Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it

Phượng VũFeb 25, 2024 at 13:45

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The online community in recent hours has been discussing a lot about Trieu Lo Tu and Ngu Thu Han's rare visual clash, and at the same time putting on the scale to compare who will win?

Recently, netizens are passing around a picture of a confrontation with the image, which is wearing flower crowns on the heads of two top female stars of the 95th generation, Trieu Lo Tu and Ngu Thu Han. Of course, with this coincidence, it will be difficult to avoid a comparison and weighing with countless conflicting opinions to see who is the most beautiful and suitable person for this image.

Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it - Photo 1

It is known that the photo of Trieu Lo Tu wearing a flower that was spread all over the internet is a collage, not a real photo. However, the most interesting point is that the wreath matches the actress's makeup and outfit very well, making her attract even more attention. Many netizens have left "kind" words for star Tinh Han Xan Lan.

Notably, while Trieu Lo Tu received a "rain" of compliments, Ngu Thu Han faced mixed opinions. Most netizens expressed their dislike for the former idol's makeup style and that makeup style did not match the wreath she was wearing on her head.

Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it - Photo 2

Many people even commented that in this image, the female lead Ky Kim Trieu is much inferior to Trieu Lo Tu. However, there is still a small group of viewers who feel that the g.irl wearing the wreath is quite beautiful, not as unattractive as many people say.

- I know Trieu Lo Tu's photo is a collage but I still love it, it looks so pretty.

- I feel that Ms. Tu's makeup style suits this flower design better than Ms. Han's, it looks gentler.

- I wonder when Ms. Han will be able to stop doing this Douyin makeup style, she's lost all her features.

- No matter how you look at it, Trieu Lo Tu is still more beautiful.

- Wouldn't Miss Han be so much more beautiful if she changed her makeup style to a light makeup style?... is a comment left by netizens.

Not only Ngu Thu Han, Trieu Lo Tu was also put on the table to compare with Trieu Le Dinh in terms of wreath shaping. Because looking at the above collage, many people immediately remembered Phung Thieu Phong's ex-wife.

Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it - Photo 3

Before that, the flower g.irl 85 also caused a fever with her image of wearing a wreath on her head and created an online trend. Her charming and attractive beauty at that time received countless compliments from the public.

To be fair, with the same wreathed image, Trieu Lo Tu and Trieu Le Dinh are both extremely beautiful and sweet. Each person has their own charm, "ten and ten".

Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it - Photo 4

In the past, there have been many articles online claiming that the beauty named Trieu is the successor of the female lead, Du Phuong Hanh. Because both of them have somewhat similar looks with lovely round faces, petite bodies and highly appreciated acting among flower girls of the same age.

In another development, the salary of Chinese stars is always something that makes the audience curious. Recently, Yang Zi's revelation of a huge remuneration that exceeded many regulations of the Chinese Film Department aroused considerable controversy. As soon as the incident calmed down, people in the industry continued to r.eveal Trieu Lo Tu's salary for filming the movie "The Hidden God".

Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it - Photo 5

Accordingly, "Divine Traveler" was paid 11 million yuan after the project ended. Meanwhile, male lead Vuong An Vu only received 6.5 million yuan, a modest number and far behind his co-star.

As for actor Ly Quan Nhue, who played a supporting role, he received 4 million yuan in remuneration. These numbers make fans surprised because the combined salary of both the male lead and supporting male is still not equal to Trieu Lo Tu.

However, many people believe that Vuong An Vu still received many benefits after "Hidden Spirit". Thanks to the popularity of the beauty named Trieu, the actor's name is also known to the audience more, gaining quite a number of couple fans.

Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it - Photo 6

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