that girls' bodies can also m.ake m.oney.

Even Sina said that the difference between C.razy Horse Show and s.ex show in Thailand is probably only in the glitz of the stage.

"If you insist on the C.razy Horse Show in Paris as art, Pattaya, Thailand is the palace of art. At least Pattaya has a lot of value in terms of m.oney and entertainment for the masses," Sina said.

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 7

Netizen's outrage came to a head when QQ reported that Lisa twice posted a series of photos of herself performing at the C.razy Horse striptease club. The photos, which are both bold, and artistically edited, are said to be an act of reassuring the Thai singer's fans, when faced with a wave of mass boycotts. QQ thinks Lisa is trying to deceive the audience.

According to QQ, Lisa performed at C.razy Horse on the grounds of supporting feminism, seeking freedom. But this did not satisfy the online community around the globe, who did not agree with the idol hiding behind the shadow of the "feminist" name to "influence monsters" things that are only her personal interests.

Cbiz actor pays dearly for non-standard actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage! - Photo 8

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