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Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hach's new love, feuding with ancient shapes

Tuyết Ngọc16:34:11 03/03/2024
Zhao Jincircuit is loved by the audience for his student roles in school garden youth films. In response to that sentiment, she is striving and improving herself day by day.

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Bach Loc transformed into a beautiful bride, overwhelming Cuc Tinh Y, and her two younger juniors also gave in

Snow10:24:26 26/02/2024
Bach Loc and Cuc Tinh Y are famous as Cbiz's fierce rivals. Not only are they placed on the table to compare their achievements and dressing sense, but their looks in the film are no exception.

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Bach Loc was abandoned by Truong Lang Hach and publicly kissed his beautiful young lover, causing fan fever

Châu Anh15:23:26 23/01/2024
Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach were once a couple that people enthusiastically pushed the boat when working together in Ninh An Nhu Mong. However, after the movie ended, Truong Lang Hach quickly publicly kissed his new girlfriend.

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Truong Lang Hach fell in love with a 10X beauty and sank the boat with Bach Loc

Phượng Vũ15:27:15 16/01/2024
The online community has just been shocked by the moment Truong Lang Hach became intimate with a Gen Z beauty on set. So is there really no hope for the boat and Bach Loc?

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Ngo Loi was praised for his "good character" for doing something while his "old lover" Trieu Lo Tu was criticized?

Anh Thụy11:04:54 23/11/2023
In recent days, Trieu Lo Tu has been entangled in controversy because of his uncharitable actions with his assistant. Recently, Ngo Loi was praised for his good character for doing something while his on-screen ex-lover was criticized.

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Wu Lei has just returned to bring the "heat palm" of senior Yang Yang when he was accused of plagiarism in the new movie

Nhật Hân15:37:53 24/08/2023
Just reappeared after an absence from the Chinese screen. Young male Wu Lei was suddenly rumbled by netizens because of the suspicion of heat brushing senior Yang Yang when he was accused of plagiarism.

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Trieu Lo Tu was "robbed" of love by 2 female stars, netizens did not love but also laughed for this reason

Krant20:43:53 16/04/2023
After successfully completing the movie Tinh Han Can Lan, both Trieu Lo Tu and Ngo Loi are known to have prepared their own paths. However, the "lover" of the two stars in the new project surprised everyone. In 2022, Trieu Lo Tu and Ngo Loi achieved great achievements when the...

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Truong Tinh Nghi reacted in s.hock when Tran Phi Vu proposed, the film producer deliberately pushed the boat for the couple?

Hoàng Phúc12:25:45 10/12/2022
The spin-off of Lighter and Princess Dress has been officially announced. One of the most expensive scenes is probably when Ly Tuan (Tran Phi Vu) proposed to Chu Yun (Truong Tinh Nghi). Although it is only a few short minutes, it is still enough to make netizens flutter and...

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Trieu Kim Mach - Get rid of the c.hild star label, almost get k.illed by Ngo Diec Pham and have a special relationship with Duong Mich

Nắng14:55:01 14/11/2022
Recently, when participating in the reality show "Flower Sister", the budding friendship of Trieu Kim Mai and Duong Mi became a "h.ot" topic on Chinese social networks. Not only sharing each strawberry, Duong Mich and Trieu Kim Mach also happily chatted until midnight. Zhao Jinmo...

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Dam Tung Yun secretly tried on the dress of goddess Kim Ung, Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu to the "chicken coop"?

An Nhi11:37:03 28/09/2022
Dam Tung Yun is one of the brightest candidates for this year's Kim Ung goddess position. Recently, the news that Dam Tung Van went to try on Kim Ung goddess dress has made fans extremely excited. The closer to the opening date of the 2022 Golden Eagle ceremony, the more people...

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Yang Mi and the replies showing high EQ makes antifans also dumb

An Nhi15:22:56 16/09/2022
Beautiful, smart and multi-talented, until now Duong Mich is still one of the most sought after Chinese beauties by the media and netizens in Cbiz. Besides, she is also favored by the public with the title. "Cbiz highest EQ queen". In the entertainment industry, besides being...

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Lo Tu, Nhiet Ba and a series of Chinese stars have too many PR games that make netizens bored

Hoàng Anh09:40:06 29/08/2022
Many people think that China's weibo h.ot search board has never been as cheap as in recent years. Despite the strict policies of the film bureau, Chinese artists still find ways to polish their names with buying h.ot search the whole bunch. Many h.ot searches read up, making the...

