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New Miss Grand Thailand caused controversy with her disastrous fashion and cheesy outfits

Châu Anh15:57:39 15/04/2024
Since being crowned Miss Grand Thailand 2024 until now, Malin Chara-anan has continuously received many controversies from the online community. In her recent appearance, the queen also made the audience shake their heads with her overly cheesy style.

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Controversy the new Miss Grand Thailand is the owner of a cosmetics chain, spa, beauty salon

Phương Thảo16:01:11 09/04/2024
The Miss Grand Thailand 2024 pageant (Miss Peace Thailand) is closed, but there is also much debate about the position of the new Miss Grand Thailand. Fans claim that many potential contestants are eliminated quite early.

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Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to 'mess up' the streets of Vietnam

Phúc Sen15:46:07 09/04/2024
With Malin Chara-anan's convincing coronation at Miss Grand Thailand 2024, the name of this new miss is the subject of international media attention. Her series of cool photos on the streets of Vietnam was suddenly dug up.

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New Miss Grand Thailand 2023 openly racist, took the crown, so she is not afraid of anyone?

Xuka13:40:15 05/05/2023
Overcoming all the competitions, the beautiful Aoom Thaweeporn Phingchamrat was crowned Miss Grand Thailand 2023. With this victory, the new Miss will represent Thailand at Miss Grand International 2023 held in October in Vietnam. Recently, Miss Grand Thailand 2023 became the...

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New Miss Grand Thailand is heavily scandalized again, in danger of being stripped of the crown, Mr. Nawat is increasingly domineering

Mộc Trà09:08:33 04/05/2023
The final of Miss Thailand Peace 2023 was held on April 29 in Chiang Mai province with the participation of 77 contestants. In the end, the beautiful representative of Chumphon province - Thaweeporn Phingchamrat (stage name Aoom Thaweeporn) was crowned the highest position. She...

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The newly crowned Miss Grand Thailand was "overturned", fans demanded to take the crown away because it was not worthy

Nắng11:16:36 02/05/2023
Recently, the final night of Miss Grand Thailand 2023 (Miss Peace Thailand) officially ended with the victory belonging to the beautiful representative of Chumphon province - Aoom Thaweeporn. Aoom is not a strange name for beauty contests in Thailand. 6 years ago, she...

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