Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear?

Trí NhiJan 13, 2024 at 09:30

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Miss Tieu Vy continues to stir up the online community when she suddenly reveals another hint of a date with the Thai male idol, who has been rumored to be in love with her for the past year - Nicky Nachat.

Recently, on her personal TikTok page, Miss Tieu Vy attracted attention when she posted a clip showing off her beauty while traveling to Japan. The queen scored points with her top-notch b.ody, her "bulky" bust bulging out attractively.

However, many people discovered that Thai male star Nicky Nachat also checked in to Japan. Through this, many people think that the two are traveling together.

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 1

Not long ago, the two were suspected of checking in at the same gym. The queen dropped her heart on a picture of the Golden Temple actor. Before that, Tieu Vy was suspected of dating Nicky Nachat. The queen did not speak directly but posted a close-up photo of her beautiful face and said that she was single.

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 2

Not long ago, Tieu Vy livestreamed a conversation with the audience, of course in Vietnamese. Eagle-eyed netizens realized that Nicky Nachat was also watching this livestream and even left a message. The actor's blue tick account asked Tieu Vy to sing a song, and jokingly called her "vysoo" (a portmanteau of Tieu Vy and Jisoo BLACKPINK), proving that Nicky Nachat already knows her "famous" voice. " by the queen and the cover of Fire of Hatred (FLOWER).

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 3

Although Tieu Vy did not respond to Nicky Nachat's message, that was enough to make netizens very excited, hoping the couple would soon announce their love story. If Tieu Vy and Nicky are indeed a couple, this will be news that explodes showbiz in both countries even though the audience still does not know the fate that brought the two people together.

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 4

Previously, in mid-August 2023, the online communities of both Thailand and Vietnam were simultaneously in an uproar, when the information that Nicky Nachat and Miss Tieu Vy were secretly dating was suddenly revealed by netizens. A series of suspicious evidence and emotional moments of the couple were also widely spread by fans.

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 5

The clips and images were widely distributed, in which netizens were keen to discover that the beauty originally from Quang Nam often had check-in locations and was extremely close with the male actor. They even use pairs of clothes, stuck together like a picture and a shadow. Among them, the photo that caused the most stir was the image of Tieu Vy, on a Thai street wearing a shirt that Nicky Nachat had worn before, proving that the two are not afraid to wear the same clothes.

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 6

Tran Tieu Vy (born in 2000) was crowned Miss Vietnam 2018. She participated in the Miss World 2018 contest (Miss World) taking place in China. As a result, Miss Tieu Vy reached the Top 32 of the Top Model contest; Top 5 charity projects - one of the decisive competitions at Miss World; Top 30 Talent contest. Most recently, the beauty originally from Quang Nam took on the role of a member of the jury of the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contest (Miss World Vietnam).

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 7

Not long ago, Tieu Vy was caught up in rumors of dating tycoon Dang Le Nguyen Vu. Tieu Vy then responded: "Vy would like to confirm that the images that everyone is discussing are images of Vy working as an advertising model, a guest promoting events." Trung Nguyen Group's lawsuit. Distorting images of civilized work to weave false stories is an unethical act. Such unfounded information seems to be just for interaction. causing huge consequences. Tieu Vy hopes the audience will be really careful and select information sources spread on social networking platforms."

Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear? - Photo 8

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