Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to 'mess up' the streets of Vietnam

Phúc SenApr 09, 2024 at 15:46

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With Malin Chara-anan's convincing coronation at Miss Grand Thailand 2024, the name of this new miss is the subject of international media attention. Her series of cool photos on the streets of Vietnam was suddenly dug up.

Overcoming 76 contestants, Phuket provincial representative Malin Chara-anan became the new Miss Peace Thailand 2024 (Miss Grand Thailand). She was born in 1996, possesses a hybrid beauty between Thai and Singaporean bloodlines, with an ideal measurement of 3 rings, including: 84-63-89cm and height 1m65. Before participating in the contest, she used to be a beauty blogger, fashion model, then encroached on business, currently working as CEO of a chain of beauty brands including cosmetics, spas, beauty salons,.... She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication, International Faculty, Thammasat University.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 1

Malin Charin-anan is 27 years old, has a clear beauty, smooth white skin like a grapefruit. On social media, she has nearly 400,000 followers, receives many winged compliments from fans and has an impressive influence on many people who love her.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 2

Tan Miss is only 1m65 tall, she is in the shortest group of contestants in the beauty race when she has just reached the standards of competitions. However, by standing out from a beauty full of confidence, standard b.ody proportions helped her win convincingly.

The special thing is that the new Miss is half-Thai - Singaporean. Malin Chara-anan's beauty is considered to have many Asian features. Beauties aim for a liberal dress style and quickly update new and modern fashion trends.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 3

However, besides the concurring opinions, this g.irl's victory at Miss Peace Thailand 2024 also received many controversies, especially her liberal fashion sense. Previously, in the competitions, this 28-year-old beauty constantly appeared with see-through, cropped or overly r.evealing outfits.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 4

In everyday life, Malin Chara-anan also confidently pursues a s.exy and personality fashion style. She is not afraid to wear see-through, cut, deep-cut outfits,... at events or when going to coffee, walking the street. As a fashion blogger, she shows sophistication and creativity in skirt-blouse combinations, bringing eye-catching and attractiveness. Beauties love bright tones, combined with clear and sweet makeup.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 5

At the end of 2023, the beauty has a trip to Vietnam. She attracted attention when she posted a series of photos wearing an open-back double-strap top, combined with a short silk skirt, showing off her figure on the streets of Saigon. She also skillfully chooses l.ingerie when wearing a string top with a large gap like the picture, showing off her beautiful figure and ensuring safety.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 6

Malin is currently a graduate of Thammasat University, majoring in journalism and mass communication. Therefore, the attraction from social networks is a good launching pad to help her become one of the most popular contestants thanks to having many loyal fans.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 7

Before becoming the owner of the crown, Malin was a famous beauty blogger and a representative of many favorite brands and games of the public. This postpartum g.irl in 1997 is considered highly commercial, the image brought many big contracts after the coronation. Malin once appeared on the Thai TV show Under the Desk and became famous, sought after by many boys.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 8

With her win at Miss Grand Thailand 2024, Malin Chara-anan will represent Thailand at Miss Grand International 2024 to be held in Myanmar. Currently, fans of the beauty of the Golden Pagoda are extremely looking forward and expecting the queen, who will bring the first international Miss Grand crown to the country.

Tan Miss Grand Thailand revealed cool photos, used to mess up the streets of Vietnam - Photo 9

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