Chi Pu is about to "date" her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of "pet chicken" Yu Zheng?

Nguyễn TuyếtSep 14, 2023 at 13:42

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Netizens from 2 countries were shocked by the news that Chi Pu and Zhang Ling Hao suddenly dated. How will Bai Loc's fans react to this news?

Remember not long ago, Chi Pu went to China to participate in the TV show "Billion Billion Wind Turns". During the competition, she gave extremely explosive performances with professional attitude and beautiful choreography. Since then, the singer has also quickly become a very sought-after "new traffic" in the country of billions of people.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 1

Hau participated in "Cycling the Wind to Turn the Wave", Chi Pu remained in China to accompany the beautiful sisters in various programs. It is not difficult to recognize thanks to her skillful treatment, she is very popular with the cult stars of Cbiz and the audience here.

Notably, according to the newly announced information, Chi Pu officially accepted the invitation to participate in the recording of the show "Hello Saturday" tomorrow, September 15. It can be said that this is a godsend opportunity that can help the singer become more famous than ever.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 2

In particular, this week's episode of "Hello Saturday" also has the participation of Bach Loc's boyfriend - Truong Ling Hach, Kim Tinh and Cheng Lei. They are the 3 "leopards" Gong Men who are very popular in the movie "Yun Chi Yu". In this historical project, they are 3 sisters in the same house but do not like each other.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 3

The announcement means that this time, Chi Pu will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Zhang Ling Hao, one of Cbiz's male stars. Worth mentioning, although the show has not aired yet, many viewers have begun to "push the boat" enthusiastically for this couple.

Because, both Chi Pu and Zhang Ling Hao are stars possessing bright visuals and talents that have more than enough to be popular over the past time. Currently, the audience of 2 houses is closely watching all official information from the organizers of the program "Hello 7th".

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 4

As for the Bach Loc fan community, so far there have been no notable moves related to the aforementioned event. Perhaps, they are busy supporting the historical project "Van Chi Vu" starring the idol's "other half". Because the drama is entering a decisive important period with the male lead Gong Ziyu (Zhang Ling He) and also his co-star Yu Shuhan.

On the other hand, LyLy went abroad to compete in the music show, but LyLy did not go viral like Chi Pu. Following the latest episode of "The Next Stage 2023," Lyly's journey at the Chinese reality show has officially come to an end. Vietnamese representatives stopped in the top 13.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 5

Despite going through a long journey, nearly 2 months on the air, the performances of the owner of the 24H hit have not become the focus of discussion like the way the singer Anh Anh Stay "created a storm" 5 months ago, when she participated in "Billion Billion Pedal Wind Turn Wave" (also known as Pedal Wind).

Up to now, it is inevitable that Lyly and Chi Pu will be compared by the audience. Because, both of these beauties are representatives of the S-shaped s.trip of land participating in the reality show in the country of billions of people.

Coincidentally, Lyly and Chi Pu both started in the Chinese market with zero, not having the opportunity to reach the Chinese public. Moreover, the Vietnamese couple also face great barriers in terms of language, limited communication, but the way Chi Pu - LyLy "fights" and interacts with international friends to shine is completely different.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 6

When sitting down to look back on the journey of the 2 beauties in the Chinese TV show, it must be admitted that Chi Pu is somewhat better while LyLy has not been mentioned as much by the press as her elders. Is the reason in the program or the participant himself?

It is known that "Pedal Wind" is one of the most famous programs in the country of billions of people when gathering a series of A-list stars to participate. Recently, international netizens are buzzing because they witness the return of popular artists such as Ella - former member of S.H.E, Amber - former member of Korean g.irl group f(x), actor Thai Shaofei, Jia Jingwen, Ngo Thien, veteran singer Gong Lin Na, ... The MC of the program is also actor Huynh Xiao Minh.

Therefore, Chi Pu's participation in an international show "elite convergence", sharing the stage with famous Chinese stars, has partly helped the voice of the Rose receive special attention from the audiences of both home and your country.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 7

In contrast, "The Next Stage" that Lyly participated in was not a h.ot show in China. This is no different from an entertaining survival program with the participation of artists from Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China ... are waiting for the opportunity to be more famous.

Worth mentioning, meeting each other for the first time, there are many contestants who do not even know who the other person is, what skills are. The Next Stage crew must find a way to identify the opponent's "danger" through each section. Major artists appearing in The Next Stage such as Ella, Amber,... all sat in the judges' seats. Apart from Lyly, few international contestants are known to Vietnamese audiences.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 8

Summing this up, it is understandable that Lyly is less popular than Chi Pu when it comes to fighting with him.

Chi Pu is about to date her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of pet chicken Yu Zheng? - Photo 9

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