Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach

Hoàng PhúcJun 04, 2022 at 11:05

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24 years ago, Hoan Chau Cach Cach aired and immediately became a "fever" not only in China but also in Asian countries. The film has become a launching pad to bring the main actors' names to stardom. However, few people know that the original cast is far different from when the movie aired.

Specifically, in a short interview with famous actors once in Hoan Chau 20 years ago on the occasion of the film's broadcast. Hoan Chau was first introduced to the audience in 1998 on Hunan radio. By 2018, the film was replayed 16 times in the Mainland.

In an interview, Tran Chi Bang suddenly revealed the original cast. The actor who took on the role of Er Thai said that the crew had dizzying changes in the cast of stars.

Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach - Photo 1

As revealed by Tran Chi Bang, the role of Hoang A Ma was originally assigned to veteran actor Luu Duc Khai. However, only thanks to a cup of coffee, this role later belonged to Truong Thiet Lam.

The male protagonist Er Khang is also not aimed at Chau Kiet. Actress Quynh Dao assigned Ngo Ky Long to play Er Khang, To Huu Bang to play Ngu A Ca and Trieu Vy to play Tu Vy the other way. Lam Tam Nhu was also named in the original cast, but played the role of Princess Camp. The Asian princess camp is a supporting character, appearing only in the last few episodes of season one. This role was later played by Truong Hang.

Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach - Photo 2

Do not explain the reason for the role change after that, but Tran Chi Bang believes that the film was successful thanks to the cast... instead.

A source from Sina revealed Hoan Chau how to mark the cooperation between Mainland and Taiwan. However, as the main author and producer, Quynh Dao is more empathetic towards Taiwanese artists. The female lead role Tieu Yen Tu was also originally played by a Taiwanese actor named Ly Dinh Nghi.

Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach - Photo 3

The main male lines are all Taiwanese actors. This made the mainland side unhappy. Then she was f.orced to change. Mainland actor Chau Kiet was invited to take on the role of Er Khang and Trieu Vy played the role of Tieu Yen Tu.

Chau Kiet affirmed that the film crew distinguishes between Taiwanese and Mainland people. According to him, despite bearing the label of cooperation between the two sides, on the set of To Huu Bang, Lam Tam Nhu or Tran Chi Bang showed differences.

Phuc Er Khang said, "I can't stand To Huu Bang's arrogance and voice like a woman". He publicly declared Lam Tam Nhu to be "hypocritical, playing the role of a saint".

According to Chinese-language media, Chau Kiet once argued with actress Lam Tam Nhu. The couple did not have much sympathy for each other even though they had to act as lovers on the screen. Lam Tam Nhu once shed tears when she recounted the story of being f.orced to kiss by her mainland co-star while filming a movie, and because at that time, she was a new actress, so she did not dare to react. Although he did not specify this person's name, Hoan Chau's audience all suspected that it was Chau Kiet.

Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach - Photo 4

Sources from the film crew revealed that Pham Bang Bang was the one who suffered on the set. She and Lam Tam Nhu, Trieu Vy also had a few controversies while filming. As for the rumor that Pham Bang Bang was invited to play the role of Ha Tu Vy, actress Quynh Dao once affirmed: "Without that, I have never watched her play a role".

Actor Chau Kiet said: "That year, when Pham Bang Bang came to audition for the role of Tu Vy, Quynh Dao was rejected by Quynh Dao with the reason that he did not accept two mainland actors to play the female lead".

Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach - Photo 5

After nearly 25 years, each artist who joins the team has achieved certain success. Unfortunately, the film crew has never had a reunion like the Journey to the West crew. Trieu Vy is currently close to Lam Tam Nhu, Pham Bang Bang, To Huu Bang. Meanwhile, Chau Kiet was almost turned away by his colleagues. Before that, Er Khang was also accused by Tran Chi Bang of bullying himself and To Huu Bang while filming a movie together.

Meanwhile, Truong Thiet Lam confided many times when it was difficult to have the opportunity to meet young colleagues in the past. The last time when he reunited with Trieu Vy at an event, Truong Thiet Lam did not hide his emotions: "It's been a long time since I met Trieu Vy, I am feeling nervous and confused".

Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach - Photo 6

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