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Duong Tu wants to be the second Trieu Le Dinh after collaborating with Hua Khai, fans react

Phi Yến17:01:03 25/04/2024
After the success of Truong Tuong Tu, Thua Hoan Ky, Duong Tu expressed that in addition to being an actor, he also wanted to appear as a director and producer like Trieu Le Dinh did.

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An Ky (THE9): Member who was highly praised by Lisa, suddenly accused of being a "little tam"

Nguyễn Tuyết16:05:55 10/04/2024
An Ky is known as a member of the music group THE9, which debuted in 6th place after the TV show Thanh Xuan With You. During the competition, she was the contestant that Lisa especially loved.

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Tu Hai Kieu: Having been single-minded about Trieu Le Dinh for many years, now he is reluctantly father and son

Phượng Vũ16:57:58 25/03/2024
Tu Hai Kieu has been loved by the public since participating in the masterpiece Hoa Thien Cot, acting alongside Trieu Le Dinh. Recently, he had a surprising reunion with his former co-star in Du Phuong Hanh.

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Ta Kha Dan: Idol invades the acting field, the dark horse becomes famous after one night of overwhelming Trieu Lo Tu

Snow11:37:43 12/03/2024
Ta Kha Dan became more known to the public after participating in the survival show Youth With You 2 and debuting as a member of the g.irl group The9 with Ngu Thu Han.

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Bach Loc's obvious imitation of Ngu Thu Han was also exposed by hard-to-refutable evidence

Bình Minh16:11:25 11/03/2024
Many people have keenly noticed many similarities between Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh of Bach Loc collaborating with younger juniors and the work Thuong Lan Quyet starring Ngu Thu Han.

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Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal

Tuyết Ngọc16:56:58 05/03/2024
After relentless efforts in both film and commercial, Zhao Lu Tu officially welcomed new good news in his career. This made her fans stand still.

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Zhao Luxiu was "beautifully chopped" by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty

Hoa Tuyết15:33:20 01/03/2024
Once praised for having a beautiful Tang Dynasty shape that touched people's hearts, now Zhao Luxiu had to succumb to a 9X beauty when clashing. Even Yangtze is not equal.

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Ngu Thu Han was defeated by Trieu Lo Tu, but still won big when competing with her senior

Hướng Dương16:29:20 28/02/2024
After losing painfully to Trieu Lo Tu, this time Ngu Thu Han successfully regained her glory when she clashed with Dam Tung Van. Both her beauty and figure are considered superior to her seniors.

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Trieu Lo Tu - Ngu Thu Han rarely collides in shaping, you will know who wins even if you watch it

Phượng Vũ13:45:25 25/02/2024
The online community in recent hours has been discussing a lot about Trieu Lo Tu and Ngu Thu Han's rare visual clash, and at the same time putting it on the scale to compare who will win?

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Yu Shuhan's younger sister "caught Zhou Jingchi's eye", soon surpassing her elder sister?

Snow11:05:26 18/02/2024
It is reported that Ngu Shuhan's sister Ai Me is likely to appear in the new movie of comedy king Chau Tinh Tri. If true, she will grow dramatically one day.

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Cu Jingyi revealed his relationship with Chen Zhiyuan, before turning into an enemy

Phi Yến08:23:38 03/02/2024
Before the noisy debate, Cuc Jing Yi and Chen Zheyuan used to be very close. The 4000-year-old beauty was also very proud of the friendship between her and her juniors during the filming of Fairy Sword 4.

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Bai Loc was cast as Ning An Nhu Dream because of Ngu Shuhan's rejection?

Phi Đức18:27:04 02/02/2024
It is said that thanks to Yu Shuhan rejecting Ning An Nhu Dream and introducing it to Bai Loc, the actress had the chance to become the heroine of the film. Chinese netizens are abuzz with these speculations.

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Zhou Li Kiet: Rose to prominence thanks to Le Steaming Tang Fan, suddenly ridiculed for 1 reason

Bình Minh09:43:24 02/02/2024
Not very experienced, nor too famous, Zhou Lijie gradually conquered the audience with his pleasant acting style and pure appearance bold school garden youth.

