Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements

Hoàng AnhSep 26, 2022 at 09:48

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This summer of 2022 can be said to be extremely bustling with a series of historical dramas of many small flowers after 90. After the success of the Chinese blockbuster series of Trieu Lo Tu, Ngu Thu Han, Liu Yifei... "Thinking Quan" by Ly Tham, Nham Gia Luan also aired the first episodes and attracted a lot of attention from Chinese movie lovers.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 1

The film also quickly opened a douban score, although it has a higher rating than "Agarwood and incense fade" starring Duong Tu, but the Chinese-language work "Thien Quan" is still far behind Trieu Lo Tu and Ngu Thu Han's films. quite a large distance.

Thinh Quan has a good initial film content, the acting of the main star is diverse by Ly Tham and Nham Gia Luan among the real stars of the Chinese screen.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 2

However, after a week of airing, the film has a Douban score that is not really impressive. Specifically, "Thien Quan" was rated 6.4 points on Douban with more than 25,000 reviews. This is an achievement that is considered temporary, but not really breakthrough. Compared to the movie "Fragrance and fading incense" by Duong Tu - Thanh Nghi released not long ago, "Thinh Quan" is somewhat more prominent. Specifically, Yangtze's film only got 5.9 points Douban.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 3

Although it is higher than Duong Tu's film, Thinh Quan's Douban score makes fans of the star couple Ly Tham and Nham Gia Luan unhappy. Many viewers commented that, although the acting of the star couple was good, they lacked interaction - something that Trieu Lo Tu's "Brilliant Tinh Han" or Ngu Thu Han's "Thang Lan Quyet" do very well. It is also the good interaction with the male lead, the films of Trieu Lo Tu or Ngu Thu Han all explode on the Chinese small screen.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 4

Many viewers also criticized Nham Gia Luan, even though he was a traffic actor (with large, famous fans), but compared to Ly Tham, he was still somewhat inferior. Therefore, although the film was initially attractive, the subsequent episodes caused much controversy.

Before that, Yu Shu Han acted in the movie "Shang Lan Decide" which brought great achievements. From an actress who has not received much attention, she has made a breakthrough and gained many more fans.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 5

Accordingly, the movie "Shang Lan decided" achieved a Douban score after the end of 7.9. In particular, Ngu Thu Han has had a character evaluation index on the V chart exceeding 9.0, becoming the best young actor on the Van Hop chart exceeding 100 million views/day.

Trieu Lo Tu's "Brilliant Han" is considered one of the most surprising films in the past few years. "Brilliant Han" also became the most popular online movie in the first half of 2022.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 6

With the good combination of the main couple, contributing to the movie having the highest fan base in 2022. V-rank - the male and female lead index both surpassed 9.0, the highest movie index reached 90.96 in 2022, datawin table the highest reached 2,598. At the end of the film, the work achieved a Douban score of 7.6.

Since "Brilliant Han", Trieu Lo Tu has made steady progress, she has more fans and her reputation has also increased.

Trieu Lo Tu's next film project after "Brilliant Han" is "The Steal That Can't Be Hidden" with Tran Triet Vien is being interested.

Thus, compared to Trieu Lo Tu or Ngu Thu Han, Ly Tham, despite having diverse talents and acting, has not really made a breakthrough. Her Douban score in the lead is far behind 2 of her colleagues. This puts a lot of pressure on the beauty.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 7

It is known that "Thing Quan" is a new project of iQIYI, produced under the supervision of director Trinh Vi Van. The film tells the love story of Luc Viem and the female camp leader Vu Dang Dang. In the film, Luc Viem with mysterious power accidentally gets acquainted with Vu Dang Dang, owner of Thanh Tuyen Trai camp, a thousand-year love relationship begins here.

The special feature of Thinh Quan is that it is told through two different eras. She was reincarnated, he waited until they met in the present world. If viewed from many angles, this is a very romantic and heartwarming story. Obstacles inevitably occur to "measure" their feelings for each other. A big plus of the film is that it is not too dry, the director has incorporated many funny and interesting details to help the film's rhythm be more balanced.

Ly Tham surpassed Duong Tu but was let by Lo Tu and Thu Han to inhale the smoke of achievements - Photo 8

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