Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich?

SnowApr 10, 2024 at 16:55

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After the coronation, the beauty of the new Miss Grand Thailand 2024 - Malin Chara-anan continues to cause controversy on social networks. Some people even said that Mr. Nawat let her win because he was rich even though he was only 1.65 m tall.

On the evening of April 6, the final of Miss Grand Thailand - Miss Grand Thailand 2024 officially took place. In the end, the beauty representing Phuket province - Malin Chara-anan was crowned the highest winner.

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 1

This is a "sweet fruit" for this province after two years of missing out on the crown, sadly stopping at the 1st runner-up position. This means that Malin Chara-anan won the right to represent the land of the Golden Temple to attend. Miss Grand International 2024 will be held in Myanmar in October.

Three days after the final, Malin Chara-ann's beauty continues to cause controversy on beauty forums. She is only 1.65 m tall and is considered the most modest height among the Miss Grand Thailand Misses ever crowned. In the photo taken after the final night, this g.irl can still be seen competing with the runner-ups of the contest.

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 2

Not to mention, Malin Chara-anan's beauty is not too outstanding. The beauty has a face likened to a h.ot g.irl online, without the charisma of a beauty queen. She also has eye defects. Many beauty fans think that the 1st runner-up - Kanyaphatsaphon Rungrueang from Pathum Thani deserves to be crowned more.

The fact that Malin Chara-anan surpassed many other strong candidates made many viewers believe that she was favored and paved the way by the contest Chairman - Nawat Itsaragrisil. Before that, the beauty also won an important secondary a.ward, the "Boss Choice Awards" chosen by Mr. Nawat.

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 3

Despite her ordinary beauty, perhaps Malin Chara-anan is favored by Mr. Nawat because of her impressive economic background. This 27-year-old beauty is the CEO of a cosmetics brand and a KOL on social networks. She owns a chain of coffee restaurants, spas, beauty salons... and has a personal page with more than 400,000 followers.

With the competition's business criteria increasingly emphasized, fans think that Malin Chara-anan's coronation is not too surprising. There were also many viewers who bluntly commented that Mr. Nawat chose her to be Miss because she was rich.

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 4

As for Malin Chara-anan, she also frankly responded to comments that she was not worthy and favored. In the first post on her personal page after being crowned, the queen wrote: "Because I am worthy."

It is known that, w.inning the Miss Grand Thailand 2024 title, Malin Chara-anan will sign a 7-year contract with Mr. Nawat and the Miss Grand Thailand organization. With her strength in business, fans believe that the president will fully exploit her potential to make profits for the organization.

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 5

Before the Miss Grand International 2024 contest taking place in Myanmar, although she does not have the advantage of beauty, fans predict that Malin Chara-anan will be one of the outstanding contestants and will win high marks.

Remember last year, representing Thailand in this beauty arena was the beautiful Thaweeporn Phingchamrat. In the end, she entered the Top 10 and won the title of 5th runner-up.

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 6

Ignoring the above problem, instead of participating in promotional activities and building awareness after the coronation, the new Miss Grand Thailand livestreamed sales after only one day in her new position. Not only the beauty queen but also the runner-ups are in the same situation.

This detail caused intense debate in the fan community. Many people also expressed dissatisfaction when the direction of the Miss Grand Thailand contest is gradually being "distorted".

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 7

In recent seasons, the organization is gradually borrowing the attraction of the competition and the influence of beauties to participate in sales activities. This direction brings in a large source of revenue but somewhat makes Miss Grand Thailand deviate from the trajectory of pure beauty contests. In addition, the parent contest, Miss Grand International, also takes full advantage of the same direction.

In the 2024 season, the Miss Grand Thailand contest also "gives birth" to more "jungle rules" that make everyone bored. Accordingly, the winner of the "Best Seller Awards" category will be given a special opportunity to enter the final top 11. This means that this contestant will automatically be the 5th runner-up.

Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich? - Photo 8

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