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'Chief of Palace' Thanh Thuy is sure to qualify for the international exam, a tiktoker exposes everything

Thanh Phúc09:26:58 20/03/2024
Chief of Miss Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy is being announced by a tiktoker that she is sure to compete internationally in 2024. Although it is not officially confirmed yet, with recent hints, it is enough. making fans excited.

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Mai Phuong "has difficulty breathing" from the first day of Miss World 2023: Due to poor health or psychology

Trường Nguyễn14:14:40 02/03/2024
Up to now, the health condition of Vietnamese representative - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong has gradually become not good, affecting the performance of the beauty in the competition for the title of Miss World 2023.

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Mai Phuong shined at MW, the management company immediately did this, fans were extremely happy

An Nhi17:21:39 24/02/2024
Mai Phuong's charisma in her journey to conquer the Miss World crown is currently being followed by beauty fans. Recently, the queen's management company decided to do something that made the audience applaud.

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Noisy Luong Thuy Linh "sniffed" Phuong Nhi: The company officially got involved

Nhật Duy15:26:00 24/02/2024
Originally the couple Hoa - the runner-up was the closest in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, but Luong Thuy Linh - Phuong Nhi suddenly got into trouble. Sen Vang Company officially stepped in to clarify the noise of domestic chickens.

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Miss Mai Phuong received the Miss World sash, 1 special character appeared

Phương Thảo13:30:50 04/02/2024
At the ceremony of awarding the sash to Miss Mai Phuong to officially become the representative of Vietnam to f.ight Miss World (Miss World) 2024. The event gathered the Flowers, the runner-up of the Golden Lotus House and a special character.

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Lona Kieu Loan bought a new house at the age of 23, summarizing a successful year, welcoming "new happiness"

Khánh Huyền18:36:39 25/12/2023
Multi-talented runner-up Lona Nguyen Ha Kieu Loan has just posted the first pictures of the house she just bought at the age of 23. Many fans are amazed by the wealth and talent of the gen Z beauty.

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Nam Em Queen is noisy about her personal life, but is still especially loved by the "beauty boss" through one detail

Phương Thảo18:58:56 24/12/2023
Having the opportunity to reunite at a recent event, CEO Pham Kim Dung made the audience excited with a special move for the Tien Giang beauty. After being caught up in many controversies in his personal life, Nam Em is still especially loved by the beauty queen.

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Le Hoang Phuong's life is not over yet, the sponsor has taken extreme measures after filing a lawsuit demanding 10 billion

Vân Anh15:39:43 14/12/2023
There has been a new move regarding the case of NA Cosmetic Hospital (abbreviated) filing a lawsuit against Sen Vang, demanding 10 billion VND back because the crowned beauty queen Miss Grand Vietnam had plastic surgery at a rival hospital.

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Le Hoang Phuong went to Myanmar, Vietnamese fans at home were "worried about fever" and the unexpected ending

Phi Đức13:37:45 08/12/2023
Le Hoang Phuong and the top 10 Miss Grand had a trip to Myanmar yesterday 7/12. Vietnamese fans are quite worried, afraid that the queen of Vietnam will be estranged from your country, but the result is unexpected.

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Huynh Tran Y Nhi was praised by the audience when changing her style, gradually becoming more "missive"

Minh Ngọc16:41:02 05/12/2023
After officially leaving for Australia to study, Y Nhi gradually regained the sympathy of the domestic audience. She still updates her images from time to time and receives a lot of positive feedback from the audience.

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Miss Italy Nhi changed positively, gradually regaining affection from the audience after posting a new series of photos in Australia?

Phương Thảo16:07:36 01/12/2023
Miss Y Nhi after apologizing to the audience and deciding to study in Australia for 2 years, the online community's view of her is no longer too harsh. Recently, the queen continued to o.ff her everyday photos in Australia, being praised by netizens as beautiful as angels.

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Le Hoang Phuong and Aunt Dung encountered complications, were sued by the sponsor for compensation of VND 10 billion, immediately spoke out clearly

JLO10:27:08 01/12/2023
On November 29, the media reported that TAND of Binh Thanh district received a petition about a dispute over a brand promotion contract between A. Aesthetic Hospital (abbreviated) - the host of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 and the management company of Le Hoang Phuong.

