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Truong Lang Hach was miserable after breaking up with Bach Loc: Struggling to find glory again

Nhật Duy13:34:35 16/03/2024
After collaborating with Bach Loc in Hau Ninh An Nhu Mong, Truong Lang Hach now faces many difficulties in his career. The actor gradually lost many high-end deals and his brand value is also decreasing significantly.

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Admitted: The war god crushed the male protagonist, weighed from ancient to modern

Phi Yến17:34:14 02/03/2024
Cheng Lei is known as the god of war that crushed the male lead, as most of his supporting roles are more prominent and beloved than the actors in the film. Recently, the male beauty continues to make headlines in new films.

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Yu Shuhan was embarrassed because his face was identical to Zhao Luxiu's, and he discussed it

Nguyễn Tuyết17:34:43 01/02/2024
The latest photo, posted by Yu Shuhan on his personal page, suddenly made netizens mistakenly identify as Zhao Luxu, although in fact the two faces did not have much similarity.

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Bach Loc was abandoned by Truong Lang Hach and publicly kissed his beautiful young lover, causing fan fever

Châu Anh15:23:26 23/01/2024
Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach were once a couple that people enthusiastically pushed the boat when working together in Ninh An Nhu Mong. However, after the movie ended, Truong Lang Hach quickly publicly kissed his new girlfriend.

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Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc

Phượng Vũ15:27:15 16/01/2024
The online community has just been shocked by the moment Truong Lang Hach became intimate with a Gen Z beauty on set. So is there really no hope for the boat and Bach Loc?

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Thanh Nghi was highly praised by special people, the day of surpassing Tieu Chien is not far away

Snow07:20:27 10/01/2024
With unremitting efforts, Thanh Nghi continuously achieved great achievements and the day of surpassing Tieu Chien is not far away. Lien Hua Lau, which he starred in, is also listed as one of the most attractive martial arts films.

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Ngu Thu Han released a series of photos from when she was not yet in her career, wearing dewy clothes that were enough to overwhelm Bach Loc

Tuyết Ngọc06:28:28 13/11/2023
It turns out that even before entering the entertainment industry, Ngu Thu Han exuded the temperament of a great lady. A series of luxurious photos from the past of the little flower g.irl born in 1995 is h.ot again.

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Bach Loc's harm to Ngu Thu Han was fiercely criticized by netizens, but she still blatantly welcomed the good news with her boyfriend

Hướng Dương06:50:47 09/11/2023
Ngu Thu Han and Bach Loc just had dinner together, but the little flower born in 1995 was ridiculed for her strange actions. Many people even said that she pretended to act when she was with her seniors.

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Lu Duc Hieu: Ngu Thu Han's "enemy" in Van Chi Vu, her outstanding beauty overshadows the female lead

Bình Minh16:56:45 26/10/2023
Luu Duc Hieu has an extremely beautiful appearance, suitable for traditional costumes, causing many female leads to be overshadowed when filming together. Recently, the little flower g.irl caused a stir when she appeared in the work Van Chi Vu.

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Ngai Mi - "Sister" Ngu Thu Han: The muse who specializes in treating female leads, her dressing sense is outstanding

Hoa Tuyết21:11:09 25/10/2023
Ai Mi is a promising young Chinese actress, considered by the audience to be a little fairy. Recently, she caused a stir when she appeared in the movie Van Chi Vu with her beauty overwhelming the female lead Ngu Thu Han.

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Ngu Thu Han was caught eating with poor hygiene and also plotting to deceive the public

Hướng Dương21:08:54 24/10/2023
The online community has just been shocked by the moment of on-screen love when Vuong Hac De left bread on the ground and took pictures; This makes many people extremely upset.

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Tran Triet Vien took action to "punish" anti-fans, and Bach Loc's boyfriend suddenly received complaints

Tuyết Ngọc15:18:56 18/10/2023
Having been criticized for his appearance being too scholarly and unsuitable for the male lead role in The White Olive Tree, Tran Triet Vien decided to take revenge with a series of photos showing off his military appearance that made netizens go c.razy.

