Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: "Which teacher is so playful"

Mỹ HoàngMar 07, 2024 at 15:36

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Artist Truong Giang was suddenly dragged into the ungraceful noise of Phat La's student. Currently, on social networking sites, there are constantly "digging" a series of bad moments with female colleagues of the teacher and student "Ten difficulties".

In recent days, netizens have not stopped criticizing comedian Phat La's poor statement for "beautiful sister" Trang France. Specifically, in a talk show, Phat La had a rude hearing with Trang Fa that made everyone who finished listening feel uncomfortable. He said, "I don't go to the market very much, but I know the chicken point market."

Not only did Fang Luo's words confuse Zhuang Fa, but Misthy also looked embarrassed and immediately prevented him from saying more.

Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: Which teacher is so playful - Photo 1

Immediately, Phat Luo's ungraceful joke received a "storm" of public outrage. A series of comments suggested that the actor's actions were not a piece of fun, but a lack of respect for female colleagues. Others advised him to control his speech, especially as an artist, to be even more careful when communicating.

In the face of a wave of public outrage, Truong Jiang students quickly posted an apology for the indecent statement on the livestream. The actor admitted that he was careless in using inappropriate words, and apologized to Trang France and the show crew.

Phat La explained: "During the livestream, the program challenged me and Misthy to each listen to Trang Fa 10 sentences in turn. Because of the unexpected and overwhelming challenge, both of them both performed the challenge and needed to use the online reference phone. I was in a hurry to carelessly choose to use inappropriate content."

In addition to the apology post, Phat La also included a photo containing the source of the sensitive sentence he used, to explain his error. After the incident, the "Family is No. 1" actor asked to learn from the experience, and promised to be more careful in the next livestreams.

Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: Which teacher is so playful - Photo 2

Soon after, netizens compared Phat La's noise to his mentor who also took place not long ago. Specifically, in a recent TV game, Truong Giang suddenly became involved in controversy when he acted to "physically impact" Thuy Ngan. Accordingly, when asked by Truong Giang to perform a drama skit with guest Quang Tuan, Thuy Ngan could not focus on acting because Vo Tan Phat teased.

Seeing the juniors laughing while performing the drama, Truong Giang suddenly slapped Thuy Ngan's cheek. "Drama and why laugh?" the actor asked the junior. Surprised by Truong Giang's actions, Thuy Ngan cupped her face with her hands and "sprayed glue" to stand for a few seconds before quickly regaining her spirit, continuing the skit with the guests.

Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: Which teacher is so playful - Photo 3

On many forums, many netizens debated about Truong Giang's actions with Thuy Ngan. There are comments that this is just a fun interaction of the two actors because they are close and bonded for a long time. However, there are many opinions that Truong Jiang behaved rudely and harshly with women right on television, so it is difficult to accept this action.

Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: Which teacher is so playful - Photo 4

Changjiang-Phat Luo should be charmed when the young actor signed up for the program "Ten Difficulties". With the help of seniors, Phat La quickly revealed his talent and grace with comedy. In the finale, Phat La achieved the runner-up achievement, from which his artistic career also entered a new page.

Stepping out of the competition, Phat Luo still maintained an admirable teacher-student relationship with Changjiang. "Ten Difficulties" also always tries to support his students as much as possible so that he has the opportunity to work and contribute more. Besides work, Truong Giang and Phat La also regularly meet and post very close everyday photos. Not to mention, both teachers and students also spend time doing charity, making netizens give many praises.

Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: Which teacher is so playful - Photo 5

Earlier, when there were comments that he "relied" on Changjiang to be famous, Phat Luo frankly shared: "I really don't feel at all. Instead, I think it's a pride that not everyone has." He also expressed his gratitude to his teacher: "Phat La is really grateful and grateful for Mr. Truong Jiang's day-by-day guidance to get a Phat La today."

Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: Which teacher is so playful - Photo 6

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