"Wei Anh Lac" had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne

Bình MinhSep 14, 2023 at 07:53

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It cannot be denied that Bach Loc is currently the brightest star with the best resources under Vu Chinh, surpassing even his senior "Wei Anh Lac" Ngo Can Ngon.

Starting from supporting roles, after a period of tireless efforts, Bach Loc gradually moved to the leading role and made a strong impression on the audience. In particular, the series "Chau Sinh Nhu Co" and "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh" both contributed to helping the actress consolidate her position among the flower girls of her age. Currently, Bach Loc is also known as the "chicken that lays golden eggs" of the Vu Chinh family.

Wei Anh Lac had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne - Photo 1

Previously, many netizens expressed concern about Bach Loc's position in Hoan Ngu Anh Thi. The reason is because Vu Chinh's "favorite daughter", Ngo Can Ngon, has re-entered the film "race". Once bold with "Dien Hi Cong Luoc", this 9x beauty is still a name that receives great attention from the boss.

Returning after a long time in hiding, Ngo Can Ngon plays the female lead in the historical drama "Ma Vu Van Gian". However, just after filming finished, this project suddenly encountered major changes and was at risk of being "put on hold" for a long time. That's because the film's female supporting character Tuong YY was suddenly caught up in a tax evasion scandal not long after Tong To Nhi. Even though a written clarification was issued, many people still expressed their disbelief.

Wei Anh Lac had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne - Photo 2

Therefore, most netizens think that this may affect "Mac Vu Van Gian"'s ability to broadcast. Some people even expressed that Ngo Can Ngon was quite unlucky, thinking he would have a perfect screen reappearance but in the end a great disaster fell from the sky.

Up to now, to be fair, since her success with the masterpiece "Dien Hi Cong Luoc", Ms. Wei Anh Lac has not had any truly impressive works. Furthermore, there have been many times when Ngo Can Ngon has been involved in scandals, scandals, and has been turned away by fans, so the premiere effectiveness of the films she stars in often decreases significantly.

Wei Anh Lac had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne - Photo 3

Surprisingly, while Vu Chinh's "favorite daughter" is facing turmoil, Bach Loc is still on the rise. Not only is "Ninh An Nhu Mong" highly anticipated to air, she also owns quality love dramas such as "Di Ai Vi Doanh" or "Bac Thuong" which are also highly appreciated. Thereby, it can be said that Bach Loc's development path at this time as well as in the future is extremely open.

In other developments, Bach Loc's boyfriend's career was considered to be going backwards despite continuously receiving new films.

Accordingly, Truong Lang Hach is one of the most prominent male stars in the cast. Not only is he famous as Bach Loc's boyfriend, but also favored with many film and fashion resources offered to him, it was thought that the actor's career would skyrocket. But contrary to expectations, his reputation continued to decline.

Wei Anh Lac had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne - Photo 4

This is related to the fact that a series of films the actor appeared in such as: Cat Tinh Cao Chieu and Ninh An Nhu Mong were all "storaged" for a long time. Most recently, the series "Van Chi Vu" starring Truong Lang Hach and Ngu Thu Han aired but did not make an impression because the character set was boring, even worse than the supporting cast. It seems that only "Tu Hai Trong Minh" seems to be okay.

Even so, Truong Lang Hach still confirmed that he will star in the movie "Do Hoa Nien" with his junior Trieu Kim Mach, however here, he is only ranked in the 2nd role. Faced with this information, many netizens criticized him. laughed at the actor who flopped so much that he had to ask a 10x flower g.irl to carry the film.

Wei Anh Lac had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne - Photo 5

Some comments from netizens:

- But Truong Lang Hach's films are full of male leads, he is constantly in the film crew, he has every big name, and his resources are said to be more than many people in the cast.

- Truong Lang Hach's pending movies all have very good scripts but somehow they were ignored. Waiting for Ninh An Nhu Mong to air makes my eyes tired.

- If Ninh An Nhu Mong is shown, it will definitely pop, right? Everyone is looking forward to this series. But if it's not okay, you'll be scolded all the time.

- Van Chi Vu clearly subdued the main cast and raised the supporting cast. After showing the supporting cast, she received the most attention.

- Notice that Truong Lang Hach received all the ancient costumes? The move is quite smart because historical films are easily popular with audiences.

Wei Anh Lac had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne - Photo 6

It is known that "Do Hua Nien" is a film adapted from the novel Princess Truong by Mac Shu Bach, scheduled to open in October this year.

Wei Anh Lac had just reappeared and was in trouble, Bach Loc took the opportunity to monopolize the throne - Photo 7

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