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7 Years of Fiancé Will Break Up: r.evealing expensive footage that makes netizens heartbroken

Hoàng Anh16:34:20 06/07/2024
In just a few seconds of c.limax, the female lead - played by Thuy Ngan in 7 Years of Fiancé Will Break Up made the audience cry at the scene of the mother separating because she was sentenced to prison. When the project was first announced, it made the audience doubt that it would not be successful, but in fact...

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Thuy Ngan admits that she has a c.hild, will she continue to strive to get promoted soon?

Hoàng Anh08:00:29 29/06/2024
Thuy Ngan's image publicized a series of photos taken at the same location as Lam Thanh Kim, and also included the appearance of the b.aby. This coincidence made people suspect that she had secretly given birth. After that, the actress had to speak up and admit that she was the c.hild's mother

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The film with Thuy Ngan, Jun Pham was criticized: acting, emotionless dialogue, disappointing supporting actors

Bút Máy14:06:50 11/06/2024
7 years of unmarried will break up to receive attention from the audience because this is the Vietnamese version of the Korean movie Secret Love played by Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung. In addition to expectations and expectations, many viewers questioned the quality of the film as well as the performance...

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Vietnamese remake film criticized: Thuy Ngan, Jun Pham responded harshly, r.evealing many violent scenes

Bút Máy15:50:20 05/06/2024
Answering about the comparisons of her role with the original version of Hwang Jung Eum, Thuy Ngan said she didn't mind because she was devoted to the character. The actress revealed that the film will have many scenes with Tun Pham and Vo Canh.

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The Vietnamese remake of Secret Love released a poster, fans criticized Thuy Ngan for not being suitable for the role

Bút Bi15:05:59 28/05/2024
7 Years Unmarried Will Break Up is a remake revolving around the couple's tragic love story. After releasing the poster, many viewers judged that the cast was unsuitable and did not meet expectations.

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Queen of Tears Vietnamese version: Phuong Anh Dao is the female lead, Thuy Ngan has a special role?

Thảo Mai19:18:15 26/05/2024
Queen of Tears is a movie that has caused a global sensation among Korean movie buffs recently. The film's content is said to be inspired by the marriage of Samsung princess Lee Boo Jin.

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Truong The Vinh affirmed that he did not love Thuy Ngan, declaring that he was too tired of the audience

Phúc Sen13:31:50 17/05/2024
Male singer and actor Truong The Vinh in a recent interview once again confirmed his relationship with Thuy Ngan. Declaring that he has no love life, being constantly labeled by the audience makes the actor tired.

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Thuy Ngan plays the role of Hwang Jung Eum, the online community cries out in protest

Phi Đức14:37:59 10/05/2024
Recently, Secret Love – Hwang Jung Eum's one-time hit film has been confirmed to be remade in Vietnam. However, the female lead role played by Thuy Ngan caused great controversy from the online community.

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Miss Khanh Van officially replaced Thuy Ngan at 7 Spring Smiles?

Minh Ngọc07:35:01 10/05/2024
The online community in recent days has been buzzing with information that Thuy Ngan will be replaced by Miss Khanh Van at the 7 Spring Smile program. What is the reality behind this story?

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Minh Tu invited her to a wedding, guests dressed up in shocking clothes, priced at hundreds of millions, like a fashion show

Pinky10:27:45 21/04/2024
Even though Minh Tu's wedding with her German husband Chris ended many days ago, the afterglow still makes people stir. Among them, the series of outfits of the guests is remarkable, dazzling with the display of prices, some carrying bags of hundreds of millions.

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Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc - Thuy Ngan wore matching outfits, "stirring up" their beauty after news of discord

Kim Lâm14:36:13 12/04/2024
Appearing in the same frame, Lan Ngoc and Thuy Ngan both o.ff their slim, s.exy bodies with off-the-shoulder crop tops combined with short skirts, the color match is inconclusive.

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Thuy Ngan shows off her lover as a romantic birthday, Jack is just a name?

Snow07:41:08 08/04/2024
After dating rumors with Jack, Thuy Ngan suddenly got into the question of having a new boyfriend when showing off a magnificent and gorgeous birthday space made by someone with a love story.

