Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time

Thảo MaiApr 04, 2024 at 16:17

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In a recent entertainment show, Thuy Ngan had a remarkable reaction when "Dispatch Vietnam" Truong Giang mentioned information related to the "rumored boyfriend" - singer Jack.

While performing the challenge of using sensing to predict the other side turning, Truong Giang said to Thuy Ngan: "This c.hild is happy to go to the West, this side goes through Dong Nai and the direction of Ben Tre is this direction." Due to singer Jack's hometown in Ben Tre, many viewers thought that Truong Giang said this to tease Thuy Ngan.

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 1

Although the comedian "Ten Difficulties" guessed wrong, it also meant that Thuy Ngan won, but she did not show too much excitement but looked embarrassed, "spraying glue". Immediately, Thuy Ngan had to block Truong Giang's mouth with his hand, causing Tien Luan to laugh, while Lan Ngoc just said: "What is it?" Faced with Thuy Ngan's slightly "nervous" reaction, Truong Giang turned to the other side and said, "What do you say?"

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 2

Earlier, on Tet 2022, Jack and Thuy Ngan were spotted together wearing doubles and checking-in at Truong Giang's villa in Dong Nai. Truong Giang is the brother who is very close to Thuy Ngan, while Jack has only met Truong Giang in some shows before. The two were rumored to have been quietly dating for 2 years.

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 3

However, at the end of 2023, Truong Giang revealed that Thuy Ngan has returned to her single life later: "Thuy Ngan is very beautiful, very beautiful and is being loved by many people but just now. At present, there is no force that forces forces not to go out on the street or do this or that anymore. The idea is that normal must also be called nestled. Thuy Ngan was happy about 4 months ago but now she is single and funny. We invite ladies and uncles, brothers and sisters who have needs, please contact Thuy Ngan".

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 4

Since working in the entertainment industry until now, Thuy Ngan has been quite private about her love story and has not made any relationship public. She shared that she had experienced several love affairs but none of them had a good result. In one show, the actress born in 1991 revealed that she was once betrayed by her ex. When she found out the truth, she felt pain and became even more closed.

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 5

Before Jack, Thuy Ngan was rumored to be dating 2 seniors in showbiz, Trung Dung and Truong The Vinh.

In 2018, Trung Dung participated in the movie "Sticky rice" with Thuy Ngan. In the film, the two become husband and wife, but when they return to real life, they are close. The interaction of the two makes the audience feel like a "fake love movie".

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 6

During filming, Trung Dung once revealed that he often shuttled Thuy Ngan. The couple also slept in the same room in the hotel.

Trung Dung surprised the audience by confiding: "The two of us have necks, shoulders... That's okay. It's very normal. In the past, I did more horrible things but people never said anything."

Soon after, Thuy Ngan corrected that the two slept in the same room with many members of the crew, not separately together.

As for the "shoulder to shoulder" is because she considers seniors as family members and does not think further.

The rumors with Truong The Vinh originated when the two participated in many projects together, most notably the gameshow "7 Spring Smiles" and "Running Man Vietnam".

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 7

In the entertainment world, Truong Giang and Nha Phuong are the ones who constantly "push the boat", "matchmaking" for Truong The Vinh and Thuy Ngan.

Truong The Vinh is also the only person that Thuy Ngan does not deny when being paired.

Le Huynh Thuy Ngan was born in 1991, in Cai Loy (Tien Giang). She won the title of 1st runner-up Queen of Vietnam Jewelry 2009.

Thuy Ngan has participated in a few film projects, but in recent years she has been playing game shows, without outstanding activities.

Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time - Photo 8

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