Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of "criticism" because of her bold taste

Uyển ĐìnhApr 10, 2024 at 21:31

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Miss Grand Thailand is a contest that always receives media attention because it always finds impressive "warriors" to participate in the beauty arena. However, in recent years, public opinion only remembers the contest's tricks.

Miss Grand Thailand was held for the first time in 2013, founded by Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil. At the same time, Mr. Nawat also created the international contest Miss Grand International so that other countries can compete. Criteria for contestants of Miss Grand domestically and internationally must ensure all 4Bs (B.ody - b.ody, Beauty - beauty, Brain - intelligence, Business - business).

Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of criticism because of her bold taste - Photo 1

However, in the past 3 years, the contest has continuously attracted attention with a series of attention-grabbing tricks such as long chants that made the auditorium "explode" and situations where contestants fainted "half laughing and crying." " during the coronation or the strange, strange moments at the opening. Sometimes, they even fall into offensive situations that make the public embarrassed.

Previously, at the Opening Ceremony combined with a fashion show to introduce 77 Miss Grand Thailand 2024 contestants to the audience. In particular, a video recording the image of the representative coming to Phuket - beauty Malin Chara-anan on the catwalk with an outfit r.evealing most of her lower b.ody, has caused controversy on social networks.

Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of criticism because of her bold taste - Photo 2

Not only that, in everyday life, Malin Chara-ana also often favors designs that hug her b.ody or are boldly cut to r.eveal too much skin. Many times, the new Miss Grand Thailand made the public blush when she squeezed her bust too much, making her figure look "sticky".

Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of criticism because of her bold taste - Photo 3

Engfa Waraha - Miss Grand Thailand 2022 also pursues a similar bold seductive style. The queen prioritizes low-cut dresses and favors swimsuits when performing on stage. Notably, her evening gown collection is also heavily cut at the chest and waist. Even Engfa Waraha once almost accidentally exposed her sensitive area because she wore a dress with a slit that was too high.

Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of criticism because of her bold taste - Photo 4

In the recent Miss Grand Thailand semi-final contest, 77 contestants representing provinces and cities of Thailand had impressive performances but also caused a lot of debate among the audience.

Accordingly, after the competition night, many mixed opinions about the contestants' costumes and performance styles erupted across beauty forums. The audience debated about the costume design of the swimsuit competition, with most saying that this design was obscene and offensive.

Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of criticism because of her bold taste - Photo 5

Through the images posted after the contest, it can be seen that although the costume design is said to accentuate the contestants' s.exy physiques, many audiences complained about this design because it was offensive when performed on television. stage.

Specifically, the design has pants that are considered too small for some beauties. In some moments when the beauties performed, "unflattering" angles were revealed in front of the camera.

Besides, to impress the judges and the audience, many contestants have contorted movements and pose offensively on stage. Immediately after the competition night, clips recording the above performance spread on social networks and faced condemnation from viewers.

Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of criticism because of her bold taste - Photo 6

The seductive performances of the girls at Miss Grand Thailand are always considered a media trick to attract public attention by President Nawat. This has created a lot of negative publicity for the contest's brand.

Remember, in the Miss Grand Thailand 2023 season, a g.irl didn't even wear anything and only had makeup painted on her b.ody to catwalk in front of the public. This beauty did not hesitate to put her offensive "peach" straight in front of the camera. The beauty community continues to call Miss Grand Thailand a "circus" and not a real beauty contest.

Miss Grand Thailand is becoming more and more degenerate, receiving a lot of criticism because of her bold taste - Photo 7

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