Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too

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Recently, Trang Fa and Phat La had the opportunity to attend a gameshow together. Notably, the two also had fun interactions with each other and attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

However, during a "hearing drop" game, Phat La caused a fierce controversy with his statement. Specifically, he suddenly "threw pieces" poorly: "I rarely go to the market, but I know the chicken point market."

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 1

After hearing Phat La's words, the first Page Fa was full of question marks and did not understand the subtext of his words. At this moment, MisThy suddenly shouted, "Lost teaching. Come on, Sister Trang, don't listen. Just pretend you haven't heard anything."

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 2

When Phat Luo repeated the above keyword, Zhuang Fa was still thinking about what the implication of his statement was, MisThy immediately stopped and asked to pause the conversation.

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 3

Below the comment section, the online community strongly criticized Phat La's attitude. Many people think that Truong Giang's students are unlucky when using slang words with offensive meanings. It is known that the above keyword if read is a sensitive phrase. This is a sensitive term in the matter of bedding.

Some comments "stoned" Phat La such as: "Ungainly but think I am funny", "Naturally do not like Phat La, talk without being ungainly", "Think that's good, repeat it", "Does he know that he is ungainly", "It's true that Changjiang student", "Mrs. MisThy always blocks his beak" ...

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 4

After the incident, Phat La became a h.ot keyword with a dizzying search rate, reaching more than 100 thousand searches on the Google search engine.

Others expressed hope that Phat Luo would publicly apologize to Trang Fa and the audience. For now, the artist has chosen to remain silent.

In the past, Phat Luo has been criticized many times for his poor way of speaking. In 2019, when Phat La and Cris Phan's close friend announced their wedding, he left a comment that caused a stir: "When we got married, everyone laughed so badly, for about 5 years and then cried." Although they are close friends, Phat La's statement made many people uncomfortable.

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 5

Phat La, real name La Vinh Phat, was born in 1994. In 2016, he enrolled in the Xiaolin Arena program and had the chance to become a student of Changjiang. With the help of "Ten Difficulties", Phat La revealed his talent and grace with comedy. In the finale, Phat La won the runner-up achievement, from which his artistic career also entered a new page.

After the show, he became a beloved name among many viewers, starring in dramas, among which Family is No. 1. Recently, he accompanied Changjiang in the talk show Destiny Inn.

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 6

Sharing about the man who guided him on his artistic path, the actor expressed: "I am very grateful to Mr. Truong Giang. He helps me a lot, not only in my profession but also in life. Mr. Jiang is 'addicted' to help, but must be decent and kind. The people he helped were Lam Yuda, HIEUTHUHAI or Bao Lam Legion. I'm lucky to have a senior like that. I feel confident to work and learn to transmit positive energy to the next generation. Gradually, people in Vietnamese showbiz will use goodness to treat each other, not as the audience often thinks is always fighting or conflicting."

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 7

In 2023, Phat Luo is rumored to be dating Miss Doan Thien An because of the couple's close interactions on a talk show. However, Doan Thien An denied, saying that she now wants to focus on work.

Student Changjiang joked rudely with Zhuang Fa, Misthy was frustrated: Lost teaching too - Photo 8

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