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Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints?

Phúc Sen14:04:26 30/05/2024
Miss Vietnam 2018 - Tran Tieu Vy confused beauty fans when she suddenly received information that she had terminated the contract with her current management company and left after 6 years of being crowned. Immediately, insiders officially spoke up.

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Phuong Trinh Jolie was accused of speaking poorly and disparaging runner-up Huong Ly's appearance

Gia Nhi10:19:19 27/05/2024
Actress Phuong Trinh Jolie just made the online community stir when she made a statement that surprised everyone about the series of models in designer Do Long's show Giai Nhan. Accordingly, she directly criticized runner-up Huong Ly's appearance right on the livestream.

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Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is preparing to return home after 2 weeks of studying abroad, running shows with a full schedule?

Phong Trần07:25:56 16/05/2024
Although she has only been in Australia to carry out her study abroad plan for 2 weeks, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc has continuously been mentioned in many upcoming events. This makes netizens question whether the actress is preparing to return home to run the show.

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Ngoc Trinh is no longer "closed and high-walled", showing off her waist after the incident

Hướng Dương14:35:25 14/03/2024
After being released, Ngoc Trinh reunited with her family and actively worked again. During this time, people discovered that she had gained a lot of weight compared to before, and her trademark waistline was no longer there.

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Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason!

Hoa Tuyết13:52:10 13/03/2024
Ngoc Trinh and Lan Ngoc just wore a dress of tens of millions together, showing off their extremely taut figures, making many people unable to take their eyes off them. In this clash, will the beauty of the screen or the queen of l.ingerie win?

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Ngoc Trinh simply meets friends after the incident, who in particular continues to be absent

Snow17:00:30 06/03/2024
After being released, Ngoc Trinh quickly regained her spirit and returned to work. She also had a meeting with designer Do Long and photographer-director Le Thien Vien, but 1 person was missing.

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The reigning Miss World "asked for help" from Do Long, Quan Nguyen - Pu Le in the final night

Mẫn Nhi15:14:51 26/02/2024
The reigning Miss World - Karolina Bielawska is preparing for her final walk after 3 years of wearing the crown. In particular, the people who will help her shine on this final night are the wizard couple Quan Nguyen - Pu Le and designer Do Long from Vietnam.

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Lam Vu Than: Great family background, causing a fever with his age-gap relationship with Trieu Lo Tu

Snow14:02:02 23/02/2024
Lam Vu Than is known for his role as Duong Tieu in Tan Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky aired in 2019. After that, he continued to cause a fever with the uncle-nephew love affair with Trieu Lo Tu in the movie Love You from the Stomach.

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Thanh Thanh Huyen spoke poorly, fans criticized her for comparing Ha Ho to another man

Đức Trí15:20:51 18/10/2023
Bilingual MC Thanh Thanh Huyen just had a hosting performance that was criticized as worthy of going underground, carelessly comparing Ha Ho's son, Leon, to designer Do Long, right in front of the owner and millions of viewers. .

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Midu's color is severely reduced at the age of U40: Swollen face, jagged teeth, disappointed smile

Pinky07:54:54 05/06/2023
Vietnamese screen pearl - Midu, famous for her talent and integrity, but recently made the audience "fall back" by her unusual appearance, severely degraded beauty when appearing at a recent event. Midu is an actress, first-generation h.ot g.irl and also a face that has long been...

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Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence

Gia09:35:48 27/05/2023
After 3 years since the trip to the Central region, Thuy Tien is still controversial for disbursing 178 billion VND. Many people believe that the singer is not transparent about charity m.oney, so she often goes to her personal page to criticize and sarcastic. Recently, on her...

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Ly Nha Ky put 15 billion diamonds on her b.ody, r.evealing the reason for not participating in Cannes 2023

Juni Nguyễn11:10:45 23/05/2023
If every year, the appearance of the actress "Kieu Nguyen and the giants" Ly Nha Ky swept the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival with great resonance, this year, the beauty of Vung Tau was suddenly absent from this big film festival. regrets many people. Recently, the actress...

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Thuy Tien announced that she would stop doing charity work, affirming that she is immune to "criticism" and is no longer afraid of criticism

Pinky13:40:05 21/05/2023
Singer Thuy Tien just made a new move, appearing in a clip with Designer Do Long, implicitly mentioning charity work and being criticized by netizens during the past time.

