New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits

Châu AnhApr 15, 2024 at 15:57

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Since being crowned Miss Grand Thailand 2024 until now, Malin Chara-anan has continuously received many controversies from the online community. In her recent appearance, the queen also made the audience "shake their heads" with her overly cheesy style.

Miss Grand Thailand 2024 ended with the victory of Malin Chara-anan, a beauty from Phuket province. This is a "sweet fruit" for this province after two years of missing out on the crown, sadly stopping at the 1st runner-up position.

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 1

On April 12, the reigning Miss Grand Thailand 2024 Malin Chara-anan and the runner-ups attended the event in Bangkok, Thailand. The beauties are asked to wear red outfits. Malin Chara-anan wore a red strapless dress. The beauty from Phuket attracted attention when combining the dress with red lace tights and white wedge sandals.

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 2

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 3

Malin Chara-anan's outfit combination was criticized by fans for being colorful and rustic. The beauty's tights were criticized for being cheesy. The combination with white sandals is also considered out of place. Many people even called Malin Chara-anan's outfit a fashion disaster.

Not only is Malin Chara-anan's fashion style criticized, her beauty is also constantly compared to the runner-ups. She is said to be less beautiful than the remaining beauties in the top 5. With a limited height of 1.65 m, Malin Chara-anan is often outmatched when competing with the runner-ups. Her face is also said to have no outstanding features, like that of h.ot girls.

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 4

Since her coronation, the reigning Miss Grand Thailand has continuously received many controversial opinions. Right from the final night of awarding, the contest results did not receive consensus from the audience. Fans believe that, with the limited appearance and poor behavior of the new Miss Grand Thailand, the crown should go to another g.irl.

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 5

Before that, Malin Chara-anan also won an important sub-award, the Boss Choice Awards, chosen by Mr. Nawat. Faced with these accusations, Malin Chara-anan responded frankly. In the first post on his personal page after being crowned, Malin Chara-anan wrote: "Because I am worthy."

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 6

Beauty fans say that this is an action to "clear the way" by Nawat and the Miss Grand International organization. The audience believes that the new beauty queen's large fan base and huge property are the factors that helped her win the crown. Malin has more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram. She is the CEO of a chain of brands including beauty salons, spas, coffee shops... in Thailand.

Malin's coronation is expected to help the business of the Miss Grand Thailand organization grow. Instead of participating in promotional activities and building recognition after being crowned, the new Miss Grand Thailand livestreamed sales after only one day in her new position. Not only the new Miss, the new runner-ups also fall into the same situation.

This detail caused fans to argue fiercely. Many people expressed dissatisfaction when the direction of the Miss Grand Thailand contest is gradually being "distorted".

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 7

In recent seasons, Miss Grand Thailand is gradually borrowing the attraction of the competition and the influence of beauties to participate in sales activities. This direction brings in a large source of revenue but somewhat makes Miss Grand Thailand deviate from the trajectory of pure beauty contests. In addition, the parent contest, Miss Grand International, also takes full advantage of the same direction.

Since then, the fairness of Miss Grand Thailand 2024 has also been discussed by the public. Many people think that this a.ward is quite lame and unfair to many other contestants. While they still compete hard and try to improve their journey, they are not seen as a contestant who is only good at selling and constantly "closing orders".

New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits - Photo 8

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