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Ngu Thu Han announced to compete for the role of Duong Tu, but was flatly rejected by the producer, not knowing where to hide her face

Snow07:59:01 17/10/2023
Recently, the online community was stirred by the news that Ngu Thu Han had won the female lead role in the historical project Quoc Sac Phuong Hoa with senior Duong Tu; Many people think this is not easy to do.

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Cbiz actor pays dearly for "non-standard" actions involving Lisa, identity causes outrage!

Bảo Tiên14:47:00 07/10/2023
The actor now pays a heavy price for his actions as he is constantly battered and smeared badly by netizens. Many comments claim that he is trying to earn fame from Thai female idols.

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Ngu Thu Han "escaped" the life of an internet hotgirl, turned into a star that thousands of people love, and is still controversial because of this!

Hoa Tuyết21:34:54 30/09/2023
Previously, Ngu Thu Han and Trieu Lo Tu were severely criticized by the public for their dressing style when appearing at Milan Fashion Week (Italy). However, her recent appearance has made netizens turn around.

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There was a stir in the photo of a female fan taken with Truong Lang Hach on the streets of Paris, looking just like a lover

Tuyết Ngọc17:21:14 27/09/2023
Recently, the online community was excited when they witnessed Truong Lang Hach exploding the feeling of being the national boyfriend in photos of fans and passersby in Paris (France).

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Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han despite being called back home, still has the face of an internet hotgirl "reaching international level"

Hoa Tuyết10:58:35 27/09/2023
After many days of wandering around Europe, the pair of sisters Lo Tu - Thu Han suddenly received a harsh reaction from the public at home. Many people even asked the two little flowers to quickly return to their country.

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Bach Loc's boyfriend brutally "crushed" Tieu Chien without mercy, handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was out of time

Bình Minh17:10:03 23/09/2023
At the present time, the majority of audiences believe that, even Tieu Chien or Vuong Nhat Bac are unlikely to remake this handsome guy in the Chinese drama race.

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Ngu Thu Han dressed up in a "beautiful tight" outfit for Trieu Lo Tu, fans excitedly commented: Professionals must be different!

Bình Minh09:51:14 22/09/2023
Going to Italy to attend Milan Fashion Week like Trieu Lo Tu, but the netizens' reaction to Ngu Thu Han was completely different from the actress Accidents Can't Hide.

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Not long after Vuong Nhat Bac received the "good news", Bach Loc's boyfriend's name was called, what's going on?

Bình Minh08:02:42 21/09/2023
Vuong Nhat Bac just received unexpected good news, making his fans restless. This is considered a remarkable achievement that not everyone can achieve, especially young actors.

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Ngu Thu Han was embraced by directors, her salary was controversial because of the "far behind" difference with her co-stars.

Gia Hoàng15:46:53 19/09/2023
On Chinese forums, there is a fierce wave of controversy when the salary of the great lady Ngu Thu Han was revealed. The difference between them and their co-stars made screen fans fall back.

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Chi Pu is about to "date" her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of "pet chicken" Yu Zheng?

Nguyễn Tuyết13:42:52 14/09/2023
Netizens from 2 countries were shocked by the news that Chi Pu and Zhang Ling Hao suddenly dated. How will Bai Loc's fans react to this news?

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Zhao Lu Xiu, Yu Shuhan, who had all the same shape, now liked the same person, coincidentally?

Snow08:23:30 13/09/2023
It turned out that Zhao Luxiu, Yu Shuhan, and even Shen Yue all shared the same ideal boyfriend type. Have any of the beauties ever collaborated with any of the faces caught the eye of the 3 girls?

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Yu Shuhan was suddenly "turned away" by fans, criticizing: "Low demeanor" just for r.evealing this

Huỳnh Phúc14:36:17 12/09/2023
Yu Shuhan, who was already a famous face with a golden spoon, was suddenly commented on lacking the demeanor of a great lady, notably these rude comments came from the actress's fans.

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