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Ex-husband Trieu Le Dinh "fake real love movie" with Canh Diem, fan rumors are true?

Phi Đức07:40:18 24/01/2024
Working together in Chooc Chuoc Phong Luu, Phung Thieu Phong and Canh Diem were once criticized for not being a good couple just because their ex-husband Trieu Le Dinh has now lost a lot of color due to age. But now the couple is facing suspicions that the movie is fake.

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Rumor has it that Hua Khai spent the night with an infected cyber g.irl, Tran Tinh Huc got hit by a "stray bullet"

Nguyễn Tuyết16:09:42 16/01/2024
People were stirred up by rumors that a male star nicknamed Fire King Hoanh Diem was interacting with a h.ot g.irl online and was infected with a social disease. Hua Khai and Tran Tinh Huc are both in sight.

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Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc

Phượng Vũ15:27:15 16/01/2024
The online community has just been shocked by the moment Truong Lang Hach became intimate with a Gen Z beauty on set. So is there really no hope for the boat and Bach Loc?

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'First beauty' Canh Diem cried bitterly on television, h.ot photos were released, fans sarcastically made fun of her

Ning Jing07:22:10 25/10/2023
Not only known as a beauty, Canh Diem is also known as the queen of gossip and tricks in the Chinese entertainment industry. Recently, Beijing's First Beauty became a h.ot topic of discussion.

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Zhao Liying got intimate with 1 famous artist, "retaliated" against Feng Shaofeng for showing photos with his new love

Snow18:53:09 27/08/2023
Zhao Liying has just been caught by netizens bouncing jubilantly with a famous artist Cbiz at the concert. It's also the rare time the queen has come out in a postpartum state.

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Ex-husband Zhao Liying revealed a moment of intimacy with his new love, the chances of reuniting with his ex-wife are zero

Nguyễn Kim08:13:08 11/08/2023
Feng Shaofeng's sweet act for his new love quickly caught the attention of netizens. Each sweet gesture, the actor's eyes filled with love received many praises.

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Phung Thieu Phong publicizes his new identity, Trieu Le Dinh is in pain because of Lam Canh Tan's a.buse?

Thảo Mai13:55:19 28/04/2023
After continuously collaborating in Minh Lan Truyen and Journey to the West, Nu Nhi Quoc, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong fell in love with husband and wife. However, not long after that, the two suddenly announced their divorce. Even though everyone has gone their separate...

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Ex-boyfriend Canh Diem was summoned to investigate, 1 female star struggled because of "sleeping" with Truong Ke Khoa

JLO12:59:08 09/04/2023
Truong Ke Khoa was taken to the police station to work, serving to investigate the allegation of spreading private pictures of Canh Diem. Actress Cao Phi Nhien was also called for unexpected reasons. Sohu reported that former athlete Truong Ke Khoa was summoned by the...

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Chau Kiet Luan was exposed to his g.ambling habit, 'offering' all 40 billion in just one day?

Thư Kỳ12:05:01 08/04/2023
After the former love of Canh Diem - Truong Ke Khoa was exposed to g.ambling, which led to debt and illegal acts, not long after that, Chinese-language media also revealed that not only Truong Ke Faculty that even Chau Kiet Luan is addicted to g.ambling. The case of table tennis...

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Canh Diem made his first move after being noisy when his ex-lover released a clip, embarrassed because he wanted to marry Truong Ke Khoa

Chuột Nhỏ13:45:34 07/04/2023
Known as the Beauty of Beijing, the image of a pure jade ice scene suddenly became tainted by an ex-lover with a bad personality, perhaps bringing a great s.hock to the actress. The fact that Canh Diem has kept silent up to the present time is enough to show her disgust and fear...

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Truong Ke Khoa: The star that caused Canh Diem to struggle because of the clip in the bedroom, many talents, many habits, loves g.ambling

Xuka16:41:32 05/04/2023
Unlike ordinary athletes, even at the peak of his career, Truong Ke Khoa also caused a lot of controversy. His father, Truong Truyen Minh is a senior table tennis coach. Ever since Truong Ke Khoa was a c.hild, he had set up a ping-pong table at home. When he has time, Truong...

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Canh Diem revealed the whole process of being released by his ex-girlfriend, r.evealing the shocking identity of the person

Lạc Hoa14:15:44 04/04/2023
Recently, the case of "Beijing's first beauty" - Canh Diem was released by his ex-lover to assign a debt, which is the focus of public opinion in China. While the insider repeatedly denied, a reporter released a lot of evidence, causing the actress to suffer again. According to...