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Yu Shuhan was embarrassed because his face was identical to Zhao Luxiu's, and he discussed it

Nguyễn Tuyết17:34:43 01/02/2024
The latest photo, posted by Yu Shuhan on his personal page, suddenly made netizens mistakenly identify as Zhao Luxu, although in fact the two faces did not have much similarity.

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Cuc Tinh Y - Tran Triet Vien encountered a new tragedy, related to Chau Hai My

Tuyết Ngọc15:52:08 19/01/2024
Tien Kiem 4 has been showing for the third day, what people are interested in is the side drama, not the content. The case of exploiting Chau Hai My's name is causing the film crew to be heavily criticized.

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Ngu Thu Han 'fell in love' with Lam Nhat in the new movie, a series of emotional scenes is about to air

Pinky17:13:57 27/12/2023
Actress Ngu Thu Han and her junior Lam Nhat are about to take the Chinese film industry by storm with a new project called Shhh, the king is hibernating. The series of emotional scenes promises to make fans restless.

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Yang Zi reconciled with Dan Kien Thu on New Year's Eve, Trieu Lo Tu caused controversy

Tuyết Ngọc18:45:02 25/12/2023
After the success of Truong Tuong Tu, Duong Tu and Dan Kien Thu are both busy with their own projects. In a few days, fans will see the two together again.

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Ngu Thu Han let Thu Ky inhale smoke, Trieu Lo Tu knocked Tieu Chien away for one reason

Nắng10:56:59 11/12/2023
Appearing at the press conference to promote the movie Phi Thanh Vu 3, despite only playing a small supporting role, Ngu Thu Han still wore a striking, pink-toned outfit that attracted attention with many flamboyant expressions throughout the meeting. newspaper.

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Ngu Shu Han flexed 1 point to make the people affirm that the heroine tears the book out

Anh Thụy08:24:54 08/12/2023
Recently, social media spread the image of Ngu Shu Han in the event of a famous brand. Accordingly, she flexed 1 point that made the people affirm that the heroine tears the book out.

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Cuc Tinh Y criticized Tong Uy Long on set, "losing miserably" to her junior Ngu Thu Han at this point!

Tuyết Ngọc10:05:24 22/11/2023
Some moments on the set of Cuc Tinh Y and Tong Uy Long are causing many people to question whether the two are having relationship problems. The 4,000-year-old beauty lost to junior Ngu Thu Han in the Van Hop rankings.

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Ngu Thu Han - Dang Vi were about to "shake hands" on important work, Vuong Hac De suddenly had his name called out.

Nguyễn Tuyết07:54:36 19/11/2023
The online community is excited by the news that Ngu Thu Han will cooperate with Dang Vi in a project produced by YOUKU. Fans are even more excited when she is about to reunite with co-star Vuong Hac De.

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Ngu Thu Han released a series of photos from when she was not yet in her career, wearing dewy clothes that were enough to overwhelm Bach Loc

Tuyết Ngọc06:28:28 13/11/2023
It turns out that even before entering the entertainment industry, Ngu Thu Han exuded the temperament of a great lady. A series of luxurious photos from the past of the little flower g.irl born in 1995 is h.ot again.

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Trieu Chi Vy: "Traitor" in Shine on Me, Warm Me, was once known to "cuckold" Ngu Thu Han

Tiểu Trúc17:24:49 09/11/2023
Trieu Chi Vy attracted many audiences' attention when he played the traitor Gao Jianhong in the movie Shine on Me, Warm Me. However, when it comes to his personal life, he was once known for cheating on Ngu Thu Han.

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Bach Loc's harm to Ngu Thu Han was fiercely criticized by netizens, but she still blatantly welcomed the good news with her boyfriend

Hướng Dương06:50:47 09/11/2023
Ngu Thu Han and Bach Loc just had dinner together, but the little flower born in 1995 was ridiculed for her strange actions. Many people even said that she pretended to act when she was with her seniors.

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