Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour

Mi LanMay 13, 2024 at 10:29

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Immediately after opening ticket sales, Tempest made Vietnamese fans "feverish" when many ticket classes were sold out in less than 1 hour. The intense charisma of this talented young group promises an explosive and emotional music night.

Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour - Photo 1

Tempest, a K-pop group with Vietnamese member - Hanbin, has officially "caused a storm" in Ho Chi Minh City with the first concert of their career titled "World Premiere: The First Ever Live 2024 Tempest Concert [T-Our : Tempest Voyage]". The event taking place on June 15, 2024 at Phu Tho Gymnasium attracted a large number of fans, marking an important milestone in the group's musical journey.

Tempest's concert event received enthusiastic attention and support from Vietnamese fans. The proof is that thousands of fans "lined up" to buy tickets as soon as they went on sale, causing many ticket classes to "sold out" in a matter of seconds.

Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour - Photo 2

According to records, within just 1 hour after selling tickets for the Tempest concert, some areas were sold out. Currently, tickets are still available but are expected to sell out soon. This is a proud achievement for Tempest, which has set many impressive records in the number of tickets sold in the Vietnamese market, showing the attraction and enthusiastic support of Vietnamese fans for the b.oy band. full of Kpop talent.

Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour - Photo 3

Tempest's attraction in Vietnam can be explained by many factors. The group possesses youthful, dynamic music and beautiful, attractive choreography. Besides, the appearance of Hanbin - a Vietnamese member makes the group even closer and more special to Vietnamese audiences.

Tempest's concert is not only a simple musical entertainment night but also a meaningful cultural event, contributing to the emotional bond between Vietnam and Korea.

Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour - Photo 4

Previously, in a recent greeting video, the group expressed their excitement for the upcoming show and thanked Vietnamese fans for their support. However, observant fans noticed that one member, Hwarang, was not in the video.

In the video, the Tempest group expressed their excitement before the performance. In both Vietnamese and Korean, the group said they were extremely nervous and were counting down the days until the concert night. The members also called on fans to create the most wonderful music atmosphere together, in the first concert held in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour - Photo 5
Hwarang's absence from the group's recent greeting video has made fans raise many questions. According to an announcement from Tempest's management company in early March 2024, Hwarang was temporarily suspended from all his activities indefinitely because of his scandalous clubbing while resting due to injury.

The fact that Hwarang did not appear in promotional activities for the concert made fans even more worried, but they also expected a last-minute surprise that could bring Tempest's full lineup to Vietnam this time. To date, neither Tempest's agency nor the concert organizers have made any official announcement regarding Hwarang's participation.

Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour - Photo 6

Tempest is a Korean idol b.oy group founded in March 2022, under Yuehua Entertainment Company, with 7 members. Among them is Vietnamese singer - Hanbin (real name Ngo Ngoc Hung, born in 1998) who is the main vocalist and dancer of the group. The group's name Tempest means "strong storm", with the message of bringing strong energy and explosive performances.

After more than 2 years since their debut, Tempest has reaped many achievements, w.inning rookie trophies, new groups, and promising artists at many prestigious music awards ceremonies in Korea such as: Genie Music Awards 2022, Asia Artist A.ward 2022, Seoul Music Awards 2023, Hanteo Music Awards 2022, MAMA 2023...

Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour - Photo 7

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