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Canh Diem suddenly announced his new lover when he was released a private photo of blackmail that had not subsided

Mèo Con13:16:41 04/04/2023
In the past few days, Canh Diem suddenly became the most pitiable g.irl in showbiz when she was entangled in noise when her ex-boyfriend released a series of private photos on social networks for the purpose of blackmail. However, on the side of Canh Diem, she remained calm...

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Canh Diem's boyfriend was arrested to investigate the case of spreading clips, blackmailing the actress?

Chi Chu11:07:52 04/04/2023
Regarding the case of actress Canh Diem, whose ex-boyfriend spread a sensitive clip to extort m.oney, Chinese authorities recently issued an urgent directive to investigate and clarify the case. Chinese-language media recently reported that Chinese authorities have just directed...

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Canh Diem: From the first beauty to the poor g.irl in Cbiz, her ex-lover sold adult clips to assign debt

Minh Lợi17:08:15 03/04/2023
Canh Diem is one of the famous small flowers today. Despite her outstanding beauty, which is praised by many people, she has too many disadvantages. Recently, because a minute of "wrong love" has made the life of the actress extremely long and difficult. "The first beautiful...

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Canh Diem was released 3 adult clips by his ex-lover to assign more than 13 billion in debt, shocked to the point of retirement for nearly 2 years

Hoàng Phúc12:52:16 02/04/2023
Chinese netizens were shocked by the news that Canh Diem was used by his ex-lover Truong Ke Khoa to use photos and clips to assign debts. The reason comes from the former top Chinese table tennis player in debt due to g.ambling addiction and inability to pay. Specifically, the...

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Trieu Le Dinh is close to Phung Thieu Phong's new love, fans are happy that the couple is about to reunite

Hoàng Anh10:53:18 29/01/2023
Phung Thieu Phong - Trieu Le Dinh is the most popular couple in Cbiz. The news of the couple's divorce in 2021 caused the Weibo system to crash, leading to "terrible" discussions. After a marriage that consumed a lot of paper and ink in the press, recently, Trieu Le Dinh - Phung...

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The status is not the medium form of Liu Kaiwei's lover, who has a big family's back but is not famous

Thư Kỳ11:45:22 24/11/2022
It is thought that Li Xiaofeng is mere, but few people know before she publicly dated her best friend s ex-husband, the actress had a husband when her ex-husband was a bloody person in the entertainment industry. In the entertainment world, there is a default rule of survival:...

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Duong Mich "holding hands" Angelababy plummeted when he was old, controversial because of one thing?

N.P19:22:53 18/10/2022
Despite many years of acting, but, Duong Mich, Angelababy, Pham Bang Bang, ... are still Cbiz beauties classified as the worst performers in Chinese showbiz. The rankings are also causing fierce controversy among fans. Recently, the list of actresses with the worst acting in...

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Trieu Le Dinh is not afraid of being infected by Phung Thieu Phong, Canh Diem is the one who is most afraid

Hoàng Anh10:05:04 04/10/2022
Recently, on social networks, there have been many rumors about Phung Thieu Phong and Trieu Le Dinh reuniting after more than a year of divorce. This rumor puts the actors involved under a lot of psychological pressure, and the ongoing film projects are also affected more or...

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Ly Tieu Lo was criticized for wearing offensive clothes to go to the temple

An Nhi13:58:09 11/08/2022
As a female star after an affair scandal, Ly Tieu Lo recently continued to cause controversy when she wore offensive costumes to take pictures at the temple. Accordingly, the video posted by the actress attracted mixed comments. On August 10 (local time), actress Ly Tieu Lo...

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Trinh Khai was frozen $ 1.3 million, Chinese artists cautiously accepted ads

Hoàng Phúc10:53:26 15/06/2022
The company founded by Trinh Khai was discontinued. The actor was frozen with assets of more than 30 billion VND. Before that, he was caught in an economic f.raud case because of the milk tea brand he acted as the representative to call for illegal investment. Trinh Khai is a...

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Duong Mich and the Cbiz beauties intervened but definitely refused to admit it

Nắng09:06:21 11/06/2022
In the era of rapid technological development, everyone's perspective on beauty has been significantly increased. Cosmetic surgery is also quite normal. However, in the Chinese entertainment industry, there are quite a few female stars who are willing to admit that they have...

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At the end of Canh Diem, Trieu Le Dinh was touched because of illegal advertising, the risk of being "sealed"?

Yang Mi15:23:53 01/06/2022
Perhaps after the case of Canh Diem illegal advertising, the authorities have strongly purged the artist. Therefore, the media said that Trieu Le Dinh is the name that follows in the footsteps of his juniors when he is suspected of false advertising. In addition to acting and...

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