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Do Ha frankly responded very sweetly to fans when suspected of "plastic surgery" intervention.

Minh Ngọc18:19:55 28/11/2023
Recently, Do Ha frankly responded to questions when someone said she had her chin corrected after the coronation. Because with her past image, the current queen has changed, becoming more attractive and feminine.

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Thuy Tien's 1,001 statements were dug up about 'sensitive' issues of the famous model after the beauty contest.

Yaya08:02:48 08/11/2023
While in the middle of the storm, images related to two handsome men shepherding long legs and showbiz beauties were dug up, beauty queen Thuy Tien continued to have her sublime philosophical statements dug up.

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HH Thuy Tien 'profoundly' quietly sued the person who spread the news of the case related to 'selling flowers' with 'pimps'

Yaya14:53:33 07/11/2023
In response to a series of information and images that are spreading rapidly on social networks claiming that Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is related to two pimps who shepherd the flower beauty of Vietnamese showbiz, the Thuy Tien side has made a harsh move.

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The Director of the Cinema Department made a statement to attract attention to Dat Phuong Nam's competition for the Golden Lotus Award

Nguyễn Tuyết18:43:08 30/10/2023
Recently, Phuong Nam Forest Land has been continuously entangled in many fierce controversies. However, ignoring the noise, the film is still one of the candidates for the Golden Lotus A.ward at the 2023 Vietnam Film Festival.

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Miss Xiao Vy revealed a moment of extremely smooth dancing at the gym, preparing to follow in the footsteps of Lona Qiao Wan?

Snow10:54:24 14/09/2023
After a series of love rows with Thai actors, the image of Miss Xiao Vy dancing extremely well at the gym is receiving attention from the public. Netizens questioned that the queen was about to debut as a singer like Lona.

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HH Le Hoang Phuong was formed a series of anti-fan groups, becoming a victim of 'body-shaming'

Juni Nguyễn14:47:10 29/08/2023
Thinking that Le Hoang Phuong will be the favorite miss of the audience when she has a convincing victory, recently, less than 2 days after being crowned, a series of anti-fan groups of the beauty from Nha Trang mushroomed.

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Bao Ngoc was again "held" by the Golden Lotus in the finale of MGVN 2023, making the cast of Vbiz beauties happy

Bảo Tiên14:53:39 28/08/2023
This is not the first time that Miss Bao Ngoc has been carried by the Golden Lotus as the above case. This is also one of the reasons why the 2001 beauty was created anti-group on social media.

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Thuy Nga: "The tycoon" once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself

Keng14:18:02 27/08/2023
Not many people know, before the Uni and Golden Lotus families became 2 big forces in the Miss Vietnam market, there used to be a miss tycoon who owned most of the rights to major beauty contests. That is Ms. Thuy Nga - general director of Elite Vietnam.

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Thuy Tien refuted the rumor of "making ridiculous" - deliberately overpowering juniors, how the situation made fans "three dots"

Ngọc Sa14:43:26 18/08/2023
After encountering a series of controversies about the wrong dress code when attending the event within the framework of the Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 contest, Miss Thuy Tien has officially explained.

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Is there an anti-Italian group of more than 800,000 members, a huge "hater", or is there an affair behind it?

Ngọc Sa12:09:17 18/08/2023
After the Miss Y Nhi antifan group - more than 650,000 members was locked, 1 other group named: Anti Y Children's Association also appeared. Especially in that this group has a huge number of members, about 800,000 people. What's the situation behind this?

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Italy "ceases to be hated": Antifan community "spins" - officially become a hard fan of the queen?

An Tư10:03:56 18/08/2023
Recently, the online community was stirred by the information that the antifan group Y Nhi suddenly turned the car - changed its name to FC Miss. This move left many people confused, not sure what the situation behind it was.

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Tianjin, Baoyu react "confused" to Xiao Vy's dating rumors, Mei Fang cause controversy

Ngọc Sa16:43:28 17/08/2023
In recent days, Miss Xiao Vy has become the focus of social media when it is rumored to be dating Thai actor - Nicky Nachat. It all started when the saints found a series of details that matched the two.

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