Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing

Lan ChiJun 14, 2024 at 14:09

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After receiving a warm welcome from home fans, Hanbin and the members of Kpop group TEMPEST had a close meeting with the media. At the exchange, the Vietnamese male idol suddenly revealed his health situation.

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 1

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 2

Accordingly, on the evening of June 13, after landing from Tan Son Nhat Airport, the Korean band Tempest had a meeting with the press in Ho Chi Minh City before holding the World premiere: The first ever live 2024 Tempest concert.

The appearance of Korean male gods is something Vietnamese fans are extremely looking forward to. All 6 Hanbin members Ngo Ngoc Hung, Eun Chan, Hyuk, Taerae, Lew, Hyungseop (Hwarang was absent because they were on hiatus) appeared with a radiant, friendly appearance, taking up all the spotlight. Among them, member Hanbin (Ngo Ngoc Hung) attracted attention when wearing a black mask covering his face for health reasons. This information made the male idol's fans extremely worried, because it could affect partly due to the performance quality of the concert opening the first world tour of his career in Ho Chi Minh City on June 15.

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 3

However, throughout the exchange Hanbin still maintained a very good demeanor, so the health problem the male idol encountered could be a common cold, or an allergy due to sudden weather changes. This is quite coincidental, because before Hanbin returned to his homeland, fans of the Vietnamese idol repeatedly told him that when coming to Vietnam to perform a concert, remember to take off your jacket, because of the current weather in Ho Chi Minh City. is quite h.ot. After hearing the reminder from fans, the TEMPEST member made the online community "laugh" with the answer: "Is that so, everyone knows that, oh I'm Vietnamese, right?" In other countries, no need to worry."

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 4

Returning to the exchange, when receiving a question about having a solo performance right in his hometown, Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung shared that this is a memorable milestone for the group in their artistic journey, so he and The members will focus on group formation, instead of performing solo performances.

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung shared: "This is the first concert in the group's career and was also held in Vietnam, so, as the Tempest group, I want to show everyone the lineup and energy. our quality and performances.

Through this concert, I want to focus on conveying those images to everyone, so we have not prepared solo performances or any other special performances. For now, we want to become a perfect group first."

Regarding making a MV in Vietnam, Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung said that he and the group have many ideas and hope that one day soon, Tempest's music products will have elements related to Vietnam. Male.

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 5

Regarding the reason for choosing Ho Chi Minh City as the location to hold the first live concert of their career, the members said they looked forward to a music night taking place in Hanbin's hometown. Vietnam is also a country that the group loves very much, with friendly people, interesting cuisine and culture.

In parallel with the main activities preparing for the concert night, Korean music group Tempest said they really like popular food in Vietnam and will spend a day exploring sidewalk cuisine and local markets in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 6

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 7

Before that, as soon as they left Ho Chi Minh City airport, Hanbin (Ngo Ngoc Hung) and Hyeongseob had a visual "opening" that made the audience both live and online explode at the image of two male idols wearing ao dai. return to homeland. In it, Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung could not hide his excitement and joy, he smiled from ear to ear behind his mask and continuously waved to his fans. As for HyeongSeop, he makes fans flutter with his extremely handsome and scholarly appearance in traditional Vietnamese costumes.

Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung had health problems before the concert, fans told him one thing - Photo 8

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