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Miss Thanh Thuy was 'harmed' by Aunt Dung, calling Nam Em her c.hild, with a disdainful attitude?

Pinky11:12:22 31/03/2024
Miss Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy recently had a clip cut from her livestream spread, but everything is worth mentioning when during the live, Aunt Dung opened her mouth and her statement was criticized about Miss Vietnam. You.

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Mai Phuong is afraid she will "die" when she goes to India: She must have 5kg of rice with her

Hoàng Trang15:24:17 21/03/2024
Miss Mai Phuong shared about her special journey when attending Miss World 2023. Netizens expressed their excitement when hearing the queen open up about these interesting experiences.

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Y Nhi lacks one thing to compete in Miss World, Aunt Dung hinted that she will send a "new person"?

Thảo Mai15:47:23 20/03/2024
After beauty Mai Phuong finished her journey at the Miss World 2023 contest, the next person expected to avenge the achievement for the S-shaped land is Y Nhi - reigning Miss World Vietnam.

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After Mai Phuong's failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World?

Trường Nguyễn16:26:32 15/03/2024
Despite her good performance throughout the Miss World contest, it was Mai Phuong's failure that made the Vietnamese beauty fan community wonder what to do to get into the top ranks.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong was out of the top 12, Aunt Dung immediately appeared and said a sentence to orient the community

Gia Nhi09:35:46 11/03/2024
The final of the 71st Miss World beauty contest - Miss World has just officially ended with a top 40 achievement for the Vietnamese representative. With this result, many fans expressed regret, beauty queen Pham Kim Dung immediately came out and said a sentence.

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Do My Linh talks about Mai Phuong's chance to win the crown: Use 1 word to describe juniors

Hương Duy07:30:33 08/03/2024
The audience thought that Do My Linh's words of encouragement for Mai Phuong juniors were extremely meaningful at this time, because in recent days, Vietnamese representatives have shown signs of much deterioration.

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Miss World: Aunt Dung speaks for Mai Phuong, reassures Vietnamese fans before final

Phúc Sen07:15:29 07/03/2024
Miss Pham Kim Dung has just shared on her personal page, speaking well for the Vietnamese representative at the 71st Miss World - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong before the final, reassuring Vietnamese beauty fans because of worries for the queen.

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Mai Phuong revealed a low scoreboard, failed all the sub-exams, out-of-the top 30 because MW changed the rules?

Bảo Nam14:16:39 04/03/2024
Mai Phuong constantly loses in side awards, making many domestic fans extremely worried. Especially when the Vietnamese beauty is absent from the expected Miss World 2023 scoreboard.

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Miss World: 1 contestant stumbled in the Top Model contest, the organizers immediately stopped the show to handle it

Pinky11:23:29 03/03/2024
The Top Model contest night of the 71st Miss World - Miss World suddenly had an incident right in the middle of the contestants. The organizers immediately stopped the show to handle it, ensuring the safety of its contestants.

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Mai Phuong "has difficulty breathing" from the first day of Miss World 2023: Due to poor health or psychology

Trường Nguyễn14:14:40 02/03/2024
Up to now, the health condition of Vietnamese representative - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong has gradually become not good, affecting the performance of the beauty in the competition for the title of Miss World 2023.

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Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy will follow in Mai Phuong's footsteps to compete in Miss World, Pham Kim Dung revealed

Vân Anh19:00:52 24/02/2024
On her personal page, the beauty queen for the first time hinted that she would announce the news of beauty queen Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy. Many fans are happy that she is about to be appointed as the next Miss World representative after Mai Phuong.

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Mai Phuong shined at MW, the management company immediately did this, fans were extremely happy

An Nhi17:21:39 24/02/2024
Mai Phuong's charisma in her journey to conquer the Miss World crown is currently being followed by beauty fans. Recently, the queen's management company decided to do something that made the audience applaud.

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Mai Phuong brought 140kg of luggage to the Miss World contest, misunderstood, Y Nhi hurriedly "came out"

Minh Lợi13:39:46 17/02/2024
On the evening of February 16, Miss Mai Phuong officially left for India to represent Vietnamese beauty to attend one of the largest beauty arenas in the world - Miss World - Miss World.

