TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing

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Recently, the concert T-OUR TEMPEST: Voyage of the 4th generation male group TEMPEST officially took place at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City. The opening show for the debut world tour in TEMPEST's career.

The first concert of the Yuehua b.oy group with Vietnamese member Hanbin received cheers from a large number of Kpop fans. Right from the moment the tour schedule was announced, fans were eagerly waiting for the day they could reunite TEMPEST.

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 1

Although it was the first concert, the night was the second time Tempest met Vietnamese iE after 6 months since the HOZO stage. This comeback, Tempest comes with a 6-member lineup including Hanbin, Lew, Hyuk, Hyeongseop, Eunchan and Taerae.

However, because it is a b.oy group that has just debuted 2 years ago and has quite low recognition compared to big names, the TEMPEST concert recorded quite a few empty seats. Calculating the total scale, the concert only filled 70% of the seats at Phu Tho Gymnasium. There are still many holes and the crowd has not exploded like previous Kpop concerts in the city. HCM.

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 2

Concert T-OUR: TEMPEST Voyage HCMC took place for more than 3 hours. The group delivered a series of songs associated with their career such as Dragon, Vroom Vroom, Dive, Dangerous,... The 6 boys performed with all their heart, singing and dancing extremely hard. TEMPEST treats fans to a musical party that pleases the ears and eyes. In response to their idols, Vietnamese iEs also threw themselves into their hearts, leaving an unforgettable impression.

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 3

The most special highlight of the show was the cover performance of Warm Wind Scarf from 6 boys. As revealed, this is a special gift that TEMPEST prepared to give Vietnamese fans. With guidance from Hanbin, the members learned Vietnamese and sang the youth hit Vpop quite fluently. TEMPEST's sweet voice "captures the hearts" of iEs. Fans felt the sincerity from TEMPEST, making the performance even more meaningful.

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 4

The author of the once legendary Vpop hit Nguyen Van Chung shared his joy on his personal page when he learned that the group Tempest sang his song: "...tonight's joy is knowing about the concert of the young music group Tempest - Korea (in the group there is a Vietnamese member: Hanbin Ngo Ngoc Hung) gave Vietnamese fans a familiar song of theirs: Warm Wind Scarf.

I have to say, it's not fun to hear your song performed by a Korean group! Delicious!".

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 5

In addition to Warm Wind Scarf, TEMPEST also brought to the stage a combination of two national hits Bang Bang Bang - Fantastic B.aby by senior BIGBANG. As expected of the legendary dance music of many generations of Kpop fans, the audience seemed to explode with fanchant when TEMPEST covered BIGBANG. The members also showed off their formidable performance ability through this stage.

Towards the end of the program, the atmosphere became more cozy. Being able to perform the first world tour right in his hometown has special meaning for Vietnamese member Hanbin. The moment he said goodbye to his fans, Hanbin burst into tears. He continuously sent thanks and shared "the dream has come true".

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 6

TEMPEST members could not contain their emotions, promising to meet Vietnamese fans again soon. The boys said they are trying every day to always appear in public with the most professional and mature image possible. The show ended with beautiful memories that TEMPEST and iE Viet had for each other.

Besides, Tempest also hopes to have more activities in Vietnam in the near future: filming MVs, releasing Vietnamese songs, collaborating with Vietnamese artists...

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 7

Before the performance, the band has a day of rehearsal and rest. The members walked around Ben Thanh market, enjoyed fruit and were extremely impressed with mangosteen (before that, members thought mangosteen was a big garlic).

The group also hopes to have the opportunity to return to Hanbin's hometown of Yen Bai and visit the high school he attended.

Tempest is a group consisting of 7 members: Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, Eunchan, Lew, Hwarang and Taerae. After more than two years of debut, the group won many awards at Korean music awards ceremonies such as Genie Music Awards 2022, Asia Artist A.ward 2022, Seoul Music Awards 2023, Hanteo Music Awards 2022, MAMA 2023.

TEMPEST Concert in Vietnam: Singing Warm Wind Scarf, Hanbin sobbed because of one thing - Photo 8

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