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Being secretly exposed by Truong Giang to Jack, Thuy Ngan gagged the senior in time

Thảo Mai16:17:22 04/04/2024
In a recent entertainment show, Thuy Ngan had a remarkable reaction when Dispatch Vietnam Truong Giang mentioned information related to her rumored boyfriend - singer Jack.

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Thuy Ngan was m.urdered and bled by Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, is it related to Son Thach ST?

Phi Yến13:42:34 21/03/2024
While filming the new episode of 7 Spring Smiles, Thuy Ngan was injured to the point of b.leeding. This incident was accidentally caused by Lan Ngoc and the actor from Tien Giang had to quickly treat his wound.

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Zhang Shirong revealed his girlfriend's identity just because Lin Yue accidentally called him "sister-in-law"?

Minh Lợi16:23:05 08/03/2024
Truong The Vinh is a famous singer-actor of Vbiz, but in terms of romance, he has experienced many turbulences, even canceled the marriage just before G hour despite arranging everything, even inviting Truong Giang to be the MC in this wedding.

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Truong Giang - Phat Luo was criticized poorly, netizens were bored: "Which teacher is so playful"

Mỹ Hoàng15:36:18 07/03/2024
Artist Truong Giang was suddenly dragged into the ungraceful noise of Phat La's student. Currently, on social networking sites, there are constantly "digging" a series of bad moments with female colleagues of the teacher and student "Ten difficulties".

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Truong Giang "stroked the cheek" of Thuy Ngan controversially, a series of stars also "affected"

An Nhi10:38:11 06/03/2024
After Truong The Vinh, Truong Giang became involved in controversy for acting impolitely with juniors. In a program broadcast on television, Thuy Ngan suddenly ate Truong Giang's slap that stunned her.

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Jack "crashed" in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it?

Tuyết Ngọc13:44:11 04/01/2024
The love noise with actor Thuy Ngan has just subsided, Jack became the focus of public discussion when r.evealing an image related to a b.etting homepage, sparking many speculations.

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Thuy Ngan breaks up with Jack, "closes" the end of the year of marriage, declares the surprise

Kim Lâm09:35:04 04/01/2024
On social media, Thuy Ngan caused a stir with sharing related to the wedding. Many fans also expressed excitement and curiosity at this move of the actress.

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Sam is still pitted against Lan Ngoc - Thuy Ngan, the mother of diapers "eats off" thanks to this point

Uyển Đình11:11:55 03/01/2024
Despite being in the late stages of pregnancy, in the same frame, Sam is still not inferior to the pearl beauty of Lan Ngoc and Thuy Ngan. Everyone praised her mother's increasingly salty beauty.

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At the drinking table under the planning table: Thuy Ngan transformed and went c.razy with Kieu Minh Tuan

Uyển Đình17:01:34 29/12/2023
On the drinking table under the planning table is the project that marks Thuy Ngan's first encounter. Although it was her first time entering the field, she received many compliments for her acting that transformed from emotional to action. The super muddy combination with Kieu Minh Tuan also attracted attention.

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On the Drinking Table Under the Conspiracy Table: Humorous content, Dieu Nhi's acting is super cute

Uyển Đình17:16:41 28/12/2023
On Ban Nha Under Ban Mu received attention when gathering a solid cast of actors such as Kha Nhu, Dieu Nhi and Thuy Ngan along with box office face Kieu Minh Tuan. Before its release, the film received positive responses from the audience.

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Above the drinking table, below the planning table: The script is limited, the male idol's kiss scene with Dieu Nhi was criticized

JLO14:18:44 28/12/2023
On the drinking table, under the planning table were three rising female stars in Vietnamese showbiz, Kha Nhu, Dieu Nhi and Thuy Ngan along with box office face Kieu Minh Tuan, but could not save the lackluster script with many holes.

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Kha Nhu corrected the reporter when mentioning Puka and publicly announced that he had a new "best friend" with Dieu Nhi

Uyển Đình09:45:16 28/12/2023
Although more than a month has passed since Gin Tuan Kiet and Puka's wedding was held, the relationship between the bride and her close friend Kha Nhu is still a big question for fans. Amidst a series of suspicions about stopping playing, Kha Nhu had a strange attitude when mentioning Puka.

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