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Y Nhi worked part-time in Australia, her first month's salary went to charity, and did not return to Vietnam for Tet for one reason

Keng10:11:45 31/01/2024
While studying abroad in Australia, Miss Y Nhi still has beautiful actions for people in difficult circumstances in her home country. It is known that this year the queen from Binh Dinh will not return home to celebrate Tet.

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Nam Em Queen is noisy about her personal life, but is still especially loved by the "beauty boss" through one detail

Phương Thảo18:58:56 24/12/2023
Having the opportunity to reunite at a recent event, CEO Pham Kim Dung made the audience excited with a special move for the Tien Giang beauty. After being caught up in many controversies in his personal life, Nam Em is still especially loved by the beauty queen.

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Le Hoang Phuong and Aunt Dung encountered complications, were sued by the sponsor for compensation of VND 10 billion, immediately spoke out clearly

JLO10:27:08 01/12/2023
On November 29, the media reported that TAND of Binh Thanh district received a petition about a dispute over a brand promotion contract between A. Aesthetic Hospital (abbreviated) - the host of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 and the management company of Le Hoang Phuong.

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Head of Miss Grand VN Organizing Committee talked about Le Hoang Phuong's 4th runner-up position: "We had higher expectations"

Nhật Hân10:20:02 26/10/2023
So Le Hoang Phuong's journey to conquer the Miss Grand International crown officially ended with the 4th runner-up position. However, this result still seems to have not met the expectations of the organizers in Vietnam?

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Miss Y Nhi wants to return, r.evealing that she has not made any m.oney since her coronation day

Yaya07:23:58 19/10/2023
The consequences of beauty queen Y Nhi's tongue-in-cheek, unthought-out statements may have left a major impact on her career and image even though many months have passed.

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Aunt Dung played 'bloody' for Le Hoang Phuong, spending all her m.oney to ensure her place in the top, making a shocking with her fans.

Thanh Phúc07:16:53 16/10/2023
Miss beauty boss Pham Kim Dung has just spoken out to Vietnamese beauty fans, announcing that she is spending all her m.oney, determined to play hard to get Le Hoang Phuong to reach the top at Miss Grand International 2023.

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Le Hoang Phuong was pressured to take the MGI exam at home, had to ignore acquaintances, and was 'snubbed' like a stepchild?

Thanh Phúc07:07:46 11/10/2023
Miss Le Hoang Phuong is representing Vietnam at Miss Grand International 2023. Although she has many advantages, this also faces a lot of pressure. Even when meeting acquaintances, you have to ignore them, afraid of being looked at and judged.

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Aunt Dung risked heavy losses when bringing Miss Grand to Vietnam to organize, accepting the trade-off for one thing

Pinky10:12:56 09/10/2023
Miss Pham Kim Dung has just made remarkable shares surrounding the Miss Grand International 2023 contest. Deciding to bring this 11th season to Vietnam to host, Aunt Dung is in danger of heavy losses.

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Aunt Dung touched and gaped at runner-up Huong Ly, immediately 'blue-faced' and had to clasp her hands to 'apologize'

Thanh Phúc15:39:07 05/10/2023
Miss Pham Kim Dung has just made a funny statement but accidentally gaffes with runner-up Huong Ly, causing many sides. The people who heard it also had to gawk in surprise. Notably, the expression of fear on her face was blue after Aunt Dung's statement.

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Miss Y Nhi secretly appeared after more than 2 months of false statements and was condemned by public opinion and boycotted

Yaya18:20:44 20/09/2023
After 2 months of suffering criticism and condemnation from the online community as well as people in the industry because of Miss Y Nhi's underground statements, the image of the Binh Dinh beauty was revealed for the first time.

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Thuy Tien deliberately "avoided" Mr. Nawat: continue to "cut his face", what is the "papa-daughter" affection now?

Đình Thi18:18:06 25/08/2023
The Miss Grand Vietnam - Miss Peace Vietnam 2023 contest is entering its final stages. It is known that the finale will officially take place on the evening of August 27 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Miss Doan Thien An will crown her successor.

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