Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints?

Phúc SenMay 30, 2024 at 14:04

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Miss Vietnam 2018 - Tran Tieu Vy made beauty fans confused when she suddenly received information that she had terminated the contract with her current management company and left after 6 years of being crowned. Immediately, insiders officially spoke up.

At designer Do Long's event a few days ago, netizens saw the moment Miss Tieu Vy stood alone in a corner while the beauty queens and runners-up from the same company gathered together as close "sisters and sisters". Not only that, recently "beauty boss" Pham Kim Dung also wrote an emotional letter to Miss Vietnam 2018 . Immediately after that, information spread on social networks that Miss Tieu Vy had left Sen Vang company after 6 years of working together.

Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints? - Photo 1

By the evening of May 29, the company's fanpage had an official announcement regarding this incident. Specifically, the Golden Lotus side affirmed that they still maintain a close and cooperative relationship with the "Gen Z queen". Not only that, the company and Miss Tieu Vy also have long-term development plans in the future.

Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints? - Photo 2

Specifically, this unit said: "Recently there have been some questions on social networks leading to misleading information about the cooperation of Miss Tieu Vy and the management unit. We would like to confirm that Miss Tieu Vy Tieu Vy and the unit will continue to accompany us in the near future. After nearly 6 years of working with us, with our constant efforts, Miss Tieu Vy has had an impressive term, building an image. Personally, becoming a queen loved by the community. In our plan, we and Miss Tieu Vy will continue to carry out many meaningful projects for both the community and the arts Thank you to the audience for always accompanying and following Miss Tieu Vy's activities."

Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints? - Photo 3

As the companion of Miss Tieu Vy from the moment she was crowned to the present, Ms. Pham Kim Dung shared: "At this time, it has been almost exactly 6 years that we have been together, and the upcoming journey together will be very exciting." Ms. Dung loves Vy for her growth every day, watching her from the moment she was crowned, until now everything has changed and improved Sometimes hesitant, sometimes a bit childish, sometimes very determined and bold. The childhood days of 18 and 20 passed with the weight of the Miss Vietnam crown. I sat there and talked about Ms. Dung's feelings, which was extremely touching and made me want to cry a few times because she was so mature and mature."

Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints? - Photo 4

Tran Tieu Vy was born in 2000, 1.75 m tall, from Quang Nam. In 2018, she participated in Miss Vietnam and was crowned the highest winner. In the same year, Tieu Vy competed in Miss World and reached the top 5 of Miss Humanity and the top 30 overall. The beauty queen possesses modern beauty, personality and a s.exy b.ody.

Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints? - Photo 5

In recent years, in addition to regularly appearing at events and being chosen by many brands, Miss Tieu Vy has also dabbled in acting. She appeared in the MV You're Not Wrong, We're Wrong by male singer Erik. Tieu Vy is a rare beauty queen who appeared in two movies: Doc Dac Island and Mai . In addition, she participated in reality shows and was favorably invited by Truong Giang to participate in the web drama Delivery President .

Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints? - Photo 6

Talking about her feelings when collaborating with "trillionaire director" Tran Thanh, Tieu Vy confided: "Vy was very happy to receive the invitation from Mr. Tran Thanh and very honored to have the opportunity to work and learn from The seniors and veteran actors in the group, Vy had an unforgettable experience with the movie Mai, and I'm also very happy to have contributed a small amount to the movie's great success."

Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints? - Photo 7

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