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Ly Tham 'ousted' Duong Tu to become the goddess Kim Ung 2022, the dress has also been measured?

Hoàng Anh12:50:20 29/07/2022
The public's attention in the past few months has been continuously focused on the news of who will be the goddess Kim Ung this year. Recently, from many blogger sources, Ly Tham "ousted" Duong Tu and Dam Tung Van to become the goddess Kim Ung 2022, which surprised many people...

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Yangtze became the goddess Kim Ung, people worried about fever?

An Nhi09:21:05 14/07/2022
After the 31st Golden Eagle Goddess candidate list was officially revealed, a source revealed that Duong Tu was "sure" but she made many people worried about the shape of the goddess Kim Ung. Since the beginning of this year, the issues surrounding the Golden Eagle a.ward have...

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Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai "became charming" in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6, how did Cnet react?

An Nhi14:06:41 09/06/2022
The Chinese social network is buzzing with the news that Ngu Thu Han and Hua Khai will become the male and female leads in "Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6". Before this rumor, many viewers were concerned about the quality of the film. The news that the movie Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 6 is...

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Dilraba Dil and the top stars of the association like to use tricks to warm up their names

Nắng07:44:08 09/05/2022
Big name marketing tricks, or big covers, are very common for many artists in Chinese showbiz. According to research, most marketing measures are to exaggerate the advantages of this star cast, besides, they will be praised in many different ways. But some groups of many artists...

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Heat Ba deliberately caused controversy, Trieu Lo Tu bought hotsearch but it backfired and all kinds of PR in Cbiz

Hoàng Phúc15:50:01 04/05/2022
Marketing is a very normal thing for celebrities, but excessive "promotion" makes netizens bored. Trieu Kim Mai is controversial just because of "waist circumference" Since debut, Trieu Kim Mach has had a large number of fans with the image of "next door sister". The female lead...

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Duong Duong reunites with Dich Le Nhiet Ba in the project of the adaptation of Hard To Do?

An Nhi13:58:41 16/04/2022
Many people can't help but be excited by the news that Duong Duong and Dich Le Nhiet Ba continue to be charming in a new work. Since co-starring You Are My Pride, Duong Duong and Dilraba have become one of the most beautiful couples on the Chinese screen. Recently, there was...

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Bach Kinh Dinh revealed a.dultery on the film crew, vaguely with NSX being bullied by his girlfriend?

An Nhi21:41:38 02/03/2022
Contrary to the long-standing docile image, Bach Kinh Dinh suddenly got caught up in the scandal of being a male tramp, which confused many people. On the evening of March 1, according to information from famous bloggers on Weibo, there is a handsome man who is diligently...

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Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu simultaneously "smell smoke" before Bach Kinh Dinh's new film

An Nhi16:56:58 15/01/2022
The new film of the couple Bach Kinh Dinh and Trieu Kim Mai is receiving countless positive responses from the public. Aired in December last year, the movie Khai Doan quickly attracted the attention of the audience thanks to the story of "dying over and over again" of game...

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Liu Yifei's makeover caused a storm, was rough kissed by Ngo Diep Pham

Hu00e0 Hu00e012:05:51 03/08/2021
Sohu page reported, a famous watch brand has announced the clip and the latest set of advertising photos of Liu Yifei made for this brand. It really took a long time for the "billionaire fairy" to re-appear in front of the public, with a set of visual photos and immense...

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Ngo Diep Pham was rejected 5 times by a 17-year-old h.ot g.irl, netizen got goosebumps

Hà Hà14:50:55 28/07/2021
Ngo Diep Pham's emotional scandal shocked the Chinese entertainment industry, leaving fans in s.hock by the details related to minors. In the description of many witnesses as a h.ot social network g.irl, Ngo Diep Pham often targets subjects born in 2000 - 2002, preparing for...

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Trieu Le Dinh showed a very harsh attitude, rolling her eyes to warn against Ngo Diep's actions

Hồng Hạnh17:12:38 25/07/2021
In a challenge to walk in the desert, the actress "Sam Sam" tried to go ahead, Ngo Diep Pham followed after constantly complaining of fatigue, pulling her senior's hand. Trieu Le Dinh showed an unnatural attitude Ngo Diep Pham is the leading controversial name with a series of...

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