Tieu Chien was "threatened" by Vuong Hac Di, "robbed" of an important thing, Dilraba lost his throne due to controversy?

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As every year, the Weibo night event has returned and attracted a lot of attention from Chinese fans. Although the a.ward ceremony has not yet taken place, the community soon boiled with discussions about the couple that will become the King - Queen of the ceremony. However, the most dominant person, Tieu Chien, is suddenly at risk of losing this year's King Weibo a.ward.

Tieu Chien was "threatened" by Vuong Hac Di, "robbed" of an important thing, Dilraba lost his throne due to controversy? - Photo 1

Accordingly, in the past 2022, there have been many outstanding actors who have been noticed by the public such as Vuong Hac De, Ngo Loi or Tran Phi Vu, etc. With very good performances in the participating projects. At the same time, netizens still assert that the above male gods are completely "no door" compared to Tieu Chien.

It is known that based on the great success with the movie project "Du Sinh Please Teach More" in 2022, Tieu Chien is the name predicted by the Chinese online community to become King at this year's Weibo Night. . That has been proven in the voting results for the current King Of Weibo title.

According to the latest updates on the rankings at this time, the top position of the King category currently belongs to Tieu Chien with more than 17,000 votes, accounting for 44.2%. The second place temporarily belongs to young actor Vuong Hac De with more than 2,000 votes, accounting for only 5.3%.

Tieu Chien was "threatened" by Vuong Hac Di, "robbed" of an important thing, Dilraba lost his throne due to controversy? - Photo 2

Through the above data, it can be seen that the number of votes of Tieu Chien is completely overwhelming his juniors and competitors. But according to the current voting results, although it is slightly better in the voting race, with the additional criteria set this year, Tieu Chi's fans can't help but worry because the actor is not real." sure" eat this a.ward.

In another development in this year's Queen category, there are also many familiar names such as: Duong Tu, Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Trieu Le Dinh, Bach Loc, Ngu Thu Han, .. These actresses all have outstanding achievements during the year. However, Tieu Chien's co-star in the movie "Yu Sinh Please Teach More" is Duong Tu, the most prominent name with the advantage of 5,000 votes, accounting for a total of 53.8%, far ahead of his opponent, Di. Le Nhiet Ba is ranked 2nd with only 400 votes - accounting for 5.8%.

Tieu Chien was "threatened" by Vuong Hac Di, "robbed" of an important thing, Dilraba lost his throne due to controversy? - Photo 3

Besides the excellence of Duong Tu in the last work, many netizens also hypothesized about the 2nd place of Dilraba Dil. Accordingly, many people think that with the heat of Dilraba Dil, of course the number of votes will not be so low. Is it possible that after the recent pregnancy scandal has affected the reputation and credibility of the fans for her "beautiful Xinjiang". That's why her fans were "indifferent" in voting, giving her no chance to flip the top.

Tieu Chien was "threatened" by Vuong Hac Di, "robbed" of an important thing, Dilraba lost his throne due to controversy? - Photo 4

In addition to the 2 leading positions of Queen, there are still other bright candidates such as Ngu Thu Han, who created a craze throughout Asia with "Thuong Lan Quyet" or Trieu Lo Tu also has "Tinh Han Can Lan" extremely successful. labour. Therefore, who will become the Queen of the Weibo night held on March 25 is still a topic of much discussion and debate.

Tieu Chien was "threatened" by Vuong Hac Di, "robbed" of an important thing, Dilraba lost his throne due to controversy? - Photo 5

However, walking around social networking sites, most people are still hoping that the two bright stars of "Du Sinh Please Teach More", Tieu Chien and Duong Tu will continue to pair up, becoming King - Queen at this year's Weibo Night.

Xiao Zhan (born October 5, 1991) is a Chinese actor and singer. He started to enter the entertainment industry when participating in the idol survival program X-Fire and debuted as a member of the group X-NINE. He started his acting career in 2016 and since then has gained wide attention with his dramas, including "Chen Tinh Lenh (2019)", "Khanh Yuen (2019)" 2019)", "His Royal Highness Lang (2020)" and "Douluo Mainland (2021)".

Yangtze was born on November 6, 1992, originally a famous Chinese c.hild star, noted for his role as Xia Xue in the TV series "The house has a b.oy and a girl". Later, more recognized through the roles of Hu Tuong Tuong in the movie "Zhan Truong Sa", Cam Mi in "Horror like smoke", Dong Nien in "Sincerely, warmly" and Khuu Ying Oanh in "Joyful Lac". Chanting". At the beginning of September 2016, she was voted by Nam Do Entertainment Weekly as one of the four 4 small flowers of the 9x generation (along with Chau Dong Vu, Quan Hieu Dong, Trinh Sang).

Tieu Chien was "threatened" by Vuong Hac Di, "robbed" of an important thing, Dilraba lost his throne due to controversy? - Photo 6

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