Bach Loc's boyfriend brutally "crushed" Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time

Bình MinhSep 23, 2023 at 17:10

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At the present time, the majority of audiences believe that, even Tieu Chien or Vuong Nhat Bac, are unlikely to "remake" this handsome guy on the "race" of Chinese dramas.

Accordingly, based on data from the recently held Cbiz-wide trade conference, the Chinese blogger has counted the number of films currently being promoted and waiting to be aired by Tieu Hoa and Tieu Sinh.

Bach Locs boyfriend brutally crushed Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time - Photo 1

The results show that Truong Lang Hach "presented" a group of famous Chinese showbiz male idols with a total of 6 movies that are currently and will be broadcast. For that reason, Bach Loc's rumored lover was voted by netizens as Tieu Sinh with the best film resources at the moment.

Specifically, according to the above blogger's statistics, the actor currently has 2 movies on air: He Came Out of the Fire and Van Chi Vu. In addition, he also participated in promoting 4 movies, expected to be released in the near future, including: Fox Loves Little Hong Nuong, Tu Hai Trong Minh, Ninh An Nhu Mong and Tiger Crane Demon Master Luc.

Notably, almost all of Truong Lang Hach's new films are large-scale investment projects, collaborating with famous A-list stars such as: Bach Loc, Canh Diem, Duong Mich,...

Bach Locs boyfriend brutally crushed Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time - Photo 2

Combined with the quality of content, production and excellent cast, these projects all have the potential to be "violent" when they air. This is considered something that actors of the same age as the handsome man Van Chi Vu can only dream of achieving.

Summing up the above, the audience is placing expectations on Truong Lang Hach's position after the new series is released. It is known that at the present time, the number of Tieu Sinh with quality dramas like Bach Loc's boyfriend can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Bach Locs boyfriend brutally crushed Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time - Photo 3

Even male gods like Tieu Chien or Vuong Nhat Bac cannot compare. If things go well, Truong Lang Hach's new work will air next year.

Perhaps because he was about to be surpassed by Truong Lang Hach, Tieu Chien is now trying to regain his position after his "fall" in "Strong Sun Beside Me". Accordingly, an old movie of a male actor was suddenly re-aired in the hope of salvaging his reputation.

Chinese media reported that on September 21, the series "The Sea of Dreams" starring Tieu Chien and Ly Tham will begin to be rebroadcast in the evening time slot on CCTV8 channel, right after the movie is being aired. airing at this time will stop showing. Thus, even though it was considered a failure, Tieu Chien still had the opportunity to bring his previous drama film to television.

Bach Locs boyfriend brutally crushed Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time - Photo 4

Previously, most of the audience was upset when the actor's work "Strong Sun Beside Me" was considered a "flop", but was still broadcast on CCTV1 channel in the morning time slot.

Furthermore, many people even believe that Tieu Chien used his reputation to receive special treatment in scheduling movies on CCTV channels. However, upon review, it can be seen that being broadcast in the morning time frame is not necessarily a very outstanding signal for a top stream like Tieu Chien.

Bach Locs boyfriend brutally crushed Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time - Photo 5

As for the movie "The Dreaming Sea", which already had very impressive achievements when it first aired, it is understandable that CCTV would re-show this work. On the other hand, having a movie broadcast on a major television station is a good opportunity for Tieu Chien to soon regain his reputation and prestige before participating in another important project.

In the past, "Strong Sun Beside Me" had a lot of expectations when it aired, but at the present time, the movie is considered the most humiliating failure in the acting career of handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh. Because the film is not as highly rated as "The Sea of Dreams", nor does it have impressive achievements like "Ngoc Cot Dao", which makes the audience extremely disappointed.

Bach Locs boyfriend brutally crushed Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time - Photo 6

What is worth mentioning here is that the series "Strong Sun Beside Me" with the participation of Tieu Chien only received attention from the movie-loving community in the first episodes only. In the end, it had to end quietly because of a clear decline in performance.

Before that, he was always considered the male star who carried the ratings for the works he participated in. The proof is that some previous films caused fierce controversy, but with Tieu Chien's participation, they all had very high views and interactions. However, this time with "Strong Sun Beside Me", it's clear that the male charisma still doesn't really help the film stand out.

Bach Locs boyfriend brutally crushed Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time - Photo 7

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