The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years

Hoa TuyếtApr 17, 2024 at 16:21

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Recently, Chinese Police successfully arrested a person who had been on the run for 23 years. Worth mentioning, at the time of arrest, the subject was the abbot of a temple in Guangdong.

The Paper reported that police in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province successfully arrested a man surnamed Li - a wanted subject for the past 23 years in connection with a serious case.

The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years - Photo 1

According to media, at the time of his arrest, Ly was sleeping in a house in Yetyang city, Guangdong province. Worth mentioning, this person is the abbot at a local temple.

Previously, at the end of March 2024, the police force received clues that Ly - the fugitive in the case of intentionally taking the life of another person that occurred in 2001, at a hotel in Wen city. Chau, can appear in Jieyang city, Guangdong province.

However, because the clues received were too few, the authorities could not determine whether this person was in the locality or not. Therefore, members of the task force immediately set out to drive more than 1,000 km to Jieyang city.

The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years - Photo 2

After verification and comparison, the police force focused their attention on a monk. However, this monk confirmed that his last name was Liu and that he was the abbot of the temple. His appearance is also different from Ly 23 years ago.

To verify further, the task force conducted secret "visits" around the temple, and investigated the relationships and life trajectory of the abbot Liu. After careful analysis, the police found many suspicious points about this character's profile.

The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years - Photo 3


Specifically, during the investigation, the police discovered that although the monk surnamed Liu was an abbot, he had an "ambiguous" relationship with a woman. While secretly investigating, the police suddenly discovered that the monk had "disappeared" from the temple. Will the crooks continue to flee?

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, the police decided to take immediate action. Finally, they discovered that in addition to the temple, the monk also had a place he often frequented that outsiders did not know about, which was the residence of a woman who had a close relationship with him. Through analysis, the police determined that Ly was most likely hiding in the rented house with this person.

The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years - Photo 4

Thanks to the cooperation of local police, the special task force quickly arrested Ly while he was still sleeping in the rented house. At first, he refused to admit that he was a criminal that year, but when he learned that the police were from Wenzhou, Ly knew he could not deny it, so he accepted being arrested.

Accordingly, Li was charged with "attacking" two people in Wenzhou and Ningbo in 2001 with an accomplice. While his accomplice was arrested immediately after committing the crime, Ly remained at large for more than two decades.

The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years - Photo 5

According to testimony, Li fled to Sichuan and Hunan provinces. Then, he picked up the lost ID card of a man named Liu and impersonated this person. Using a false identity, the fugitive enrolled in a Buddhist college.

In 2008, Li moved to Yetyang and eventually became an abbot at a temple here. Although he was a monk, this person was said to have lived as husband and wife with a woman and had two children.

The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years - Photo 6


To avoid being arrested, Ly always disguised himself when venturing out and installed surveillance cameras around the temple to monitor police activities, if any. He also c.ut o.ff all contact with his family in his hometown of Sichuan for 23 years. Before his arrest, Li was said to have planned to flee Guangdong to join his family in Tibet.

On April 3, Luc Thanh police transferred Ly back to Wenzhou. Two particularly serious cases that were deadlocked for 23 years were finally resolved successfully.

The sleeping abbot was arrested by the police and turned out to be a fugitive wanted for 23 years - Photo 7

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