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Cao Vien Vien "Chu Chi Nhuoc": 5 times in love 4 times labeled "small tam", married again to meet a difficult father-in-law

Phương Nam16:29:28 16/05/2023
Possessing a beautiful beauty that tilts the water and is called "the most beautiful Chu Chi Nhu in history", Cao Vien Vien is extremely troubled with a troubled situation, 5 times in love, 4 times are known as "small three". Cao Vien Vien was born in 1979, from a young age has...

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Thuy Tien reacted when her mother "peeled", Tuyet Nhu was not given flowers, suspected of being unfairly treated

Chi Chu16:41:12 31/12/2022
The post-Vietnamese village throughout this year seems to have never lost its charm. In particular, Miss Thuy Tien and runner-up Tuyet Nhu have recently become the focus of attention with their stories. Since being crowned Miss Grand International - Miss International Peace 2021...

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Runner-up Hoang Thuy posted a deep hidden meaning at midnight, Thuy Tien's designer also pointedly hinted at someone?

N.P09:38:07 09/11/2022
Recently, runner-up Hoang Thuy became the focus of discussion when she posted a very tense state, and immediately, netizens also discovered that the designer of Miss Thuy Tien also posted an article alluding to her. someone who makes a lot of people extremely confused. After a...

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Ly Nha Ky constantly had bad luck: Lost the diamond suitcase

Hoàng Phúc11:12:09 29/10/2022
In the livestream broadcast on her personal Facebook account, Ly Nha Ky and her crew recorded beautiful moments in the midst of the scene in Doha (Qatar). Also in the livestream, Ly Nha Ky revealed an unexpected incident after taking a flight to Qatar at dawn on October 28...

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Thien An launched the evening gown, Engfa met before the final, Mr. Nawat said the top 5 has 2 Asian representatives?

Hoàng Phúc09:10:08 25/10/2022
Less than 12 hours, the final Miss Grand International 2022 will officially take place. The representative of Vietnam - Doan Thien An is receiving a lot of attention, and she is also expected to win a high rank. Before the curiosity of the audience, the queen's crew released a...

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Doan Thien An was "unmasked" by his best friend, contrary to the words "Miss tycoon"?

Hoàng Phúc17:24:25 03/10/2022
Miss Thien An's close friend said that she is self-sufficient and has earned her own m.oney to cover tuition fees to the cost of beauty pageants. However, this person also confirmed that the queen was not as difficult as what was said on the internet. On the evening of October 1...

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Thuy Tien was misunderstood as a "playboy", "Miss tycoon" released statements calling for charity in the Central region.

Hoàng Phúc17:35:28 01/10/2022
On her personal YouTube channel, designer Do Long posted a clip capturing the moment when Thuy Tien came to try on clothes at her showroom. In this meeting, the two had the opportunity to share their memories from the first days they met. Do Long said that in the past time, Thuy...

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Ly Nha Ky 'washes the eyes' of the public with the 'extremely h.ot' photo series in Egypt after 'Who is that person'

Nắng11:14:28 24/08/2022
Ly Nha Ky 'washed the eyes' of the public with a series of 'extremely h.ot' photos in Egypt after exposing a young man at 'Who is he'. Recently, Ly Nha Ky has just announced a special set of photos taken in Egypt after participating in the program "Who is that person". This is a...

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Ly Nha Ky wears nearly 100,000 Euro diamond jewelry, is internationally praised at Cannes

Le Tuan08:09:20 23/05/2022
Ly Nha Ky continued to maintain her style and increase the fire on the red carpet, making the audience and the international media overwhelmed by her variety of styles, balancing all different fashion genres. On the 4th day on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, Ly Nha...

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H.OT: Ly Nha Ky wears a dress with thousands of crystals, gorgeous on the Cannes red carpet

Nam Phương09:16:45 20/05/2022
Ly Nha Ky went to France to meet her crew to prepare for the Cannes Film Festival. She brought up to 43 suitcases of luggage, proving a very thoughtful and monumental investment. Because of that, many people can't help but look forward to her appearance with gorgeous outfits. On...

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Phuong Trinh Jolie shows how to overcome the "gate" of her mother-in-law, r.evealing her plan to have children

Thuý Minh11:18:10 26/04/2022
After careful preparation, the grand wedding of singer Phuong Trinh Jolie and actress Ly Binh officially took place on April 25. Since publicly dating, the two have quickly become a couple that is loved and admired by many viewers. Before the big day, Phuong Trinh Jolie ordered...

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